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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Why w101 schools for magic make no sense.

Its the rare wiz only post! So, now thats out of the way, onto the post! This will be a shorter post, just a general explanation of why they make no sense. Feel free to argue, kind of the point of this post.

1 Fire: So, my school. Here is why it doesn't make sense. We have several powerful attacks, from Volcanoes to dragons and even meteors! All these attacks would hurt us from the heat and devastate the surrounding area. Yet everything is fine? How is it we only damage our enemies when we use powerful enough spells to turn areas into disaster zones?

2. Ice: Ice probably makes the some of the most sense while not making any at all. Their attacks, slow yet powerful are perfect for ice, yet the wizard themselves, do not. Ice is a horrible defense. Yet somehow they are the bulkiest wizards. Sure, the snow stopped several invasions of Russia, but that was over LONG periods of time while Ice is good defense wise there and then. It makes no sense...

3. Storm: Why is it that we can control storms? There is an expression for the impossible called "lightning in a bottle" for good reason. You can't capture the wild and things that can't be tamed. Like riding the storm, you have to go with it, you can't steer the storm. It makes no sense because to be honest, they shouldn't be able to cast magic at all considering the school.

4. Balance: A mix of all classes, it makes the most sense out of all of these (even ice) But you know what doesn't make sense? Balance having only the good qualities of each school but not the bad ones. They have good defense, attack, heals, basically everything. And basically no downsides. Isn't the point of balance to have good and bad?

5. Life: Life is nature based and nature heals sure, but at the same time it is a strong vengeful disaster waiting to happen. Life isn't known for its attack spells but if we are going on what its based off of, it sure should be.

6. Myth. Myth is imagination. The point of imagination is for your fantasies to be lived out. Makes sense so for yes? Wrong! The point of them being lived out in your imagination is because they can never happen in real life. But Myth makes everything happen in real life which doesn't go with how the spells work. Summoning imagination and the creatures that dwell in it.

7. Death. Why is it that a school, with the name death, with undead spells, while focusing on the fact you shouldn't fear death and death comes to all. Heals itself... That makes no sense whatsoever. The point of death is that you are dead, not healing yourself. Why should I have to explain this? I don't know but I am. And I don't like it...

Well thats why they don't make sense. Tell me what you think, and by the way, yes they make sense in some ways I know, but you can't argue with the fact that the death school heals itself or the fire school doesn't turn the jungles or dry plains of zafaria into a burning mess...
Cya in the spiral!


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