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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Each Spiral Superpowers strengths and weaknesses part 2!

So continuing on part 1, we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the 4 big superpowers. But what about the 3 smaller ones, Polaris, Skull Island and Aquila? Lets get started right away!

1. It has the most dangerous military mind behind it again.
2. The armada are no longer there to stop them.
3. It is rather isolated and the fact that the way to get to it is treacherous everyone would have a hard time sending a successful attack group.

1. They have to rebuild from the ground up.
2. They just won Independence.
3. No allies to speak of other than Skull Island and maybe Monquista.
4. Everyone is already cautious of them.

While there are more weaknesses than strengths thats fine. Napoleguin is Napoleon, and to be honest, even though Napoleon lost, he greatly strengthened France for years to come and some of his reforms are still in use today. Napoleguin will come back, he will rebuild, he will try spiral domination again and lose but Polaris will still be a strong world!

Skull Island:
1. They are allied with Polaris, Valencia, Marelybone and Monquista.
2. A clear leader with a clear goal and strength to back him.

1. No real military. Its all just pirates, no military honor and nothing keeping them with Avery. Not to mention there is no real navy.
2. Its a world of pirates. The world isn't unified and its clear not everyone is happy with Avery as leader, this could lead to multiple rebellions and general instability. We see Cutthroats trying to overthrow Avery, the frogfather blockading skyways, Warf Rats claiming islands and trashing them. There is no real control.
3.Hardly any defense. Let me put it this way, they had a hard time with troggies flinging barrels of gunpowder they stole from them while they had cannons. Granted they were hard to see but it showed Avery is ill prepared for a surprise attack.

Basically while they have strong allies and a good sense of leadership, that doesn't matter much since the world isn't unified and it has little to nothing to defend itself. You can't fix this because again, its a world full of pirates and there is not going to be any order until most of the pirates are dealt with.

1. Large, unified army and navy. We see this with troy where they send 1000 ships from all over Aquila.
2. Clear leader.
3. Strong warriors.
4. Plenty of resources.
5. A high quality and structured society.

1. A bit full of themselves.
2. War is all over, from Troy to the amazonian and centaurs.
3. Lots of beasts all over.

Aquila is really a hidden spiral superpower. They have a large and strong military force thats used to combat, they have plenty of resources, and their society is very structured. While this makes them on par with worlds like Marleybone or Valencia they share the same fault, they think to highly of themselves. This could lead to their downfall but I doubt it since their military could make up for that. Sure there is constant war and the threat of wild animals but that could work against invading forces to be honest.

I do hope you enjoyed! Thats all for now and I'll cya in the spiral!


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