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Friday, July 19, 2019

The factions of Skull Island outfits!

So ya, 1, this is late and its my bad since I thought I did it already. And 2, sorry wiz players, the wonders of the spiral wiz version is going to have to wait. Anyways onto the post!

Did you ever want to dress up like a troggy, or a shark, maybe a crab or warf rat or possibly just a pirate? No? Well too bad! I'm going to show you how to dress up and blend in with the factions of Skull Island. I won't be going over what you need just what the costume should look like (I will go over the weapons though!) Lets begin!

1. Warf Rats.

What weapons you need: Warf rat daggers
What it should look like: It should be rather plain. Warf Rats usually don't dress all fancy so neither should you!
Can all of the outfit be bought at the bazaar? Yes! All of this outfit is actionable and cheap!

2. The Crabs.

What weapons you need: Underdog's cleaver
What it should look like: It should have an armored look, you are a squishy human in the ranks of armored crabs so you will need some armor!
Can all of the outfit be bought at the bazaar? No. Sadly the cleaver is a no auction drop in Marleybone, so you will need a membership or crowns to buy the area.

3. Cutthroat.

What weapons you need: As long as its a big and simple sword you should be fine. I used Xiphos, a sword from Aquila. 
What it should look like: Something like this, simple but not warf rat simple. The robe and boots should be this style but the hat is up to you. 
Can all of the outfit be bought at the bazaar? Yes! This is a pretty standard outfit, you will find lots of this style under different names so look at your options before you buy!

4. Troggy.

What weapons you need: Sadly there aren't any primitive shooty weapons so this is restricted to melee and witchdoctor. You will want a troggy weapon to sum it up. They can be found easily enough at the bazaar.
What it should look like: Something primitive. It can be fancy but don't make it out of a ton of cloth or metals. (I cheated on the boots since there is no options I could find)
Can all of the outfit be bought at the bazaar? No. Don't worry no member is required! All the gear can, its just the accessory. It can be bought by Jolly Roger who sells this mask.(You can find him in Avery's Court)

5. Pirate.

What weapons will you need: Anything bought at Remington's Steel would work (The weapon shop in Skull Island) or some weapons from Jolly Roger. 
What it should look like: Do I need to explain it? Piratey!
Can All of the outfit be bought at the bazaar? Yes! Plain and simple yes it all can!

I hope you enjoyed! Here are some questions you all might be wondering. 
Are you still doing theories? Yes I am. I'm just thinking of some good ones.
Are you going to do more wiz content? Yes! I plan to do a wiz theory next week but plans could change. Hopefully I can though!
Thats all the questions I think you might have. If not comment below and I'll try and answer!
Cya in the spiral!


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