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Sunday, March 3, 2019

An updated guide to the best ship parts in game!

Lets get to the point, ships can be a pain. Mainly nautical lvling, so thats why I'm here! This is the guide to the best ship parts in game! (thank you p101 wiki for providing most of this info!)

Skull island:
Figurehead:Skeleton billethead
preferred place to get it from: cutthroat ships skull island skyway.

Sails:Full Rigged Sails
Preferred place to get it: Deidre's Delight, skull island skyway

Pirate ships: level 12
Sails: Flying top sails
preferred drop place: The Orca, tradewinds skyway

Rudder: Fin Rudder
preferred drop place: The Orca

Figure head: Neptune Figurehead.
preferred drop place: The Orca

Preferred armor: Galleon heavy armor
drop place: The Orca

Anchor: Gold anchor
Drop place: Hoodoo canoe, flotsam skyway

Monquistan Skiff (12+)
Sails: Alto Velas
dropped: The Orca

Rudder: Timon Robusto
dropped by: The Orca

Figurehead: Cresta De La Pongiphim
dropped by: The Orca

Armor: Armor Fuerte
Dropped by: The Orca

Bison: Lvl 15 (top) and 28 (bottom)
Sails: Bison Jib Sail
Drop place: cutthroat ship coopers roost skyway
Sails: Warriors flowing sails
Drop place: The dust devil: tumbleweed skyway.

Rudder: Tail Feather Rudder
Drop: Cutthroat ships, Coopers roost skyway
Rudder: ghost paddle rudder
Drop: The dust devil

Figurehead: Growling spirit figurehead
drop: cutthroat ships, coopers roost skyway.
Figurehead: Great elder figurehead
drop: The dust devil

Armor: Braves Strong armor
drop: cutthroat ship, cooper roost skyway
Armor: Ancestors strong armor
drop: the dust devil.

Samoorai ship:32 (top) 40 (middle)
Armor: Kois august armor
Dropped: La llorona, haunted skyway
armor Dragons august armor
dropped by samarkand subata skyway

Figurehead: Sky turtle figurehead
Drop: Ghost ship, haunted skyway.
Figurehead Ki-Rin Figurehead
dropped by the pearl wolf Khotan skyway

Rudders: Koi Fin Rudder
dropped by guydon: khotan skyway
Rudders: Rattan Dragon rudder
Dropped by the pearl wolf

Sails: Lantern Sails
dropped by la llaorona
Sails: Twin Tasseled Sails
dropped by the pearl wolf

Royal Navy ship: 48 top, rare higher lvl equipment (not va2) bottom (if applicable)
Armor: 1st Rate heavy armor
dropped: the hart of gold, westminster skyway

Sails: Fleet Admiral's sails
dropped by the heart of gold
Sails: Shrouds of St. Fido:
dropped by the armada turret behind beachhead

Rudder: Great rudder
Dropped by the hart of gold

Figurehead: Gold striped prow
dropped by the hart of gold

Eagle ship: lvl 58 items on top, rarer but higher lvl on bottom if applicable
Armor: immortal armor
dropped by the kerberos

rudder: Praetorian rudder
dropped by the kerberos

Sails: Sails of Boreas
dropped by the kerberos

Valencia part 2 ship equipment.
All can be obtained from the ship part vendor except 2 horns. for ranged, the horn of stheno which lays traps and for melee the horn of maxios which sets fires. Both drop from the pretender in VA2 skyway.

Items that work on any ship (its up to you but I'm doing the best in game ones)
Wheels: Imperator's wheel. Dropped by the kerberos

cannons: can be bought from the ship part vendor in VA2

Anchors: Can be bought from ship part vendor in VA2

Hope this helped! Cya in the spiral! (hopefully seeing your max lvl ship rating yellow and not white :D)


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