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Saturday, March 23, 2019

One does not simply walk into valencia

So, Valencia is one of the strongest, richest and most well protected nations in the spiral. But how well protected are they really? Well I'm here to answer that question! I will go over some of their defenses and decide if they have a weak security system or a strong one! Let's begin!

1 Navy. Valencia has one the strongest navies in the spiral, The armada. With lots of advanced ships, dreadnoughts and the machine, you couldn't force your way in. Instead you have to sneak in. We see this with a avernus skyway which the storm gate now had a blockade, we see this when we enter a second time under the disguise of an aide. The armada navy is strong and nearly unstoppable. Making invasions impossible but 1 or 2 ships sneaking in seems to work.

2. The ground force. the guards on the ground mainly consist of weak armada but you will find unicorn guards and lower elite armada like dragoons and angels. The closer you get to the capital the better the troops. In the capital you can encounter troops with powers that can do a lot of damage. However it seems armada are easily tricked into believing you are one of them and the unicorn guards don't attack you unless ordered to. Again we see an invasion impossible but small groups can get in.

3. Customs and preventative measures. Upon entry we are required to show papers. But it seems that's it. As far as the game shows there are no cargo searches meaning smuggling weapons and even troops shouldn't be a problem. We know papers can be faked, like chosuke in mooshu. So customs and things like that are poor quality.

In conclusion theit security is good for invasions, but not helping attacks from the inside or smuggling. I rate it 4/10 because that weakness could be exploited and already is being exploited a lot. The wa they could fix this is increasing searches and tracking smuggling. That's all for now! cya in the spiral!


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