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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Why darkmoor wont be coming soon

You all wanted this, I don't know why but you did. So here it is, why darkmoor won't be coming soon in Pirate101!

First off, I held off so long because this won't be a very strong post. It just wont. It pretty much boils down to there is no real reason to go there yet. But i'll try my best.

Reason 1. Logically, we have no reason to go there yet. Its not getting in our way, there isn't anything important that we know of there, and there still is the problem of what happened at the end of arc 1... Unless there is some reason I don't know of that ACTUALLY matters, I can't see it. The only reason we have is Duck of Death but we are long past him and he was never mentioned again in the story. No, the key boss doesn't count, he was from another dimension so its not a strong argument using that encounter. Overall, there is no argument that gives a good reason to go there yet.

Reason 2. We have more pressing matters. For example, the end of arc 1, there are still armada attacking worlds, Napoleguin is free, there is rebellion still in Marleybone, Avery needs SI to become an official independent country, etc. Why go to darkmoor with all that going on?

Reason 3. Its more prevalent in wiz but they haven't even gotten the full world yet. Wiz has more reasons to go there, but they haven't yet. We got to see a little with Malistare but other than that, nope. So if the game that it makes the most sense to get doesn't have it why would Pirate101 get it first?

Thats all, its pretty obvious darkmoor isn't coming to Pirate101 any time soon. All arguments I see for it are not strong at all relying on things the game no longer talks about and theories that themselves make no sense, like magic. The strongest one I've heard is that there is a mysterious being that gave duck of death his powers, however that seems more like a job for the wizard. Plus they may have already beaten it.

What is coming next is most likely Polaris, it makes sense story wise, we have a known stormgate and it would lead to an interesting new conflict. One that could end the pirates in the spiral or make many more. As I said, this wasn't a very strong post. I'll try and work on a new one to make up for this! Cya in the spiral!


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