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Friday, March 15, 2019

Do people know we saved the spiral

So, a question I've always had is, do people know we saved the spiral? I mean, in wiz its pretty obvious to everyone. However in Pirate101 its not, we seem to cause more trouble than we fix so it wouldn't be obvious to the spirals inhabitants. We know only a few high ranking dogs of marleybone know. But other than that we are not sure. Thats why i'm here today. Sit back, relax and enjoy as I explain why people DO know we saved the spiral.

1. The logical reason. We have many friends in high places, its most likely not a secret we are close with several high ranking members of powerful worlds. People would defiantly see us going in and out of the marleybone war room, commons soldiers we helped would talk about us to their friends, things like that, and Monquista is full of gossip so its probably already out we have really close ties to gortez and elanor. Now the dogs of Marleybone are fighting the armada and know of us as the one person who evened the odds, and when they hear kane is dead they would suspect us. And since Marleybone has reaches in all the spiral who is to say most of the spiral doesn't know of us?

2. The not so logical reason but still logical. I am remembering one of blind mews replies on the official forums. When asked if people know who the queen is he replies along the lines of "yes, they whisper her name in the streets but your pirate doesn't know about her." This shows, even in skull island, the spiral has its eyes on the armada and Valencia. This means people probably have heard of your exploits against the armada and they would assume you would be the one to finish off Kane since you had your eyes on Kane and he had his eyes on you. This isn't completely solid but it is a reason.

3. The reason from Wizard101. The 5 boxes event makes a Pirate101 themed dungeon. In this dungeon you are supposed to convince boochbeard to find your pirate. Now, considering this event is about fixing MAJOR points in the spiral that could lead to its ruin, it would make sense that sometime after we beat Kane, we become widely known as hero's. True, our wiz could just be sent to boochbeard to start the events of Pirate101 but considering events like Dragonspyre taking over the spiral, and Falmea becoming the Fire professor, it wouldn't make sense if the pirate story was thrown in as some random nod. Most likely, our beating of Kane was supposed to happen and it was saving the spiral. And like all other 5 boxes people they focus on, they become of great importance and well known.

In conclusion, considering what we know about the spiral, its worlds, and its people, we are likely well know, just not openly talked about yet. I apologize for this being a short post but I didn't have any material to go on other than what we know and can speculate about. We don't know anything and can only speculate about a few things so again sorry. I do hope you enjoyed! Cya in the spiral!



  1. Hey there, Jack! Awesome article. 😁 Keep it up!

    1. Thank you! it's shorter than I would like but nothing I can do. But I'm glad you enjoyed!