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Saturday, July 27, 2019

I'm official! A thank you to those who have supported me and a bit about me.

This won't be a major post, no theory or anything like that. Just a thanks to those who have supported me for a long time and some fun facts about me. First off, the big news. I'm an official Pirate101 Fan site now! I wasn't always aiming towards this, at first it was just a side project to show my love for these games. However as I worked more on this site and got help from other site owners and made more friends I decided I would try to make this site official. Even if I got rejected I would have been fine with it, I could always keep my site up and keep posting for those who read. I never want to be a "community leader". I just want to make posts and play the games I love. Anyways, A thank you to those who have supported me. Not going to name names because I easily forget names and know others have supported me but can't remember their names for my life. However there is one exception. I'll save them for after the thank you. 

To all those who have supported me: I thank you. Honestly I'm amazed I got as far as I have. I've gotten help from all over the community. The help was from some well known people and others not so well known but help is help and in my eyes all of those people are equal. I count every person that takes a look at this site as someone who helped as well. Right now I'm climbing my way up to 30k views which couldn't have happened without this amazing community. Looking back on working with others to help make my site look better and get suggestions on how I should do certain things makes me happy. That being said if you ever want help with your site, a shout out on twitter or something like that feel free to ask! (as long as its family friendly) But to make this short, I thank all those who have supported me, from those who helped spread the word to those who simply clicked on the link to a Pirate101 fansite. Thank you.

Now for that exception. Nordic Champion. I'll leave a link to her site "here". Unfortunately she left the community so she probably won't see this but I need to say it anyways. I owe a lot to you. You helped me a ton by telling me what I should and shouldn't do to make my blog look good, gave me great advice, supported me from the start, talked to me when I just wanted a friend to talk to, promoted me, and most importantly, inspired me. I was inspired by other bloggers and fans site owners yes, but you inspired me to do what my mission is, do theories to make people look at the game more and appreciate the work put into it. I'm sad you are gone. Too be honest, I know you aren't coming back. Even though I know that i'll always wait for you just in case because thats what friends do. Thank you, for everything you have done. I wish you luck in life and wherever it takes you.

Now for a little bit about me. Don't expect anything fancy. Just going to do a small list as a get to know me.
1. I'm pretty antisocial. 
2. I love watching anime. 
3. I collect golden chickens in Pirate101 
4. I've played Pirate101 since near launch, I applied to beta but got rejected and got the news late it went live.
5. I like to read. I don't generally like modern books, I like classics. My favorite author is Jules Verne 
6. I prefer classical style music over all others. However I prefer modern classical style music. Like video game music for example.
7. While I play Pirate101 a lot, I do play other MMO's. Although I don't play many single player games.

Cya in the spiral!


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