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Thursday, May 9, 2019

What is magic? A wizard101 post!

So I was thinking, Wizard101 has a lot of different magic schools. Shadow, Astral, hoodoo, the ravenwood schools, the pigswick schools and who knows how many more. That got me thinking, what exactly is magic? Is it good or evil? I'll try my best to answer those and maybe more!

First lets establish what I think magic is. I think its something thats always been in the spiral. And I believe there is only one type of magic, just different forms of it. For example, in a certain movie series there is something called "force", its established that it is neither good nor bad, its how its used and the beliefs of its user that determine its power. Thats why there are so many types. This theory can be backed up by the beliefs of the school trainers, the magic they teach, and how all magic is somewhat similar. It seems all schools can heal, they all can attack, and they all can defend but are all unique. For example the Ravenwood life teacher teaches a peaceful life magic but the arcanum trainer who also teaches life takes a more aggressive approach, same magic school, different types of spells. In short, magic is not good or bad, its how its used and its users beliefs. Its something that has always been in the spiral and has different forms but its not clear what its origin is.

Next, lets look at the different schools, starting with shadow.

Its said there was always shadow magic, its possible that this is a matter and anti-matter type thing. Matter is the building blocks and anti-matter is what knocks them down, much like normal magic and shadow magic, they counter each other. This would explain why most everyone is worried about shadow magic. But thats all I can guess since I don't know much about it.

The astral schools, sun, star and moon are what I would consider the advanced magics, the final forms of the schools. They buff spells meaning they are compatible with all other schools, even shadow magic can be buffed by it and is effected by it. While it came from ancient worlds, those worlds were advanced in the understanding of the spiral and probably somewhat familiar with shadow magic. I could also call this the polar opposite to shadow magic, while shadow magic helps the user it also hurts them, meanwhile astral only helps and can cancel out the negative effects of shadow magic. Basically astral magic is the final tier of magic, and it is possible it was made to fight shadow magic. It probably came from an advanced understanding of the spiral and how it works.

The Ravenwood schools. They are probably what came in between shadow and astral magic, the titans gave birth to fire, storm, and ice, which after mixed use became death, myth, and life and after a mixed use of all of those balance was born. Those seem to be the most widespread forms of magic, seen through all the spiral. But those schools have different ways of being used and as a result different types of spells as mentioned before. This means there is no set definition for the school's type of magic. In some way, they all have spells to be the healer, or the hitter or the tank or maybe a mix. This would explain why there are so many school spells and not as many astral and shadow. Those are either defined or to hard to control to the point where there can be that many types of spells, its likely the ravenwood schools stabilize shadow magic seeing that those types don't hurt us but are incredibly dangerous and powerful. Astral was made to further enhance those schools to the point where it would be on par with shadow without not being as dangerous to the fabric of the spiral.

The Pigswick schools. Honestly, they are knockoffs of Ravenwood. But their philosophies seem to change how they are used as a result changes the magic to a small degree. For example,their "fire" school rather than focus on damage focuses on pacifism. This means the fire school is no longer a combat school, its a school probably used mainly for things like supporting others. In the tournament we saw the same spells but thats probably because KI didn't want to make whole new spells and animations for them.

Conclusion: Magic has always been there and there is really only one type, but like light put through a prism it changes while staying the same. It is neither good nor bad, its how its used which determines its alignment. Magic can be manipulated and changed like adding machines and science to it like with Bishop in Pirate101. There are likely 4 stages of magic, they go like:
1. the original form.
2. Shadow magic.
3. Ravenwood schools.
4. Astral schools.
Thats basically it. Most of this is guessing based on what little we know, so far we've mainly learned just spells, not the origins of magic. It would be interesting if KI did some quest where we learn more about the history of magic. Hope you had a good read! Cya in the spiral!


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