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Friday, June 7, 2019

Pirate101 PVE only companion setup guide.

First off, let me address this. I know Pirate101 PVE for most classes is scratch buff and kill. I know its kind of a joke compared to PVP but still, some people requested this so who am I to deny them a guide. Now that I think about it this guide could be useful for wiz players trying P101... Anyways onto the guide!

1. Talents:
First off, let me give you an example of my peter quint (buccaneer companion) at max

Now, the strength/will/agility would vary based on the companion, for example a privateer or witchdoctor companion would have will 4 but a swashbuckler or a musketeer would have agility 4.
You will have a fourth option but I would recommend choosing something that you think would benefit them them most.
They have summons/heals/spells: Spooky.
Low armor/dodge: Armor.
Low magic armor but high normal armor: Magic armor.
Basically you want that last talent to strengthen a weak point.

When leveling you want to choose the class buff, accuracy (yes even on high accuracy companions like bonnie) damage and health. I would recommend focusing class buff above all others since that has to do with critical and damage.

2. Epics:
Generally you want as much damage output as possible. That means Epics like the following
1. Relentless 2
2. Blade Storm 2
3. Mojo Echo 2
4. Burst Fire 2
5. Double Tap 2

Other Epics I approve of for PVE are: (rank 1 or 2, but only after you trained the ones above)
1. Repel Boarders
2. Vengeance Strike (if you are a buccaneer train Vengeance 3 on companions when you can)
3. Riposte (usually 1 or 2, but try to avoid rank 3 since companions don't dodge often)
4. Overwatch
5. Quick Draw (rank 1 only! You encounter more melee enemies than musketeer enemies)
6. Improved Mojo Blast ( rank 3 is a must!)
7. Witch Hunter 3 (Scratch is the one you should have it on)

Exceptions to these rules and some other info:

There is an exception to the damage focus rule. And thats Ratbeard. Ratbeard is a pure defensive companion, most of his attacks are going to come from people attacking him or closing in on him. So the 3 epics he should train are:
1. First strike 3
2. Repel Boarders 3
3. Hold the Line 2
For PVE, this companion is weird since while he can train Blade Storm its not ideal considering how the rest of his epics are set up.

I'm going to point out some things some companions should have whenever possible

1. Overwatch 3.

Thats actually it. On Musketeer a full Overwatch 3 team (with the player having OW5 which knockbacks) is highly effective in a lot of places. since it reduces accuracy by a ton. Not much else to say.

Overall, PVE is different and easier than PVP. In PVP while damage plays a part, surviving does even more. Its the opposite for PVE. In PVE you want a large damage output to end battles quickly. Generally if enemies do have a card for a guaranteed hit its usually only 1 or 2. (Exceptions with places like Moo Tower, arena and Regatta) So there is that. I also want to point out that usually people only have 3 up to level companions then maybe a couple spare ones in case one dies. Thats not good. True many companions are not use able in even PVE you want to keep them up to level just in case, or at least train them every so often. Train companions like you will always use them, no matter how bad they are. Also, don't use companions you just got questing because they are a higher level than you. Only do that if they are good. I hope this helped! Also I didn't do a very detailed look at all companions for a reason. Most companions we usually use generally have pretty similar epics. So no need to do that. Anyways, Cya in the spiral!


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