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Friday, July 26, 2019

Wizard101, the hidden race of gods.

So, first off sorry this is coming out late. I've been a bit busy. But anyways, onto the theory!

So, we all know there are 2 god groups in the spiral. The Aquila immortals and the Titans and those who made them. But what if I told you there was another group of gods? Ones now extinct. I'm talking about the celestials (celestians?) from Celestia! I will explain my reasonings on why they were gods, if not sub-gods. And no none of them are "Because they are called Celestials!" Although that is where this idea originated. But after thinking it over it makes sense!

What do we know about these mysterious beings? I'm going to give a short list and explain if I can why its on the list then explain how it adds up to them being gods.

1. They had advanced understanding of the universe to the point where they could harness it. This could be a way to achieve godhood in the spiral since we have seen it happen a few times. In Pirate101 Cao Tzu had a such a great understanding on how the spiral worked that Marco Pollo made a map to El Dorado, A world that you have to get to by sailing but its access point never showed twice in the same place and was always moving. And Cao Tzu had a religion made after him, Caoism. It was replaced by moodism, but Cao Tzu still lives, and it can take a long time for a religion to take over a world. This means Cao Tzu probably had an extended life if not an immortal one despite him being a normal goat. So it stands to reason the Celestials could be the same.

2. They have been proven to live exceptionally long lives. Although I can only think of one case it still proves a point that ties in with point 1, they can live longer than any normal being. I'm talking about Ptolemos, in the trial of the spheres, the only living Celestial we see but still looks young and is powerful. He is also of the moon school which further backs point 1.

3. We know they summoned the Storm Titan to stop the shadow. This is important because an isolated world like this knew about the Titans, figured out how to summon them on their own, and it was an important enough world for Morganthe to invade. No need to explain it further but think about it nevertheless. 

These all tie together, to show they are powerful, important, and have a great understanding of how the spiral works. These could easily be points that could be interpreted as them being gods.

I know this was a short and late post and I apologize. Since I'm becoming increasingly busier in real life and long theories aren't very good for the reader or the target audience I'm going to try to stick to short to the point theories from now on. I might do a long theory here and there but it won't be often and I apologize. But I hope you still continue to enjoy them! Cya in the spiral!


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