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Friday, August 30, 2019

Arrrrrgust Contest Winners!

Just going to do the grand prize winner's entry and the names of the rest. Hope thats fine.

Pirate Name: Daniel Radcliffe

While many people would bandy about with their reasons for liking and disliking the game, I really truly enjoy the game for a few reasons - the first is that you can feel the passion in every character, dialogue, scene and location, from Skull Island to Marleybone. Each and every character is packed to the brim with expressions, personality, and so much more. The story is spectacularly written, with interesting plot points, mechanics, designs, memorable characters, and more! You can just tell this was a passion project by the developers. Someone, somewhere, put their heart and soul into this game, not for profit, not for any corporate reasons. They wanted to make a story, a wonderful adventure, to share with at least one other person the awe-inspiring vision in their head. The least I can do is appreciate them for it.
The second reason was the sense of adventure and world-building. Wizard101 has a lot of "ooh magic" and new locations, but there was always a sense of disconnect between the game and the player. You weren't really there in the spiral, and being a wizard, you were sort of above political conflict. You casually rubbed elbows with kings and gods. The wizard could hop on over to Olympus and probably go drinking with Zeus, while the people of Aquila had probably never even seen their gods before, and you get the sense that you're more of a commoner, part of the actual masses of the Spiral. You're one of the people sitting in the homes along the street, not the hero cruising their way to victory.
The world of Pirate101 isn't just some set of connected maps and landmasses, going from area to area in your ship really brings together the sense of exploring a new place, with new people and culture If you look at the screenshot, it feels like you're really in Mooshu, sailing from land to land, a whole world full of people and places to visit, instead of a bunch of connected maps and roads you can vaguely recall as a W101 player. You actually feel like a real denizen of the Spiral. You enter the darker everyday life of the Marleybonians in the midst of a war, rather than just solving mysteries with Sherlock Bones, you lie and finesse your way through a court to get at Kane, you gate-crash a wedding to humiliate a tax collector, you overthrow an entire monarchy to put a gorilla on the throne! For all the classic "legendary hero blessed by the gods" vibe of W101, P101 feels so much more real. With P101, you see more of the Spiral than any W101 player will ever see in their lifetimes. It's a whole world(s) out there, and I adore each and every part of it.

1k crown winners


-Pretty Jewel Jackson

-Charming Julia Silver


-Cunning Zane Pelton 

Thanks to everyone who participated! Have a good week and be back soon!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

An in depth look at the Crowns vs Membership debate (Pirate101 and Wizard101)

So, there is often the question, "Do I pay for areas or just buy a membership?" This is debated since its different for everyone. I'm here to look at the pros and cons of each and offer situations where either would be acceptable. I do have several max pirates and a max wiz, and for the part where I go over maxing I am not including finishing the story. So lets begin!

1. My overall view:

First, Pirate101. I know this game well and can say without a doubt in any situation, buying areas is the way to go. In total the entire game costs about 95k crowns, or 130 dollars US (assuming you buy the 80k crown bundle) It seems like a lot, and it is. But in reality for Pirate101 it fits since it doesn't get much new updates requiring a member. You can max 1 or 2 pirates in a month and then have to buy a few more members to max every class and to farm but in the long run, buying areas is the way to go. If you only want to max one class though I suggest a membership. Plain and simple. Now for the hard game, wiz...

Wiz is different. It can take a month to max if you have lots of time but if not it may take a couple memberships. Now lets assume you do have a lot of time, want to max one class, and have friends. One membership is all you need, But again, here I recommend to pay as you go. Wiz costs a lot of money to buy all of it. However it is worth it since wiz is a game where you need to grind for good gear. Sure maxing may be slower but at least you can grind for gear while you wait.

part 1 summary: overall its better to pay as you go.

2. The pros and cons of membership and crowns in both games.

1/2. Pirate101 membership
      a. pros:

  • Quick to max
  • Teleporter can be used for gold
  • More friend list and backpack space
  • Member events
      b. cons

  • Can't spend as much time farming
  • You can always buy backpack and friend list space
  • You only get a limited time to do everything
  • Membership runs even if you are logged off meaning if you get grounded thats money down the drain.
  • In the long run its more expensive
2/2. Pirate101 crowns

     a. pros
  • Unlimited access to the game forever
  • You have unlimited time to do what you want
  • No worrying about when your member runs out
  • Not much is worth spending a member on every month
  • You can buy a few member benefits either way. 
  • In the long run its cheaper
     b. cons
  •  Have to spend 1000 crowns on a quick port to a new world.
  • It can take longer to max your first Pirate.
1/2. Wiz membership pros and cons

      a. pros
  •  Tournaments cost gold
  • Quicker to max
  • Member events
      b. cons
  •  It's not really worth it unless you want to max quick and need very specific stuff. 
2/2. Wiz crowns pros and cons

     a. pros
  •  Have access to the whole game forever
  • You can do pretty much everything a member can without much hassle 
      b. cons
  • There aren't really any besides you will max slow and pvp will be limited.
Part 3. What situations is it better for a member or crowns?

In both games, crowns to buy areas is usually better. However the only situations membership is really good is if you can only afford a member once a month. Thats really the only time you should buy a member.

In conclusion, pay as you go offers about the same as a member but a bit more long term. In the end its up to you to decide but in my opinion memberships are becoming less and less a priority and more and more optional. They don't offer much extra to the table compared to pay as you go. Again in the end its up to you, but I would look at everything before you decide. Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, August 8, 2019

Treble in Monquista, a look into its theme

Before I start, please listen to the music first. I took a recording but all credit goes to Kingsisle Entertainment. Enjoy and listen while you read or listen first then read.

Now, Listening to this music you get a religious and calm vibe with some tense bits. So why is this important? Because it reflects the current state of Monquista! Monquista is currently in a state of periodic turmoil, be it revolution or the holy monquisition. Now lets look at what each part means.

1. The singing.
The singing obviously has religious overtones. The word they are singing 'hallelujah" is a word in Christianity praising god. The fact that this is sung is likely referencing the highly religious Spain/Monquista at the time. The time of the Inquisition. The fact this is the first thing we hear tells us that currently, Monquista is going through a spiritual phase. We have a few quests dealing with this in Monquista, usually the church or a part of it is portrayed as bad and we have to stop them. However this is a slow and calm Hallelujah, possibly symbolizing how this phase isn't stopping any time soon. But the main thing it is saying is that this is a very spiritual world. 

2. The slow and quiet parts and the quick and loud parts.
These parts make up the majority of this song. It could mean a few things, the peace in between the moments of chaos or something like that. But I think it reflects the nature of Monquista and its people. They think themselves superior, act like nothing goes wrong and things like that. However sometimes bad things do happen, and they don't know what to do. This is Monquista, slow and quiet for awhile then when something bad happens its quick and loud compared to what it usually is. This is the part that represents the history of Monquista. 

3. The song overall.
This song overall tells a story. It tells a story of its world and of its people. Through this song we learn this is a religious world where when things go wrong  its fast and important. Monquista seems calm on the outside to those who don't look deep into it, just like this song. Its calm and relaxing, but its hiding the fact that not everything is okay. This is a song that fits well with the story. A story which everything is calm until we expose the lies and overthrow the king and queen. When we come back we learn Gortez won his war and everything seems fine. But when we meet Gortez again he complains about the bickering of the church. Monquista and its music go hand in hand. Something not a lot of worlds in Pirate101 or Wizard101 do. This is what it means, while everything may seem fine, it might not be. Basically, don't judge a book by its cover. 

I hope you enjoyed! Cya in the spiral!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Pirate101, is it truly worth playing at this point?

So, I'm sure a question on everyone's mind is, "Is Pirate101 really worth it at this point?" Now if you are wondering if I am biased towards Pirate101, I am. I've played it since near launch and still play. I have played wiz longer and still play but I love Pirate101 more. Anyways I'm going to give me answer straight away then give my reasons why. That answer is of course, yes!

1st reason: The player base

As we all know the Wiz player base isn't exactly, well... you know (wu realm am I right), and Pirate101 is guilty as well however the toxicity is small and there are more helpful people than toxic people. For example, in wiz people ask for crown items for hatching with a good pet but in Pirate101 they either say yes or no. The Pirate101 player base is smaller, no arguing there but it is loud and proud. Those of us who continue to play usually don't mind saying "Ya, I play Pirate101, you should try it!" We aren't the biggest and best community but usually there is no need to hide in a small realm to avoid some toxicity. You can usually find people willing to help no charge. Its a small player base but a great one!

2nd reason: The story

In my honest opinion, the Pirate101 story is better than Wizard101's. It feels more immersive, more real and better written. It has its hiccups but they are rare and overall its good. I usually skip through dialogue but in Pirate101 I don't often. The story is beautifully crafted, engaging, funny, serious and more. Things we did in the beginning tie into later worlds and there are hardly any plot holes. You can tell the KI team did their best to make this story great. If you don't like the combat play for the story then.

3rd reason: The worlds

The worlds, where to get me started. Each world is beautiful, each world has a feel like its own thing, each world is great! Some are long like cool ranch, others short like Valencia. In every world I visited I felt like I was there and part of its story. I was immersed and engaged if you will. In wiz its always life or death for the world, which isn't believable sometimes and gets stale. Don't get me wrong I love wiz but it can get repetitive. In Pirate101 its hardly ever life or death. You do change the shape of the spiral but its for your own ends which is not only believable but something I don't see often in storytelling. Anyways, back to the worlds. The worlds always look amazing, from beautiful skyways to rich and lore filled islands. Traveling can take awhile but I don't mind. There are usually nods to wiz in worlds shared with Wizard101 but we don't visit the same places as our wiz which I like. My point is, the worlds here are not only beautiful, but separate from wiz allowing for their own stories usually unaffected by what our wizards are up to. Which in my opinion, is great if you want a break from wiz but to stay in the spiral.

4th reason: The small stuff

Just a short list of the small stuff, no need to explain.
1. The jokes
2. The Combat is unique
3. Ships
4. The different outfits
5. The cool pets

5th reason: Its just a fun game

It's as simple as that. It's a fun game.

If I can't convince you to give Pirate101 a try then i'm not going to force you to play, Wiz is superior in some ways, Pirate is in others. All I ask is before you judge Pirate101 try it. If you tried and didn't like it thats your decision and I respect it. But to answer the question again, yes I think it is still worth playing. And nothing can change my mind. Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, August 1, 2019

Pirate101 Arrrgust contest!

Hello there! Back in my day, a lot of the Pirate101 blogs had this tradition. Every August they would do a contest. They called it Arrrgust! I'm hoping to revive that tradition with this contest! It's going to be a simple contest so don't worry. This is my first official contest so I hope you enjoy!

What the contest is: Just write a short paragraph (minimum 4 sentences) about why you love Pirate101 and include a screenshot of your pirate doing your favorite activity (make sure to ctrl+g!). I don't care much about spelling and grammar just make it understandable and make sure I can tell when the sentence ends. Thats all there is to it!

1 entry per person
Must be 4 sentences, more is fine though!
Entry's must be sent in by 8/20/2019 11:59 pm central, any after will not be accepted.
Be sure to follow all the KI terms of service while writing the paragraph and taking the picture.
Lastly, have fun!

The contest winners will be announced 8/31/2019 unless I get delayed.
Send the email including the picture, paragraph and your pirate name, to

Finally, the prizes!

The winner: 5k crowns
5 honorable mentions: 1k crowns

Again this is my first contest and its not very hard so I tried to do a small amount that seemed fair. I hope you enjoy this contest and Pirate101 this month! Cya in the spiral!