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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Why darkmoor wont be coming soon

You all wanted this, I don't know why but you did. So here it is, why darkmoor won't be coming soon in Pirate101!

First off, I held off so long because this won't be a very strong post. It just wont. It pretty much boils down to there is no real reason to go there yet. But i'll try my best.

Reason 1. Logically, we have no reason to go there yet. Its not getting in our way, there isn't anything important that we know of there, and there still is the problem of what happened at the end of arc 1... Unless there is some reason I don't know of that ACTUALLY matters, I can't see it. The only reason we have is Duck of Death but we are long past him and he was never mentioned again in the story. No, the key boss doesn't count, he was from another dimension so its not a strong argument using that encounter. Overall, there is no argument that gives a good reason to go there yet.

Reason 2. We have more pressing matters. For example, the end of arc 1, there are still armada attacking worlds, Napoleguin is free, there is rebellion still in Marleybone, Avery needs SI to become an official independent country, etc. Why go to darkmoor with all that going on?

Reason 3. Its more prevalent in wiz but they haven't even gotten the full world yet. Wiz has more reasons to go there, but they haven't yet. We got to see a little with Malistare but other than that, nope. So if the game that it makes the most sense to get doesn't have it why would Pirate101 get it first?

Thats all, its pretty obvious darkmoor isn't coming to Pirate101 any time soon. All arguments I see for it are not strong at all relying on things the game no longer talks about and theories that themselves make no sense, like magic. The strongest one I've heard is that there is a mysterious being that gave duck of death his powers, however that seems more like a job for the wizard. Plus they may have already beaten it.

What is coming next is most likely Polaris, it makes sense story wise, we have a known stormgate and it would lead to an interesting new conflict. One that could end the pirates in the spiral or make many more. As I said, this wasn't a very strong post. I'll try and work on a new one to make up for this! Cya in the spiral!


Friday, April 19, 2019

Each spiral superpowers strength and weaknesses Part 1.

First off, sorry this is late. It was supposed to go up yesterday but stuff happened. Anyways, while I know I've done similar posts and touched up on this before but this time I'm focusing just on their strengths and weaknesses and going to list as many as I can. Before we start lets clarify the spiral superpowers.
1. Marleybone
2. Valencia
3. Monquista
4. Mooshu
5. Polaris (A certain little emperor is back...)
6. Skull Island (due to their alliances)
7. Aquila. Although not known as a superpower it has the military strength and connections to be one.
I'm going to do 1-4 first since they are the current "known" powers and then in a few days 5-7 the "not as much known" powers.
Lets start with Marleybone.

1. A strong military with a clear command. We see this when we play through Marleybone in Pirate101. Their military can hold off a far greater force, and its clear who's in charge.
2. Technology. Marleybone is one of the leading worlds in science. From Biology to mechanics they have a vast scientific understanding that is being put to good use.
3. Multiple worlds under their control. This is an advantage because they can draw from more worlds for more resources like food, ammunition, and soldiers.
4. Moral. The dogs of Marleybone are always high in moral and looking for ways to boost it. From their queen to doing it themselves high moral is of importance in Marleybone.

1. Not very open minded. We see this in wiz as well as pirate to where they look down upon non-dogs. This can be used against them like supplying rebels. It also causes high crime rate, lowers moral, and prevents progress, scientific and military wise.
2. Underestimating others. Sort of like number 1 but more military wise. They underestimated the clockworks, they underestimated the kurgahs, and they underestimated several gangs which let them get too big to handle.
3. Security around officials and important places is not tight. Let me put it this way, the queen got kidnapped, we walked in to the center of the war HQ unannounced and not stopped until we got to the door where all the high ranking officers were, and there are no background checks for soldiers (Napoleguin dungeon)
4. Just overall a high and mighty attitude. They are a strong world compared to most yes, however they are blinded by that and think they can win at anything. They let things get out of hand and rely on others to save them and then thank them with a small reward.

Marleybone is a strong world, its strengths are some of the best in the spiral but their weaknesses balance them out if not cancel them completely. The lesson here and way to fix it is to never underestimate the enemy, and you are not superior to everyone else.

2. Valencia.
1. A strong endless military. Its endless because its all clockworks, and its strong enough to take on Marleybone with ease.
2. Technology. Like Marleybone it has top tier tech and it puts it to good use.
3. They don't underestimate enemies. They throw all they can at enemies, they know their strengths and weaknesses and use that knowledge effectively. Our pirate is no exception, we only survive since we are constantly on the move and we get lucky most of the time with resources the armada don't know we have.

1. Overconfident. While they don't underestimate enemies, they praise themselves to much. They aren't humble and that can easily be exploited.
2.  Don't consider the unexpected. Granted thats hard to do, but still they don't prepare for things if they don't go to plan.
3. Not open minded. They have a clear separation from the rich and the working class, which has caused the working class to revolt. A threat from within is there...
While they have other weaknesses like wasting troops they aren't big enough to really matter. These 3 fall in the same lines as Marleybone but are not as prevalent which make them not as big of weaknesses. Even with our unexpected help defeating the invasion force by Rooke and blowing up beachhead they still have Marleybone at a draw. Yes a victory was in their grasps but this shows exploiting weaknesses doesn't defeat them, it just slows them down. They can fix these weaknesses by taking the time to consider other possibilities and accepting they can lose.

3. Monquista.
1. A heavy supplies income. They have plenty of gold, food, water, and materials from their mines and land on the world of skull island but honestly, thats their only strength. They are a newer power after the napolguin war, their navy is small and its not entirely unified.

1. Not unified. Although Gortez and Elanor won the civil war, there still is rebellion and discourse in the courts and church. This could very well mean defeat.
2. Small military. Their military and navy is small, just barely enough to defend themselves. I don't doubt if Valencia or Marleybone attacked they would lose.
3. No clear leaders. Yes they have a king and queen, but for colonies and other places the leadership keeps changing and this leads to confusion.
4. Keep pushing other powers. They attack Marleybone ships and edge into their territory in places like skull island. This could easily lead to war and might have if not for us starting a war between Marleybone and Valencia.
5. Not open minded. They think they are better than everyone else, plain and simple.
The ratio between strengths and weaknesses is not good. They are only considered a power because of their resources and help defeating napoleguin but honestly, if the cutthroat sharks invaded in full force, I would give it to the sharks. There really is no way to fix any of these weaknesses without time, force, and sacrificing resources.

4. Mooshu.
1. Strong military. They have samoorai and ninja pigs after all.
2. Lots of resources. Despite not owning land outside of mooshu, they have resources other worlds want and plenty to provide for themselves.
3. The leader is highly respected by other worlds. Because of this, I doubt anyone would make an attack on mooshu or him. If they do they are bound to make plenty of enemies which would not benefit them at all...

1. Not much open to outsiders. Our wizard was an exception but still, they are very intolerant to outsiders.
2. Outdated military weapons. They don't have spark guns. This would severely limit their defensive capabilities.
3. Constant rebellion and no real effort to stop it. Both in Wizard101 and Pirate101 there is the constant threat of a the emperor being dethroned by a rouge warlord or someone like Moo Manchu. And there doesn't seem to be a big effort to find and root out these threats.
4.  They can't even protect themselves. The Amber Hoard have a foothold, enemy samoorai clans everywhere, and the skyways hardly belong to them. The threat of an outside attack is small compared to an attack from within.
They are strong don't get me wrong. But only on the outside. On the inside they are weak and on the brink of collapsing in on itself. There is no way to fix this except rooting out all threats from within, and thats a near impossible task...

Again, next part coming soon, but I thought I would get the big worlds in the spiral out of the way. So far its only Valencia which is somewhat stable and can hold its own when it comes to its weaknesses. I hope you enjoyed this first part! Cya in the spiral!


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Some general news...

So, here is a news list for the future...

  • Going to try and do more comics
  • For the month of May I'm going to redo old theories and try and build on them. 
  • Nothing is preventing me from becoming official so going to start that process! 
  • Just some general edits to the blog design, nothing major...
  • I'm getting a job soon so posts might not be super frequent.
Thats basically all, i'm working on another theory so expect that sometime later today or tomorrow. Thats it for now, cya in the spiral!


Sunday, April 14, 2019

10 Pirate101 tips and tricks for all players!

So, Even as someone who has played since near launch I am still learning new things. So here are some things that you may not know! (for all players!)

10. Press R to whisper back when someone whispers to you. That way when you are buying or selling and don't want to close the shop window just press R and continue the chat while shopping!

9. Good gear comes from many unexpected places. I use a cool ranch ring that gives a hide and I need to farm mooshu for some fort gear, so just know Moo and Kane aren't always the ideal places to farm for gear!

8. Not a member? Well since videos are gone trivia is the way to go for free crowns. After a month of doing 10 every day you can buy any where in the spiral! The questions are easy and there are places to find the answers, plus the questions have no time limit!

7. Do side quests! I know they aren't the most popular but they help a TON! A lot of nautical Exp, companion tomes and exp for yourself! Plus most of them go pretty fast.

6. Pirate101 central forums is your friend. I know most people go to wiki but central can also provide some valuable advice and expand your pirate101 knowledge.

5. Enter wiz contests as well. I do this as well, if you need crowns or a membership wiz sites also host contests for crowns and bundles. Granted they are intended for wiz but if you feel like you can enter and win, go for it!

4. Join as many parts of the community as you can for help! There are several platforms (if you are of age try and join!) like twitter, Facebook, amino, and Instagram. These and more can provide you help, tips, and pirate101 news!

3. Farm for ship gear to stay with your level! This shouldn't have to be said but I see many pirates ignore their ship equipment and then complain ship combat is too hard. Usually all the ship equipment you need is in the bazaar or mostly dropped by one boss ship.

2. A lot of crown gear has dropped equals. For example, the best wheel in game (the Pegasus heal) is dropped in aquila with the exact same stats!

1. Its just a game. Again, this shouldn't need to be said but sadly I have to. Sure you invested your life into it but that doesn't mean its yours. People made this game for you so be kind to them, and there are other players who put just as much if not more of their life into it. So be a good person! (even if you are a pirate)

Hope you learned something! Cya in the spiral!


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Why w101 schools for magic make no sense.

Its the rare wiz only post! So, now thats out of the way, onto the post! This will be a shorter post, just a general explanation of why they make no sense. Feel free to argue, kind of the point of this post.

1 Fire: So, my school. Here is why it doesn't make sense. We have several powerful attacks, from Volcanoes to dragons and even meteors! All these attacks would hurt us from the heat and devastate the surrounding area. Yet everything is fine? How is it we only damage our enemies when we use powerful enough spells to turn areas into disaster zones?

2. Ice: Ice probably makes the some of the most sense while not making any at all. Their attacks, slow yet powerful are perfect for ice, yet the wizard themselves, do not. Ice is a horrible defense. Yet somehow they are the bulkiest wizards. Sure, the snow stopped several invasions of Russia, but that was over LONG periods of time while Ice is good defense wise there and then. It makes no sense...

3. Storm: Why is it that we can control storms? There is an expression for the impossible called "lightning in a bottle" for good reason. You can't capture the wild and things that can't be tamed. Like riding the storm, you have to go with it, you can't steer the storm. It makes no sense because to be honest, they shouldn't be able to cast magic at all considering the school.

4. Balance: A mix of all classes, it makes the most sense out of all of these (even ice) But you know what doesn't make sense? Balance having only the good qualities of each school but not the bad ones. They have good defense, attack, heals, basically everything. And basically no downsides. Isn't the point of balance to have good and bad?

5. Life: Life is nature based and nature heals sure, but at the same time it is a strong vengeful disaster waiting to happen. Life isn't known for its attack spells but if we are going on what its based off of, it sure should be.

6. Myth. Myth is imagination. The point of imagination is for your fantasies to be lived out. Makes sense so for yes? Wrong! The point of them being lived out in your imagination is because they can never happen in real life. But Myth makes everything happen in real life which doesn't go with how the spells work. Summoning imagination and the creatures that dwell in it.

7. Death. Why is it that a school, with the name death, with undead spells, while focusing on the fact you shouldn't fear death and death comes to all. Heals itself... That makes no sense whatsoever. The point of death is that you are dead, not healing yourself. Why should I have to explain this? I don't know but I am. And I don't like it...

Well thats why they don't make sense. Tell me what you think, and by the way, yes they make sense in some ways I know, but you can't argue with the fact that the death school heals itself or the fire school doesn't turn the jungles or dry plains of zafaria into a burning mess...
Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, April 4, 2019

Pirate101 streaming, is it worth it and some tips!

So, this post has been in the works for a long time. I've interviewed a few different Pirate101 streamers, and got some stats and tips from them. I asked Autumn (spiral vision) YerAPirate and RRRRZZZZ about some general stats, and some tips they can provide.
First i'm going to start off with telling you a bit about each streamer. (all of which are family friendly and you should check out!)

1. Spiral vision is run by Edward Lifegem and Autumn Dreamwalker, both official fansite owners. They stream Wizard101 and Pirate101 and most of the talking going on is conversations with the viewers. I've been watching since the start and while they have taken breaks they faithfully continue to stream each game.

2. YerAPirate streams not only Pirate101 and Wizard101 but some other games as well. Sadly i've only been able to watch a couple streams but he's already starting to make a name for himself from what I hear. YerAPirate not only interacts with his audience but provides a unique experience by providing the music himself! He occasionally sings and to be honest, i'm jealous of his ability lol.

3. RZ has been streaming Pirate101 for one year and recently hit his 100th episode! He not only streams Pirate101 but some other games unrelated to pirate101 as well. He does a mix of talking and talking to his viewers allowing for constant dialog. He's also prevalent in other places like the official Pirate101 message boards.

The stats: I asked these 3 because they provide a mix of old streamers, new streamers and streamers in the middle. I noticed that while RZ and SpiralVision being around for awhile get around 10-15 views on average YerAPirate doesnt get that many (last I checked somewhere around 3-7)  so going in the middle, 13 and 5 the average views per Pirate101 stream would be around 9. I couldn't get a number for followers and subscribers but since the Pirate101 streamer world is small I would imagine if you decide to stream Pirate101 you would get a decent amount of followers and subs.

The tips:
Spiral Visions tips: Have fun and be yourself, don't try and don't get caught up acting professional. Try to be your own person and don't act phony.

YerAPirate's tips: Watching others and engaging in the community is CRUCIAL! You can meet a lot of new people and become friends with many more. The people you talk to sometimes see you online and are like, "Hey I didn't know they stream!" and click your page. Studying the demographics and promoting your work RESPONSIBLY is a great tool too.

RZ's tips: Getting a sponsor helped him, being family friendly has helped and streaming 3 different games has helped grow his audience and has brought more people to Pirate101! Also listening to your followers suggestions and promoting a friendly accepting environment are things that have helped him become successful.

My thoughts: From what I've seen Pirate101 streaming is a real small world, but the community is friendly and it isn't hard to get into. But the real question is, is it worth it? I think so! Sure its small right now, but over the past few weeks I've seen it grow, more Wizard101 streamers are starting to stream Pirate101 and that means more viewers for Pirate101 content. But other than stats and views, Pirate101 is a fun game that should be enjoyed. Right now (April 2019) is a prime time to start. I hope you think about streaming Pirate101! Cya in the spiral!