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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Wizard101 outfit options!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post, my phone and computer were broken. Anyways, you know what a big problem with wiz is? Not a lot of different outfits.  It may not be major but compared to other MMO's the options are small. But what if I told you there were good outfits right under your nose, ones without any elegant gear, school themed gear and can be bought at the bazaar! (with the exception of one outfit...) So get ready for a Wizard101 fashion show!

Outfit 1. The Dragonspyre officer.

The Dragonspyre officer uses a MB hat and some MB shoes to compliment the armor. The staff has that Dragonspyre feel while being from Wizard City. While the staff could be fancier I don't think it should since you don't need fancy to assert your authority. To be honest, I can imagine me parading down Dragonspyre streets leading an army in this outfit...

Outfit 2. The traveling monk.

So, ever seen an old samurai film? Or watched a lot of old anime? For me the answer to both is yes. I was inspired to make this, a wandering yet powerful monk. Its a perfect outfit for mooshu lovers and those who don't want to look powerful. Imagine walking into a town in this then unleashing all your power on the enemies!

Outfit 3 The nobleman.

We have 2 options, picture 1 the mysterious nobleman, and picture 2 the more traditional nobleman. I prefer picture one since its a robin hood type nobleman. A nobleman who fights without revealing who they are and not for reward. Picture 2 could be the opposite or a more daytime outfit for the same nobleman...

Outfit 4. The mummy.

While technically free, the mask can be farmed for or bought around Halloween. But I just like this outfit since it has the whole Krokotopia feel. Not really much left to say.

Outfit 5. The magician.

The conjurer of cheap tricks, the street magician. Using a complete MB outfit and a WC wand I get the magician vibe. Except this time instead of a dove coming out of my hat a sun serpent will!

While a short post, (working on a philosophical one right now) this shows that not all outfits have to be class themed or elegant. So if you go to your friends in one of these not only will you be different, but you will look just as cool!


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Golden Chickens, A theory on where they came from and an appreciation post

Since yesterday was my birthday thought I would do something fun today! A theory on my favorite decoration, the golden chicken!
First, the theory, then some fun facts, and maybe a few memes... Lets get started!

The question: Where did the golden chickens come from?
My theory is they came from Hades. While i'm sure this was hinted at by a dev I forgot where.

So lets get the real life story straight. It started when Paris of troy was given a golden apple by the gods and would give it to the most beautiful goddess. The goddesses bribed him and he chose the one that promised him the most beautiful woman on earth. Thing was she was married, so he stole her away and the Trojan war started.

The similarities are many but the main ones are, a golden object, something stolen started the war, things didn't turn out as expected. Now back to the theory.

First, lets look at the "facts" from in game given to us. Via puppet show!\

The eagles think the gods sent the egg to them.

The snakes think it was sent from under the earth.

If we combine those two theories we get a god sent a golden egg from under the earth. That would be Hades. Now what is Hades the ruler of? Well death obviously, but he was also ruler of all the precious metals in the earth, including gold...

What is Hades exactly? While he does look like a vulture, and that would make sense, take a closer look at his wings.

They are all scraggly and I doubt would give him much flight like the gods are famous for. While he is undoubtedly a vulture remember his wife? He stole a goddesses daughter and made her his wife. That goddess was the goddess of harvest, Demeter. It would make more sense for her to be a chicken and not an eagle as a result so would her daughter. So that egg would be their offspring, the riches of Hades combined with the Chicken body of Demeter's daughter.

Long story short. The golden chicken is Hades, son/daughter.

Fun facts:
1. I have nearly 600 golden chickens.
2. The golden chicken is auction able.
3. The head bobbles make it one of the few moving decorations!
4. I started collecting them when Aquila and Marleybone first came out despite me being in mooshu.
5. I'm actually well enough known as the golden chicken guy for there to be my tag on google images when you search "pirate101 google images" and "Jack Nightingale" should be a tag.

Now for some memes!

Just to tell you all this in case you didn't know, I love golden chickens! They are fun to decorate with and honestly one of the if not the most unique decoration out of both games. I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, May 9, 2019

What is magic? A wizard101 post!

So I was thinking, Wizard101 has a lot of different magic schools. Shadow, Astral, hoodoo, the ravenwood schools, the pigswick schools and who knows how many more. That got me thinking, what exactly is magic? Is it good or evil? I'll try my best to answer those and maybe more!

First lets establish what I think magic is. I think its something thats always been in the spiral. And I believe there is only one type of magic, just different forms of it. For example, in a certain movie series there is something called "force", its established that it is neither good nor bad, its how its used and the beliefs of its user that determine its power. Thats why there are so many types. This theory can be backed up by the beliefs of the school trainers, the magic they teach, and how all magic is somewhat similar. It seems all schools can heal, they all can attack, and they all can defend but are all unique. For example the Ravenwood life teacher teaches a peaceful life magic but the arcanum trainer who also teaches life takes a more aggressive approach, same magic school, different types of spells. In short, magic is not good or bad, its how its used and its users beliefs. Its something that has always been in the spiral and has different forms but its not clear what its origin is.

Next, lets look at the different schools, starting with shadow.

Its said there was always shadow magic, its possible that this is a matter and anti-matter type thing. Matter is the building blocks and anti-matter is what knocks them down, much like normal magic and shadow magic, they counter each other. This would explain why most everyone is worried about shadow magic. But thats all I can guess since I don't know much about it.

The astral schools, sun, star and moon are what I would consider the advanced magics, the final forms of the schools. They buff spells meaning they are compatible with all other schools, even shadow magic can be buffed by it and is effected by it. While it came from ancient worlds, those worlds were advanced in the understanding of the spiral and probably somewhat familiar with shadow magic. I could also call this the polar opposite to shadow magic, while shadow magic helps the user it also hurts them, meanwhile astral only helps and can cancel out the negative effects of shadow magic. Basically astral magic is the final tier of magic, and it is possible it was made to fight shadow magic. It probably came from an advanced understanding of the spiral and how it works.

The Ravenwood schools. They are probably what came in between shadow and astral magic, the titans gave birth to fire, storm, and ice, which after mixed use became death, myth, and life and after a mixed use of all of those balance was born. Those seem to be the most widespread forms of magic, seen through all the spiral. But those schools have different ways of being used and as a result different types of spells as mentioned before. This means there is no set definition for the school's type of magic. In some way, they all have spells to be the healer, or the hitter or the tank or maybe a mix. This would explain why there are so many school spells and not as many astral and shadow. Those are either defined or to hard to control to the point where there can be that many types of spells, its likely the ravenwood schools stabilize shadow magic seeing that those types don't hurt us but are incredibly dangerous and powerful. Astral was made to further enhance those schools to the point where it would be on par with shadow without not being as dangerous to the fabric of the spiral.

The Pigswick schools. Honestly, they are knockoffs of Ravenwood. But their philosophies seem to change how they are used as a result changes the magic to a small degree. For example,their "fire" school rather than focus on damage focuses on pacifism. This means the fire school is no longer a combat school, its a school probably used mainly for things like supporting others. In the tournament we saw the same spells but thats probably because KI didn't want to make whole new spells and animations for them.

Conclusion: Magic has always been there and there is really only one type, but like light put through a prism it changes while staying the same. It is neither good nor bad, its how its used which determines its alignment. Magic can be manipulated and changed like adding machines and science to it like with Bishop in Pirate101. There are likely 4 stages of magic, they go like:
1. the original form.
2. Shadow magic.
3. Ravenwood schools.
4. Astral schools.
Thats basically it. Most of this is guessing based on what little we know, so far we've mainly learned just spells, not the origins of magic. It would be interesting if KI did some quest where we learn more about the history of magic. Hope you had a good read! Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, May 2, 2019

Each Spiral Superpowers strengths and weaknesses part 2!

So continuing on part 1, we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the 4 big superpowers. But what about the 3 smaller ones, Polaris, Skull Island and Aquila? Lets get started right away!

1. It has the most dangerous military mind behind it again.
2. The armada are no longer there to stop them.
3. It is rather isolated and the fact that the way to get to it is treacherous everyone would have a hard time sending a successful attack group.

1. They have to rebuild from the ground up.
2. They just won Independence.
3. No allies to speak of other than Skull Island and maybe Monquista.
4. Everyone is already cautious of them.

While there are more weaknesses than strengths thats fine. Napoleguin is Napoleon, and to be honest, even though Napoleon lost, he greatly strengthened France for years to come and some of his reforms are still in use today. Napoleguin will come back, he will rebuild, he will try spiral domination again and lose but Polaris will still be a strong world!

Skull Island:
1. They are allied with Polaris, Valencia, Marelybone and Monquista.
2. A clear leader with a clear goal and strength to back him.

1. No real military. Its all just pirates, no military honor and nothing keeping them with Avery. Not to mention there is no real navy.
2. Its a world of pirates. The world isn't unified and its clear not everyone is happy with Avery as leader, this could lead to multiple rebellions and general instability. We see Cutthroats trying to overthrow Avery, the frogfather blockading skyways, Warf Rats claiming islands and trashing them. There is no real control.
3.Hardly any defense. Let me put it this way, they had a hard time with troggies flinging barrels of gunpowder they stole from them while they had cannons. Granted they were hard to see but it showed Avery is ill prepared for a surprise attack.

Basically while they have strong allies and a good sense of leadership, that doesn't matter much since the world isn't unified and it has little to nothing to defend itself. You can't fix this because again, its a world full of pirates and there is not going to be any order until most of the pirates are dealt with.

1. Large, unified army and navy. We see this with troy where they send 1000 ships from all over Aquila.
2. Clear leader.
3. Strong warriors.
4. Plenty of resources.
5. A high quality and structured society.

1. A bit full of themselves.
2. War is all over, from Troy to the amazonian and centaurs.
3. Lots of beasts all over.

Aquila is really a hidden spiral superpower. They have a large and strong military force thats used to combat, they have plenty of resources, and their society is very structured. While this makes them on par with worlds like Marleybone or Valencia they share the same fault, they think to highly of themselves. This could lead to their downfall but I doubt it since their military could make up for that. Sure there is constant war and the threat of wild animals but that could work against invading forces to be honest.

I do hope you enjoyed! Thats all for now and I'll cya in the spiral!