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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Pirate101, is it truly worth playing at this point?

So, I'm sure a question on everyone's mind is, "Is Pirate101 really worth it at this point?" Now if you are wondering if I am biased towards Pirate101, I am. I've played it since near launch and still play. I have played wiz longer and still play but I love Pirate101 more. Anyways I'm going to give me answer straight away then give my reasons why. That answer is of course, yes!

1st reason: The player base

As we all know the Wiz player base isn't exactly, well... you know (wu realm am I right), and Pirate101 is guilty as well however the toxicity is small and there are more helpful people than toxic people. For example, in wiz people ask for crown items for hatching with a good pet but in Pirate101 they either say yes or no. The Pirate101 player base is smaller, no arguing there but it is loud and proud. Those of us who continue to play usually don't mind saying "Ya, I play Pirate101, you should try it!" We aren't the biggest and best community but usually there is no need to hide in a small realm to avoid some toxicity. You can usually find people willing to help no charge. Its a small player base but a great one!

2nd reason: The story

In my honest opinion, the Pirate101 story is better than Wizard101's. It feels more immersive, more real and better written. It has its hiccups but they are rare and overall its good. I usually skip through dialogue but in Pirate101 I don't often. The story is beautifully crafted, engaging, funny, serious and more. Things we did in the beginning tie into later worlds and there are hardly any plot holes. You can tell the KI team did their best to make this story great. If you don't like the combat play for the story then.

3rd reason: The worlds

The worlds, where to get me started. Each world is beautiful, each world has a feel like its own thing, each world is great! Some are long like cool ranch, others short like Valencia. In every world I visited I felt like I was there and part of its story. I was immersed and engaged if you will. In wiz its always life or death for the world, which isn't believable sometimes and gets stale. Don't get me wrong I love wiz but it can get repetitive. In Pirate101 its hardly ever life or death. You do change the shape of the spiral but its for your own ends which is not only believable but something I don't see often in storytelling. Anyways, back to the worlds. The worlds always look amazing, from beautiful skyways to rich and lore filled islands. Traveling can take awhile but I don't mind. There are usually nods to wiz in worlds shared with Wizard101 but we don't visit the same places as our wiz which I like. My point is, the worlds here are not only beautiful, but separate from wiz allowing for their own stories usually unaffected by what our wizards are up to. Which in my opinion, is great if you want a break from wiz but to stay in the spiral.

4th reason: The small stuff

Just a short list of the small stuff, no need to explain.
1. The jokes
2. The Combat is unique
3. Ships
4. The different outfits
5. The cool pets

5th reason: Its just a fun game

It's as simple as that. It's a fun game.

If I can't convince you to give Pirate101 a try then i'm not going to force you to play, Wiz is superior in some ways, Pirate is in others. All I ask is before you judge Pirate101 try it. If you tried and didn't like it thats your decision and I respect it. But to answer the question again, yes I think it is still worth playing. And nothing can change my mind. Cya in the spiral!


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  1. Really well written. Nice job and I echo your sentiments with a hearty Yarrrrrrrr!! x Yum Salutes x