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Friday, August 30, 2019

Arrrrrgust Contest Winners!

Just going to do the grand prize winner's entry and the names of the rest. Hope thats fine.

Pirate Name: Daniel Radcliffe

While many people would bandy about with their reasons for liking and disliking the game, I really truly enjoy the game for a few reasons - the first is that you can feel the passion in every character, dialogue, scene and location, from Skull Island to Marleybone. Each and every character is packed to the brim with expressions, personality, and so much more. The story is spectacularly written, with interesting plot points, mechanics, designs, memorable characters, and more! You can just tell this was a passion project by the developers. Someone, somewhere, put their heart and soul into this game, not for profit, not for any corporate reasons. They wanted to make a story, a wonderful adventure, to share with at least one other person the awe-inspiring vision in their head. The least I can do is appreciate them for it.
The second reason was the sense of adventure and world-building. Wizard101 has a lot of "ooh magic" and new locations, but there was always a sense of disconnect between the game and the player. You weren't really there in the spiral, and being a wizard, you were sort of above political conflict. You casually rubbed elbows with kings and gods. The wizard could hop on over to Olympus and probably go drinking with Zeus, while the people of Aquila had probably never even seen their gods before, and you get the sense that you're more of a commoner, part of the actual masses of the Spiral. You're one of the people sitting in the homes along the street, not the hero cruising their way to victory.
The world of Pirate101 isn't just some set of connected maps and landmasses, going from area to area in your ship really brings together the sense of exploring a new place, with new people and culture If you look at the screenshot, it feels like you're really in Mooshu, sailing from land to land, a whole world full of people and places to visit, instead of a bunch of connected maps and roads you can vaguely recall as a W101 player. You actually feel like a real denizen of the Spiral. You enter the darker everyday life of the Marleybonians in the midst of a war, rather than just solving mysteries with Sherlock Bones, you lie and finesse your way through a court to get at Kane, you gate-crash a wedding to humiliate a tax collector, you overthrow an entire monarchy to put a gorilla on the throne! For all the classic "legendary hero blessed by the gods" vibe of W101, P101 feels so much more real. With P101, you see more of the Spiral than any W101 player will ever see in their lifetimes. It's a whole world(s) out there, and I adore each and every part of it.

1k crown winners


-Pretty Jewel Jackson

-Charming Julia Silver


-Cunning Zane Pelton 

Thanks to everyone who participated! Have a good week and be back soon!

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