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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

What the school trees actually do in Wizard101

Sorry for the long wait, I've been busy irl with work and am often to tired to do posts. But now I'm going to try and do more posts. Anyways, onto the post!

There is an air of mystery around the school trees, they don't have a well defined purpose but they seem important. So I'm going to try and theorize what purpose they serve and go into another theory why the death tree was spared during the Dragon Titan's attack. So lets begin!

First, a reference for what we know about them.

What we know:
1. The trees are essential into making a scion
2. There is a tree for each school, including shadow and astral
3. They seem to come from Bartleby
4. There can be multiple of one school
5. They are powerful and some know the song of creation

Now, for the theory, my theory is that the school trees are sources of magic for each magic school. Think of it this way, each tree would be like a lifeline for each magic school, if all the trees for one school are cut down that school would disappear or be incredibly weakened and worlds they are at the magic for that school is strengthened. I know they didn't create the schools, that was the titans, but think of them as batteries for the schools, they have a lot of stored magic power and the output some power to strengthen the school. Allow me to explain.

This theory is relies on Dragonspyre and Wizard City and what they have in common and the current state of Dragonspyre. Both where the most powerful magical schools, putting out strong wizards and almost equal in power. They also both have their own school trees, and as far as we know, the only world's that have a magic school and trees. Kind of weird how the 2 most powerful magic schools are the only ones with school trees right? So it would make sense that the trees influence the magic for the world and if they do that you could easily assume that they are a kind of source for magic. This being said we need some kind of proof still. Thats where Dragonspyre comes in.

Dragonspyre is in ruins because of the dragon titan, and the only 2 school trees left are the fire tree and death tree. This actually makes sense according to my theory, the fire tree would strengthen the fire titan and its army and the death tree would allow the fire titan's army to keep fighting even if it falls. True, this would apply to the Dragonspyre army as well, but they stand no chance and the fire titan still holds power, this means Dragonspyre is basically a stronghold for the fire titan, full of immortal soldiers. Since there is no other case of entire worlds dying yet everyone coming back from the dead, we can only assume that the death tree is to cause. This means the death tree was spared to help the Fire titan army and also means that the trees do hold influence on their magic school.

And the nail on the coffin, the scion spells. Ever notice how the scion spells have 2 different attack types? Of course you did! But did you notice how the spell requirements to reach their full potential correlate with the school. For example, fire has a lot of traps, and ways to get them off like dots, like a lot. Storm has a lot of blades, and a lot of was to get blades off. Fire scion requires 6 traps and storm requires the enemy has no blades. Get my drift? The more the school is represented the more the powerful the spell. What does this resemble? A battery given power to be stored and then releasing more power. This and what we can infer about the trees all points to my theory. I could be wrong but I would love to be proven otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed and cya in the spiral!