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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wizard101 theory: What will happen when we are gone?

So, we all know the spiral is doomed without us. After all, everyone would wait for someone else to fix their problems. So rather than focus on that, I shall focus on the events leading up to it. Lets do this bullet point, because why not?

1. Our wizard goes away.
I don't know where, I don't know how, they just do. Possibly to escape the evil that is Penny Dreadful having us do her homework. So that happens, what next?

2.  A new villain appears!
Maybe Morganthe again? I dont know. But a Spiral threatening villain appears and starts chaos.

3. Spiral blows up or something.

Now whats in between 2 and 3? I'll be explaining that and how I think the spiral would respond.

First, I think everyone would be quite calm. They would ignore it and wait for someone else to swoop in and beat the bad guy. In other words, ignoring the threat. To be honest this is quite common. People generally avoid putting themselves in danger until they know they can't avoid it. For example, the schoolyard bully. Everyone avoids them and does nothing about them until the bully targets everyone or makes a move that shows they will target everyone. Its natural to ignore threats that don't seem threatening to you at the moment because your brain doesn't want to put your body in unnecessary danger. Its a fight or flight response in a way. The spiral would be in flight mode until they are forced to fight, so when things get drastic they fight. This leads me to our second stage.

Second, People would start to freak out once danger is apparent. Not everyone but a few who realize the unavoidable. I think the officials of the spiral would be worried but try to downplay it as not to cause a panic. I still think at this point most of the spiral wouldn't be worried. After all they are used to us coming to save the day. Its just there would be a small and mild panic among select few.

Third, A unanimous panic. I know, going from a few people panicking to everyone panicking seems like a stretch when you think about it rationally. However this isn't a rational situation. Think of Azteca, it goes from everyone is fine to we can't stop the meteor and everyone panics. When things become clear they are dire your brain goes from 1 to 10 in order to ensure your survival. While this happens you cause panic to those around you and in turn they panic those around them. What we are looking at is full on chaos, riots in the streets and people ignoring laws. A good example is the blitz in London during WW2. People were so afraid that they started to ignore social rules and laws. This also brings me to our last point.

Fourth, The spiral falls before the villain wins. You are probably thinking how is this possible? The villain hasn't won yet but the spiral has already fallen? Yes I am saying that. Think about it, at this point the enemy has almost won and the masses realize no one can save them because no one acted. At this point they know they are doomed and its useless to act like they aren't. Thus, society falls, rules are gone and people do whatever they want. This is different from the last. At point 3 some people while panicking still accepted the rules, but now, its pointless. People will do whatever they feel like until the spiral blows up or something. I think at this point the leaders of the worlds would have given up and possibly even joined in the mayhem. This brings me to our conclusion.

If we go away, it won't be the villains that destroy the spiral, it will be the people. People rely on us to solve their problems. Even if there isn't a big villain, the lack of us as a power for good will let problems stack and more problems appear. Even if the spiral isn't threatened by a titan or recreation problems are still happening and while one problem won't cause the downfall of the spiral, a collection of them will. We are needed as a symbol of justice and as a person who can act. If we ever leave the spiral, we wont have a spiral to come back to. Simple as that.

I hope you enjoyed and I will cya in the spiral!


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