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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Pirate101 in 2020

Hi, this post is going to be a bit less scripted sounded since I'm just going to type without thinking to hard. I'm going to go over the year so far, should new players try it and my personal opinion on the game currently. Not going to sugar coat it, that last part won't be optimistic. I hope you enjoy and onto the post.

The past year wasn't really special in my opinion for pirate. We got a couple new key bosses, a pack and thats pretty much all thats noteworthy, even though the pack contains nothing good for endgame players and the key bosses challenge doesn't equal the reward. Us long time players got the confirmation that we will be getting no more major updates for the foreseeable future and at best we will get some quality of life updates. None of that is going to bring more players back or draw new players in but eh, wiz is the poster child so what can we do. But thats all thats there to say, which is more than normal considering these past years.

As for people wanting to try pirate101 for the first time or get back to it, I suggest you do. This game has no real endgame content and won't be getting real updates for awhile but Pirate's story is something I think you should experience at least once. Its obvious the devs at the time put their heart at soul into this game and it shows especially in the story. The story is far better than wiz in my opinion and while it may not be the best its certainly up there in all the MMO's and few single player games I've played. The mechanics may be confusing for people coming from wiz but you get used to it. I do recommend this to people thinking about trying it, complete the story once and take the time to admire some of the beauty in game, you won't regret it. 

Now for the real talk, my personal opinion the the game currently. Putting it simply, its going to die. The player base is small, a lot of us long time players are leaving and even I am starting to log on less and less. There is nothing to do once you beat the game and especially once you max every class. I'm not saying I don't like the game still, I love it. I just can't play a MMO where no one plays and none of my friends are ever on. I've played other MMO's that were more successful and they still shut down. I love this game to death, and don't want to see it die but I've accepted the fact it will. What led to this I don't exactly know, could be Coleman leaving, the downsizing, the choice of doing mobile games or a combo of it all. I just don't think this game will be around for much longer. I'll still play until it shuts down but I just can't lie to myself any longer and say everything will be fine. Again, I love this game and suggest new players give it a shot but the future doesn't look bright for this game. and thats all I' going to say.

Cya in the spiral