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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Fan theory! How the pirate101 story could play out!

Been awhile since we had one of these eh? Its from the same person as before (go ahead and contact me if you want me to feature yours!) and as usual I made no edits and am going to talk about it after. Hope you enjoy!

With queen still alive and the stormgate in the Valencia 2 skyway they could easily write an addition to the story where, in the case of Kane's defeat and as part of his contingency plan, she would smuggle the remaining pieces of the map to Polaris where she seeks out methods of destroying the map (it would be enchanted against such countermeasures). After Avery catches wind of this through his newly founded alliances on the party barge, he would relay the message to the pirate and, with great urgency, direct them to a Polaris windstone which the pirate would acquire and begin the hunt for Kane's last known remaining elite, acquiring the remaining pieces of the map indirectly. However, the translation of the map becomes a problem as the pirate and their crew realize that it is written in magical runes which no one around seems to recognize. This could further the story to worlds such as Grizzlehiem and Krokotopia as they are worlds whose entire written language revolves around runes. Finally, once translated, the pirate would use the map to pinpoint the stormgate to El Dorado and discover that Kane's mind has taken on a new body, better than even the clockwork giants that normally reside on the island and he would be known as Kane Prime. Hopefully wrapping up the story by level 100 as they had originally promised us.

First off, I did enjoy this theory! However there a couple flaws.
1. I don't think there is an enchantment protecting the map, after all it was ripped up and has fallen into danger before.
2. We already can translate it. (thats why we went to mooshu)

Besides that it sounds like a fun and good way to continue the story! We can fix it by removing the destruction of the map part and replacing it with the queen is just alive (reason enough to go after her) and we could go to other worlds as sort of a chase to catch the queen. After all, she would have connections to get around. Other than that, solid theory.

Also I would like to apologize for not as frequent content. I am currently having writers block so they aren't flowing in as they usually do.So I do apologize for that. Maybe I'll do a wiz theory to shake things up... Well, cya in the spiral!


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