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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Whats with all the undead?

So did you ever notice the sheer amount of undead? In wiz it seems a large amount of enemies are undead and in p101 you encounter quite a few as well. So what's the deal? the difference between the undead and living is huge, it would be understandable however the problem is most of the living are monsters, which means they wouldn't really count since they are most likely allies of the undead. So what does this mean? Well I'll go over that. From what I have observed there are 2 driving forces that could be the cause of this. In wiz time and time again we see necromancers like malistare summon undead to haunt the streets. In pirate101 there really isn't much of an explanation. What's even weirder the undead just kind of slow down after cool ranch and stop after mooshu. My theory is that after we freed death from miranda, things started to return to normal, and the dead began staying dead. But how would that explain mooshus undead? Putting it simply it's all the necromancers.

So we answered why there are so many undead, but something makes them return all the time. However something like this would take time to do, and I doubt malistare even at his best could do it quickly, unnoticed and keep it secret after he left. My theory is that instead of them being defeated and returning, they instead don't get defeated, they simply get back up and carry on. Let's look at it this way, we know from p101 only death can truly take someone from the spiral and into his domain. We also know that there have been cases of us defeating undead and them coming back or telling us things right after we defeat them. From this we can conclude our spells can't truly defeat enemies. The only other way to beat them is if they willingly move on like malistare. Now the common view is that ghosts are ghosts is because they have unfinished business and can't leave until it's done. That's the reason there are so many undead, it's not because there are a ton, it's because the few that are undead can't leave so can't be defeated. Since they were summoned, they likely finished their business and now have no way to go back. And death doesn't come for them because they technically already went with him. We see from deaths puppet show he plays by a very strict set of rules that are followed to the letter.

To sum it up, there aren't that many undead, we just fight the same ones over and over because they aren't able to depart. When you think of it this way, the death school really is evil like ambrose says.

I hope you enjoyed! cya in the spiral!


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