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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Side quests, are they all worth doing?

So, here is a question, is doing all the side quests worth it? I will be looking at this problem from a narrative and game play point of view. I will start off with what it means to the story, conclude that argument, then on how it affects game play I will let you decide. After I make my argument's for both sides I'll do an overall worth. Lets begin!

First, I need to say I'm partial to doing all side quests. In pirate101 and wizard101 I do every side quest I can. So my view isn't totally unbiased.

The narrative/story aspect:

Alright, lets get the elephant out of the room, yes I know not all side quests are important to the main story. Some sides quests don't really affect anything to be honest. But I'm doing an overall view of all side quests so we are including those. So, back on topic. Looking at every side quest, you don't need to do most since a lot don't tie into the story. Going completely lore wise not doing every side quest is fine. However looking at it for the overall story of our wiz/pirate I would do every one. I talked about this before but there are 2 types of peace. positive and negative. To sum it up positive is the absence of violence and the presence of justice, meanwhile negative is just lack of violence. If we want positive peace, meaning no violence and justice in the spiral, we should do every side quest. Side quests are there to level you up and get gold and gear. However story wise, doing every side quest furthers our role as peacekeepers and makes the spiral a better place.

In conclusion, doing every side quest is better for the story since positive peace is achieved in every world we visit. This makes sense for our character (peacekeeper) and story wise, makes sense seeing that everything seems fine after we leave. Now, I'm not forcing you to do every side quest if you are playing for the story. To me it just makes sense that we do every side quest for the story.

The game play aspect:

This one is tough, you don't need to do every side quest to max but at the same time it makes it easier and you can get better gear. So I will just give you some pro's and con's and let you decide.


  • Better Gear while questing
  • You get to max earlier 
  • You have more gold
  • The story goes slower
  • You won't have as much time to do the main quest
  • It can be a pain sometimes
I'll let you decide. Personally I still do it because gold is good to have and being over leveled in areas is fun. 

The overall argument:

Overall, doing all the side quests makes sense and benefits the story and you. Sure it will take a good chunk of time out of your playtime but I would still do them. Game play only it's debatable but a lot of us don't just play to get to max, we also play for the story. Doing side quests makes the games easier in the long run. In the short run it takes time. But I still think that time is well spent. I get tons of jokes and puns from doing side quests and its rewarding knowing I did every side quest in game. It's up to you in the end, after all it's your choice. Just know if you do start to do all the side quests, your friends are going to be waiting on you a lot! Cya in the spiral!


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wizard101 theory: What will happen when we are gone?

So, we all know the spiral is doomed without us. After all, everyone would wait for someone else to fix their problems. So rather than focus on that, I shall focus on the events leading up to it. Lets do this bullet point, because why not?

1. Our wizard goes away.
I don't know where, I don't know how, they just do. Possibly to escape the evil that is Penny Dreadful having us do her homework. So that happens, what next?

2.  A new villain appears!
Maybe Morganthe again? I dont know. But a Spiral threatening villain appears and starts chaos.

3. Spiral blows up or something.

Now whats in between 2 and 3? I'll be explaining that and how I think the spiral would respond.

First, I think everyone would be quite calm. They would ignore it and wait for someone else to swoop in and beat the bad guy. In other words, ignoring the threat. To be honest this is quite common. People generally avoid putting themselves in danger until they know they can't avoid it. For example, the schoolyard bully. Everyone avoids them and does nothing about them until the bully targets everyone or makes a move that shows they will target everyone. Its natural to ignore threats that don't seem threatening to you at the moment because your brain doesn't want to put your body in unnecessary danger. Its a fight or flight response in a way. The spiral would be in flight mode until they are forced to fight, so when things get drastic they fight. This leads me to our second stage.

Second, People would start to freak out once danger is apparent. Not everyone but a few who realize the unavoidable. I think the officials of the spiral would be worried but try to downplay it as not to cause a panic. I still think at this point most of the spiral wouldn't be worried. After all they are used to us coming to save the day. Its just there would be a small and mild panic among select few.

Third, A unanimous panic. I know, going from a few people panicking to everyone panicking seems like a stretch when you think about it rationally. However this isn't a rational situation. Think of Azteca, it goes from everyone is fine to we can't stop the meteor and everyone panics. When things become clear they are dire your brain goes from 1 to 10 in order to ensure your survival. While this happens you cause panic to those around you and in turn they panic those around them. What we are looking at is full on chaos, riots in the streets and people ignoring laws. A good example is the blitz in London during WW2. People were so afraid that they started to ignore social rules and laws. This also brings me to our last point.

Fourth, The spiral falls before the villain wins. You are probably thinking how is this possible? The villain hasn't won yet but the spiral has already fallen? Yes I am saying that. Think about it, at this point the enemy has almost won and the masses realize no one can save them because no one acted. At this point they know they are doomed and its useless to act like they aren't. Thus, society falls, rules are gone and people do whatever they want. This is different from the last. At point 3 some people while panicking still accepted the rules, but now, its pointless. People will do whatever they feel like until the spiral blows up or something. I think at this point the leaders of the worlds would have given up and possibly even joined in the mayhem. This brings me to our conclusion.

If we go away, it won't be the villains that destroy the spiral, it will be the people. People rely on us to solve their problems. Even if there isn't a big villain, the lack of us as a power for good will let problems stack and more problems appear. Even if the spiral isn't threatened by a titan or recreation problems are still happening and while one problem won't cause the downfall of the spiral, a collection of them will. We are needed as a symbol of justice and as a person who can act. If we ever leave the spiral, we wont have a spiral to come back to. Simple as that.

I hope you enjoyed and I will cya in the spiral!


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A look at the meaning of life, explained by the spiral.

So allow me to explain something first. The meaning of life is unknown, we can only really decide that for ourselves. But my take on it is this:

Life and conflict are the same thing, yet they are two different things. Like Schrodinger cat being both dead and alive in a way. The meaning of life is if we decide to embrace the fact that there will always be conflict and then choose to
1. Go with the flow and let it happen
2. Fight conflict by trying to make the world a better place even though you know conflict will never end.

Our Pirate/Wizard chooses the second path, they fight for a better spiral while everyone else focuses on their own problems and ignoring the big ones at hand. I think its safe to say our pirate/wizard know that there will always be conflict yet we choose to stop the destruction of the spiral again and again. At the same time they are trying to achieve both kinds of peace. Positive and Negative peace. If you don't know what I mean allow me to explain.
Positive and Negative peace is a theory by Philosopher Johan Galtung. It explores the idea that there are 2 kinds of peace. I'm just going to sum them up real quick.

Negative peace: Absence of violence but usually obtained by violent measures and could have been prevented.
Positive peace:Absence of violence but justice for all indiscriminately. Also conflict is settled without violence and is prevented.

Now it sounds like our character is doing Negative, which is not entirely wrong. However by doing all the side quests Positive peace is obtained. Sure we beat up some bad guys usually but we usually try to talk it out before fighting. Meaning we go the Positive peace path when we can. But back to the subject at hand.

Our character looks at all the conflict in the spiral and is presented with two choices. Let the inevitable demise of the spiral happen or fight to save it. We choose to fight to save it obviously. And we do side quests to further stabilize worlds. We stop wars (start some though) and do everything in our power to fight against destiny. At this point we are just delaying doom but we don't care. We fight.

What i'm trying to say is the spiral presents us with a real life philosophy, let things happen or take matters into your own hands despite knowing its pointless in the end. These games take it out of proportion sure but its something we all have to deal with. Do we let things happen or take the bull by the horns? These games show us the good and bad sides of life. We can try and actually come out on top or we can try and fail. A good example is Azteca.

We do everything in our power to save the world, but in the end we fail. What do we do after that? We accept it and continue so we can prevent it from happening again. This happens in life, we get knocked down but we get up again and continue. So just because you fail doesn't mean its the end.

In conclusion, these games can teach us a lot of lessons and we can learn from them. I know this post was kind of all over the place but in reality philosophy is just as confusing. So let me sum it up.
Our character fights for a better spiral despite knowing it will end some day and they fight because they have the option to. We all have the option to let things happen or fight to make them happen, its just a matter of which you ideal you live by. We all do a little of both to be honest, if we want something we fight for it but if we don't care we let it happen. Its just up to us to decide when we fight.

I hope you enjoyed this rather chaotic post. Cya in the spiral!


Friday, June 7, 2019

Pirate101 PVE only companion setup guide.

First off, let me address this. I know Pirate101 PVE for most classes is scratch buff and kill. I know its kind of a joke compared to PVP but still, some people requested this so who am I to deny them a guide. Now that I think about it this guide could be useful for wiz players trying P101... Anyways onto the guide!

1. Talents:
First off, let me give you an example of my peter quint (buccaneer companion) at max

Now, the strength/will/agility would vary based on the companion, for example a privateer or witchdoctor companion would have will 4 but a swashbuckler or a musketeer would have agility 4.
You will have a fourth option but I would recommend choosing something that you think would benefit them them most.
They have summons/heals/spells: Spooky.
Low armor/dodge: Armor.
Low magic armor but high normal armor: Magic armor.
Basically you want that last talent to strengthen a weak point.

When leveling you want to choose the class buff, accuracy (yes even on high accuracy companions like bonnie) damage and health. I would recommend focusing class buff above all others since that has to do with critical and damage.

2. Epics:
Generally you want as much damage output as possible. That means Epics like the following
1. Relentless 2
2. Blade Storm 2
3. Mojo Echo 2
4. Burst Fire 2
5. Double Tap 2

Other Epics I approve of for PVE are: (rank 1 or 2, but only after you trained the ones above)
1. Repel Boarders
2. Vengeance Strike (if you are a buccaneer train Vengeance 3 on companions when you can)
3. Riposte (usually 1 or 2, but try to avoid rank 3 since companions don't dodge often)
4. Overwatch
5. Quick Draw (rank 1 only! You encounter more melee enemies than musketeer enemies)
6. Improved Mojo Blast ( rank 3 is a must!)
7. Witch Hunter 3 (Scratch is the one you should have it on)

Exceptions to these rules and some other info:

There is an exception to the damage focus rule. And thats Ratbeard. Ratbeard is a pure defensive companion, most of his attacks are going to come from people attacking him or closing in on him. So the 3 epics he should train are:
1. First strike 3
2. Repel Boarders 3
3. Hold the Line 2
For PVE, this companion is weird since while he can train Blade Storm its not ideal considering how the rest of his epics are set up.

I'm going to point out some things some companions should have whenever possible

1. Overwatch 3.

Thats actually it. On Musketeer a full Overwatch 3 team (with the player having OW5 which knockbacks) is highly effective in a lot of places. since it reduces accuracy by a ton. Not much else to say.

Overall, PVE is different and easier than PVP. In PVP while damage plays a part, surviving does even more. Its the opposite for PVE. In PVE you want a large damage output to end battles quickly. Generally if enemies do have a card for a guaranteed hit its usually only 1 or 2. (Exceptions with places like Moo Tower, arena and Regatta) So there is that. I also want to point out that usually people only have 3 up to level companions then maybe a couple spare ones in case one dies. Thats not good. True many companions are not use able in even PVE you want to keep them up to level just in case, or at least train them every so often. Train companions like you will always use them, no matter how bad they are. Also, don't use companions you just got questing because they are a higher level than you. Only do that if they are good. I hope this helped! Also I didn't do a very detailed look at all companions for a reason. Most companions we usually use generally have pretty similar epics. So no need to do that. Anyways, Cya in the spiral!


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Fan theory! How the pirate101 story could play out!

Been awhile since we had one of these eh? Its from the same person as before (go ahead and contact me if you want me to feature yours!) and as usual I made no edits and am going to talk about it after. Hope you enjoy!

With queen still alive and the stormgate in the Valencia 2 skyway they could easily write an addition to the story where, in the case of Kane's defeat and as part of his contingency plan, she would smuggle the remaining pieces of the map to Polaris where she seeks out methods of destroying the map (it would be enchanted against such countermeasures). After Avery catches wind of this through his newly founded alliances on the party barge, he would relay the message to the pirate and, with great urgency, direct them to a Polaris windstone which the pirate would acquire and begin the hunt for Kane's last known remaining elite, acquiring the remaining pieces of the map indirectly. However, the translation of the map becomes a problem as the pirate and their crew realize that it is written in magical runes which no one around seems to recognize. This could further the story to worlds such as Grizzlehiem and Krokotopia as they are worlds whose entire written language revolves around runes. Finally, once translated, the pirate would use the map to pinpoint the stormgate to El Dorado and discover that Kane's mind has taken on a new body, better than even the clockwork giants that normally reside on the island and he would be known as Kane Prime. Hopefully wrapping up the story by level 100 as they had originally promised us.

First off, I did enjoy this theory! However there a couple flaws.
1. I don't think there is an enchantment protecting the map, after all it was ripped up and has fallen into danger before.
2. We already can translate it. (thats why we went to mooshu)

Besides that it sounds like a fun and good way to continue the story! We can fix it by removing the destruction of the map part and replacing it with the queen is just alive (reason enough to go after her) and we could go to other worlds as sort of a chase to catch the queen. After all, she would have connections to get around. Other than that, solid theory.

Also I would like to apologize for not as frequent content. I am currently having writers block so they aren't flowing in as they usually do.So I do apologize for that. Maybe I'll do a wiz theory to shake things up... Well, cya in the spiral!