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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A look at the meaning of life, explained by the spiral.

So allow me to explain something first. The meaning of life is unknown, we can only really decide that for ourselves. But my take on it is this:

Life and conflict are the same thing, yet they are two different things. Like Schrodinger cat being both dead and alive in a way. The meaning of life is if we decide to embrace the fact that there will always be conflict and then choose to
1. Go with the flow and let it happen
2. Fight conflict by trying to make the world a better place even though you know conflict will never end.

Our Pirate/Wizard chooses the second path, they fight for a better spiral while everyone else focuses on their own problems and ignoring the big ones at hand. I think its safe to say our pirate/wizard know that there will always be conflict yet we choose to stop the destruction of the spiral again and again. At the same time they are trying to achieve both kinds of peace. Positive and Negative peace. If you don't know what I mean allow me to explain.
Positive and Negative peace is a theory by Philosopher Johan Galtung. It explores the idea that there are 2 kinds of peace. I'm just going to sum them up real quick.

Negative peace: Absence of violence but usually obtained by violent measures and could have been prevented.
Positive peace:Absence of violence but justice for all indiscriminately. Also conflict is settled without violence and is prevented.

Now it sounds like our character is doing Negative, which is not entirely wrong. However by doing all the side quests Positive peace is obtained. Sure we beat up some bad guys usually but we usually try to talk it out before fighting. Meaning we go the Positive peace path when we can. But back to the subject at hand.

Our character looks at all the conflict in the spiral and is presented with two choices. Let the inevitable demise of the spiral happen or fight to save it. We choose to fight to save it obviously. And we do side quests to further stabilize worlds. We stop wars (start some though) and do everything in our power to fight against destiny. At this point we are just delaying doom but we don't care. We fight.

What i'm trying to say is the spiral presents us with a real life philosophy, let things happen or take matters into your own hands despite knowing its pointless in the end. These games take it out of proportion sure but its something we all have to deal with. Do we let things happen or take the bull by the horns? These games show us the good and bad sides of life. We can try and actually come out on top or we can try and fail. A good example is Azteca.

We do everything in our power to save the world, but in the end we fail. What do we do after that? We accept it and continue so we can prevent it from happening again. This happens in life, we get knocked down but we get up again and continue. So just because you fail doesn't mean its the end.

In conclusion, these games can teach us a lot of lessons and we can learn from them. I know this post was kind of all over the place but in reality philosophy is just as confusing. So let me sum it up.
Our character fights for a better spiral despite knowing it will end some day and they fight because they have the option to. We all have the option to let things happen or fight to make them happen, its just a matter of which you ideal you live by. We all do a little of both to be honest, if we want something we fight for it but if we don't care we let it happen. Its just up to us to decide when we fight.

I hope you enjoyed this rather chaotic post. Cya in the spiral!


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