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Monday, March 4, 2019

Wizard101, a theory about the titans origins in real life.

This will probably be a short post, but doing it anyways! So, we all know the titans have bases in mythology, Ice titan, thor, but ice, Fire titan, a dragon, storm titan, Neptune/Poseidon's son. But what if there was more to them than that. What if, we could compare them to things/events in real life! Now before we officially start this theory, I just wanted to remind you I believe that the worlds of the spiral were once earth, but thats besides the point right now. Onto the theory!

The Fire titan. The dragon, the patron of my main school, and one of my favorite mythological creatures. What could this titan be in real life? There are no dragons, and nothing really like it. So what could it be? Lets take it back to the beginning, when earth was being formed. During that time, meteors were constantly hitting the earth, making it a giant hunk of flaming rock. This could directly parallel to Dragonspyre's current state, a giant hunk of flaming rock, but with buildings. The dragon turns world into flame and like the phoenix, they are born anew. Later we see dragonspyre past, a beautiful place and instead of lava, water. Which could be how the earth is now. It makes sense, considering the rest of the theory.

The Storm titan. After all the meteors hit earth, it began to rain. Not just a drizzle, but a downpour, for a long time. The water covered the earth until land began resurfacing. Sound familiar? Thats because its Celestia. The storm titan drowns the world leaving only a little surface. There is really nothing else to this, The storm titan is powerful enough to flood worlds and our world was once flooded.

The Ice titan. This titan can freeze the whole land, covering the world in frost and ice, only if it wakes up. This is titan is most likely the ice age. Its class is slow like the time it took to cover the earth in ice, its class is strong (health wise), just like the animals that survived the ice age, and most importantly, its class slowly but surely defeats its enemies with ice. This titan is the ice age, just waiting to happen again...

Bonus titan. The golem titan. If we had all other major events what could this one be? Well this one is now, The golem titan is a man made titan, much like now is a man made time. It represents us shaping the earth in the form of man, if I could pick any time in history for that titan, it would be the industrial revolution. The world was made in shadow because of the smoke from the factories, much like how the titan was made from shadow magic, we created an uncountable number of assembly line products, much like the titans minions, and buildings got huge and it was the time of creation. Also much like that titan, it stopped, we still make stuff today but its not the industrial revolution.

All in all, these titans can be compared to real life quite well. I guess even if the spiral isn't earth, it still has to go through the same things. Cya in the spiral!


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