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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Golden Chickens, A theory on where they came from and an appreciation post

Since yesterday was my birthday thought I would do something fun today! A theory on my favorite decoration, the golden chicken!
First, the theory, then some fun facts, and maybe a few memes... Lets get started!

The question: Where did the golden chickens come from?
My theory is they came from Hades. While i'm sure this was hinted at by a dev I forgot where.

So lets get the real life story straight. It started when Paris of troy was given a golden apple by the gods and would give it to the most beautiful goddess. The goddesses bribed him and he chose the one that promised him the most beautiful woman on earth. Thing was she was married, so he stole her away and the Trojan war started.

The similarities are many but the main ones are, a golden object, something stolen started the war, things didn't turn out as expected. Now back to the theory.

First, lets look at the "facts" from in game given to us. Via puppet show!\

The eagles think the gods sent the egg to them.

The snakes think it was sent from under the earth.

If we combine those two theories we get a god sent a golden egg from under the earth. That would be Hades. Now what is Hades the ruler of? Well death obviously, but he was also ruler of all the precious metals in the earth, including gold...

What is Hades exactly? While he does look like a vulture, and that would make sense, take a closer look at his wings.

They are all scraggly and I doubt would give him much flight like the gods are famous for. While he is undoubtedly a vulture remember his wife? He stole a goddesses daughter and made her his wife. That goddess was the goddess of harvest, Demeter. It would make more sense for her to be a chicken and not an eagle as a result so would her daughter. So that egg would be their offspring, the riches of Hades combined with the Chicken body of Demeter's daughter.

Long story short. The golden chicken is Hades, son/daughter.

Fun facts:
1. I have nearly 600 golden chickens.
2. The golden chicken is auction able.
3. The head bobbles make it one of the few moving decorations!
4. I started collecting them when Aquila and Marleybone first came out despite me being in mooshu.
5. I'm actually well enough known as the golden chicken guy for there to be my tag on google images when you search "pirate101 google images" and "Jack Nightingale" should be a tag.

Now for some memes!

Just to tell you all this in case you didn't know, I love golden chickens! They are fun to decorate with and honestly one of the if not the most unique decoration out of both games. I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Cya in the spiral!


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