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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Crown shop and modernization, what can be done?

Hi, long time no see! Been kind of busy in real life with work and moving but I thought I would take the time to offer my thoughts on a pressing issue. No not spell nerfs but something older, the crown shop and paid currency. I'll be looking at why the crown shop should change, how it can change and why what I'm suggesting is beneficial to both us and KI. Let's begin! And do keep in mind I'm not the best at explaining things.

So, let's establish my focus, packs. Packs are rng based lootboxes that while cheap don't guarantee anything good. This is caused a lot of frustration due to that fact. People can pout hundreds of dollars into one and get nothing.  While it was their decision it is a turn off to the average consumer. So what are we going to look at in them? The answer is gear and mounts.

Now not all packs are good, many people don't open lore packs and instead farm lore master or craft the spells. As for hoard packs only 2 or 3 are worth it and 1 of those you can farm a housing gauntlet. So there is no real reason to open most packs other than a mount or stitch. Thats where the problem lies, there is no reason to buy crowns when the big ticket stuff is hard to get and limited. So here is where the solution comes in.

What if you took the gear and mounts out of packs, put them into gear bundles and mounts as crown items and then put all packs into one big one, which you add new pack stuff into. Gear and mounts would also be in that big pack but you aren't forced to buy said pack. The pack gear and mounts could alternate in crown shop so there is still incentive to buy a pack or 2 and everyone wins.

That seems like an easy solution where both parties are winning, players aren't upset by rng as much and KI potentially gets more money. But if you think it can't be done let me prove you wrong. This system is common practice in many mmos. I won't give names but in my experience those systems make me want to spend more money on the game than wizard101 or pirate101. I know what I'm getting so I feel like it's worth it to buy in game currency. And it isn't just me, many people I know prefer that style.

So what would be the plan? There is no real way to do it but an immediate revamp. Doing it slowly hurts both parties. KI wastes resources and the player base gets impatient and gives up on a good idea.

So to recap: there would be gear bundles and pack mounts sold separately and rotated in crown shop, while all packs are put into one big pack with all the items still inside. This provides more reason to buy crowns since you know what you are getting and KI would gain money.

Overall I think this wouldn't necessarily solve the p2w approach of wizard101 but it would help. RNG is a problem in both games given how integrated they are in them but lessening the amout in paid items certainly should happen.

Tell me what you think! Cya in the spiral!