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Friday, September 27, 2019

Pirate101 update! My thoughts on what we know.

So lets cut the chase, Pirate101 is getting an update, but not the one we all were hoping for. Thats fine with me since I was expecting nothing and got something. But I'm just here to give my thoughts on what we know.

So to sum this up, new key bosses Ratbeard and Bonnie and if you beat them 25 times you can buy them. IMO thats fair. I didn't think they would be free and I was right. These key bosses seem to be designed for a group however they probably can still be soloed given you have an overpowered class like witch or musket with flames or overwatch 5, or looking at the Bonnie fight, solo with enough experience at the game. Getting a quick look at the Ratbeard companion in KI live it seems they won't be exact copies, the Ratbeard copy had 3 critical hits suggesting he will be more offensive, this means Bonnie counterpart might be more defensive. I'll buy both and give my honest opinion when they come out if they are worth it or not. Its probably safe to say Ratbeard counter won't be but we will have to see with Bonnie counter. Overall, this could provide a good challenge with some neat rewards. I'm guessing people will start to come back, get these companions and leave again. So I would farm them while you can.

Basically, nautical exp improvements, and questing improvements through the beginning to the first half of mooshu. My thoughts are all but positive. Nautical exp was a complaint from almost everyone. I didn't have much trouble with it but its more than welcome. I bet you will see more people questing and some people coming back. Hopefully at least. 

The questing improvements is nice, this will make the game more easy to solo on classes like privy who have it tough early on. However the main thing i'm excited about is the drop rates on some quests. Us older players remember the key quest in mooshu, "that was yesterday". It could take days to collect. I'm guessing most of these collect quests that are updated will be in Aquila, which has some rather notorious ones.  

I think this is really good for attracting new players from wiz to be honest. This could boost interest in the game and allow for more future updates. We will just have to wait and see.

Elixir improvements. While I will admit they are needed, no one really buys them. This could help some newer players I suppose but thats about  it. The hyper elixir, provided not super expensive, is the most interesting. But other than that, its nothing super special since I don't see really anyone using elixirs.

New pack, No test.. Basically new companions and things should be done. This is long overdue but I understand. As someone who has dabbled in some game design (aka I have taken classes for it) I understand why this has taken so long. Each companion requires voice actors, new animations, models, graphics, and possibly powers and more. Do this for 6 or 7 companions with 3 promotions which again require new models, animations graphics and powers for each promotion and we have an expensive looking project on our hands. Not to mention the cost of designing gear, new loot and more. I will grant, they could have made more at this point but still, don't think we should have a ton without considering the work that goes into them. I'm excited to see its theme and the new drops. Although the fact that they are skipping test worries me. I'm not sure I would buy the pack right away since there would probably be bugs. In the past when content skipped test it was bug ridden (like Krampus). So I'm going to hold off on packs for a bit and I suggest you do as well. 

No story for the foreseeable future. I am sad about this and I know several other people are but I wouldn't give up hope. At the end they say there will be more updates, not grand scale but there will be more. So i'm content with this for now, it allows them to fix some stuff and gain more interest in the game. This is but a stepping stone to bigger things.

Basically reinforcing the idea that they have more ideas in store for Pirate101. So keep that in mind. 

Overall, its a solid update for the current situation. Plus the promise for more smaller updates like this in the future. I understand we are going to be sad because there is no new story for awhile, but I keep seeing people ignore the fact that they have more updates in mind. I love this game and I see this as promising for its future. So please, try to understand that although there is some bad news, thats short term, in the long run this should be very good news. Thats really all I have to say. I'll cya in the spiral!


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pirate101, my experience with the game, the good and the bad.

So, sorry about the long break. IRL has been super busy with work. But onto the big news, Pirate101 turns 7 in October! So I thought I would share my experience with Pirate101 through the years.

I first heard about Pirate101 from the wiz launcher, announcing beta. I applied but unfortunately was denied. I continued to play wiz and forgot about Pirate for awhile, then I saw an ad and decided to give it a try. When I logged in for the first time and saw the amazing intro (now sadly removed) I was blown away. I remember when I first started to really explore people where everywhere, I saw people with skarakeet pets and I tried farming dead eye Deidre since she had a skarakeet mob. Little did I know it was from a bundle. Much of early pirate for me was exploring the world of skull island absorbing all I could find and trying to figure out everything I could. I met many people who while I have forgotten their names, I still remember the experiences with them. From sailing the skyways destroying everything we saw, to just fighting some random mobs like the crab crawlies in traitors cave. Skull island was all about learning about the game for me. It was my first step into this amazing game and one I fondly remember.

My First Pirate
Created 1/22/13

Questing through Monquista and Valencia went by fast, something thats not as bad as it sounds. I usually take my time questing but I just wanted more and more. And then I got more, cool ranch...

Cool ranch is a long world, it has lots of long quests, some hard, some annoying, and a lot of people seem to not like it. It was different for me though. I met my first and best friend in game here. Silver Jack and I met in Santa Pollo. We quested through cool ranch together, through it all. We bonded most over the bumbaloon, one of the most annoying quests in cool ranch. We often hung out and not just quested after that. We would talk about serious matters and not so serious. He is probably the best friend I ever had in pirate. He sadly quit during the long break for VA2. 

Mooshu is beautiful, I quested through it fairly fast with the help of some friends and always stopped to admire its beauty. I remember most the "that was yesterday" quest, where the key drop rate was horribly low. I made several friends farming them for the key, which could take several days for some. Honestly, when mooshu ended and I had the power to translate the map, I felt like the game was just about to begin for real. Like this all was an introduction and I was about to begin my real journey.

Marleybone is probably the most well done world in Pirate101. It relies on past events that our pirate did and it was up to us to fix our mistakes. It was here I got my first real taste of the armada. An enemy I never really grasped the full power of up until this point. The story and art was amazing, and the fights were legendary. I began my first farming crusade by farming bishop and rooke for their gear, which took over a year total! Marleybone was nothing but positives for me, and despite my hatred for rooke and his drop rates, I wouldn't trade the time I spent farming him for the world.

Aquila, the land of the eagles, it wasn't beautiful, it was majestic. The story here isn't about me questing with my friends, its about what I did after I was done. I became active in the community. I started talking a lot on the message boards and later joined twitter, making friends who have quit or had falling out with, none of which I don't miss the times we shared. Honestly, the community is great, I became sort of known but not really. I'm fine with that though, since I did make many friends I never would have. Aquila was not a time for gameplay but for community for me.

Valencia 2, honestly, it wasn't a disappointment for me. Sure it was short, but I had been waiting for this for a long time. From hearing Gortez say I would enter as a hero to fighting Kane it was all just in disbelief. I waited for 3 years and the awe of walking straight into enemy territory like I owned the place was amazing. 

The only bad part about Pirate101 is the lack of updates. In my opinion it surpasses Wiz in all other aspects. 
Just overall, my experience in Pirate101 was an experience of friendship and community. Exactly what a MMO experience should be. I'm not going to lie, Pirate101 is kind of dying, but I will play until it shuts down. I love this game, and I always will. I hope more people start to play and it updates but even if they don't and it doesn't, i'm fine with that. Pirate101 has gotten me through the tough spots in my life and I will always love it for that. I'll cya in the spiral!