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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Armada weaker than we thought?

So, in Pirate101 for those of you who dont know the main enemy are the armada. We see time and time again them showing their power. They Nearly annihilate Marleybone, they take over Valencia, they stop napoleguin and they just walk in to wherever they want. Even Kane is described as being better than any living thing. Granted the Elite of the armada are strong, above the average human in combat prowess but what of the ordinary foot soldiers? The ones we see all the time, and what about the navy? I'm here today to analyze them and decide if they are weak or not! The rules are simple, standard invading forces only, not the elites of the invading forces (like dragoons or angels) and no personal guards to the elites. So for ground troops, muskets and marines only! They make up the bulk of the armada army and therefore they play a bigger factor in invading than a squad of dragoons. Also I will analyze how they are used as an invading force. For the navy, anything goes as long as they are not in Valencia skyway. I also will analyze the navy tactics. So lets begin with the starting force of the invasion, the Navy!
A standard invasion ship in port regal skyway, the first invasion spot by the armada.
So, first, the standard invasion ship seems to be an armada frigate. These ships stay close and attack in swarms. They are powered by machines and probably have a way to communicate in a non obvious way. Due to them being made of metal and powered by machines we can assume they are faster and can take more damage than than the average ship. The same can be said for armada skiffs and galleons which stalked the skies of Marleybone. It seems the tactic is to send in large amounts of skiffs and/or frigates to soften the defenses up and keep a foothold then send in the galleons to secure and protect important locations like Beachhead. Each ship usually has musketeers and marines only on board.

These enemies however are easily defeated. In the case of landing craft its non existent, On the isle of fetch in Marleybone they crash a ship into the island and just walk off the ship to invade, showing that they would rather sacrifice a ship than invest in landing craft if it becomes to difficult to land.  However the main thing to worry about is their dreadnoughts. They communicate with the ships in the skyway and are heavily protected. To defeat them you have to board them and blow them up from inside. These are easily the reason why the armada navy does so well because they allow a communication and rest base that can watch over battles and provide strategy.

So, what would I rank the navy? probably a 7/10. While it has many flaws like sacrificing ships all the time and not having the proper ships for the most common of situations it is effective and can get the job done. However if the dreadnought gets destroyed I would rank the remaining fleet a 3//10 since they would be likely to destroy themselves and be without a strategy. 

Now for the land force.
Me vs Armada Marine. 
So, as I stated the land force will only be Marines and Musketeers. First off, their strategy is simple, overwhelm the enemy with marines and musketeers until the elite soldiers arrive. What's wrong with this however is if there is a well fortified position with strong and competent troops things could go wrong and they would waste a lot of troops. I will compare their strategy to a certain army in a certain sci-fi movie which is also made of robots. In those movies we see easily beaten robots overwhelm and take down much stronger enemies through sheer numbers. They were cheap to make and losing a few hundred was fine. This is not unlike the armada strategy. Its proven effective and the fact that it has proven effective against prestigious armies such as Marleybone is why i'm giving it a 9/10. Its basically flawless, send an infinite amount of troops until they are weak and then send in the heavy hitters, however its only 9/10 and not 10/10 because if you use the same strategy it can be learned to be countered rather easily.
Armada ground camp.

The soldiers are just 1/10, easily beaten and not very good at combat.

In conclusion I would say that the armada are weak, but not weaker than we thought. In when catbeard was asked if Marleybone would be alright he said that they would, they are much stronger than the Armada. That is true, but the reason they lost is they were overwhelmed by a huge force. Strength in numbers is where they are stronger, and it seemed thats the only strength that counted. The reason they always win in their conquests but not against us is because we limit our fights to 1 ship vs 1 ship or us and 3 companions vs 4 or 5 of them. We always unraveled their strategy by completely ignoring it. Thats basically the only reason we won. So to say it again, they are weak yes, but at the same time, also strong. In any strategic game, the minute you underestimate your opponent is the minute you lose. And since everyone underestimates the armada the armada always wins. I hope you enjoyed! Cya in the spiral!


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