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Monday, March 11, 2019

Jacks Guide to Housing in Pirate101!

So, you want to decorate in Pirate101? A contest perhaps, or maybe you just liked decorating in wiz but have no idea how to decorate in pirate. Well i'm here to help, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this guide which features all the main glitches and some tips and tricks!

1: rug glitch.
What you will need:
A maple bookcase. This can be bought from Marvin Buckitt in port regal.
A checker. Bought from the bazaar
A threadbare rug, also bought from the bazaar.
Depending on where you want the rug to float, put the checker on the second highest shelf or second lowest shelf. Keep in mind, if you do the second highest shelf, you can't get on the rug!

Step 1. Place the checker on the shelf on either one of these shelves.
Step 2. Move the checker, not the bookcase, and place it so the bookcase and checker are touching the rug.
Step 3. Move the bookcase so the rug hovers over the desired location.

Step 4. When you are satisfied, pick up the checker.

Step 5. Done!
Note that I didn't put anything on the rug, if you want something to float thats not the rug put it on the rug first then do the glitch. This glitch is the same for stacking gold piles, just be sure to put the checker on the bottom shelf.
Glitch 2. The floating pirate:
This one is super simple, yet a great party trick!
Step 1. Get any item that makes you go off ground level, could be a crows nest, could be a pile of treasure. Just get on it, dont move forward or backward and pick it up.

Congratulations, you are floating! You can turn, just don't go forward or backward!

So those were the basic glitches, nothing to fancy. And the rug glitch is really all you need. But what about some tips and tricks? Here are some tips and tricks from a master pirate101 decorator!

1. Use all the space you think you can in a way you think is best! Simple enough right? Well WRONG! Look at it this way, you don't need to completely fill a house, just use what spaces look the best, can be best decorated and things like that. You may end up with only 100 items, you may need more than the max, if you think it looks good then good job, you are doing it right!

2. Set up a theme and maybe a backstory before you even start decorating. Backstory is optional, I like to set one up because I think its fun. But setting up a theme before you start decorating is essential! You will know what you want to do and how to do it, and you wont change your mind in the middle of decorating and have to start over. You can redecorate or change your mind, but at least when you do finish, it will look like the house has a story and was made with something in mind. In other words, a well done house!

3. Check your friends houses! Do this to get ideas and maybe some tips. Just dont steal their ideas though! Try and be original but build off others ideas. For example, my friend Ryan built a Colosseum in one of his houses, so now I have the idea of building a Colosseum, but since I don't want to copy him, I'm probably going to do something like put several crows nests around a pvp arena to provide a birds eye view.

4. Just because the inside/outside is full and the opposite is empty, doesn't mean you did anything wrong. For example, some houses like the smugglers cove, have a far better outside design than inside, meaning that you can fill up the outside pretty fast and nicely but might have trouble with the inside leaving it a bit bare. But thats fine! Just because its bare doesn't mean its bad, just come up with a little backstory explaining it and you should be fine. For example, in my swashbuckler house, the main house is full of things but the side house is empty, so I came up with the story that it is an abandoned office building. It was abandoned because they decided to move the offices to the bank. Something like that.

5. Lastly and most importantly, PRACTICE! Practice makes perfect, don't be afraid to completely redo a house because you think it could be better. While it is important to know your limits (like I can be bad at glitching) practice can and will get rid of some of those limiters. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your decorating skills. You may have been good in wiz or some other game but pirate is different, the houses are huge, furniture is limited and things like that. But the only way to get good at decorating is to practice and make use of things like glitching to better yourself and your house. I currently own 10 houses in pirate101, some are completely full but I wouldn't call them complete since I could decide to redo them at any time. Before I head off and leave you to decorate here are some examples of my works in progress.

As you can see, they look done, but really they never are. Now for the best advice I can give: Always be open minded and dont be afraid to try new thing! 
Cya in the spiral!


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