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Saturday, March 16, 2019

A short and simple guide to Nautical EXP

There are a few reasons this is going to be short. The main reason is there are only 3 ways to obtain nautical exp. So I'm going to focus on those 3 ways and build on them by giving some tips.

Way 1. Companion tasks. By far the easiest way to earn nautical exp. My lvl 33 musket is lvl 34 nautical lvl mainly because of them. So how can you maximize your haul?  Well odds are you will be using a few companions at all times and not have many to do tasks. So here is what you can do.
1. Set all companions to collect nautical exp before you log off.
2. Set all your companions to collect it and then work on some side characters.
3. Set all but 3 companions to collect it and farm some ships you know you can sink.
Way 2. Sinking ships. Easy but tedious. Here are some ways you can get it by Sinking ships.
1. Farm bosses for ship gear while Sinking them, so then you can get better ship gear and a higher nautical level.
2. Help others sink ships if you see them fighting one.
3. Go out and fight random ships until they give 1 exp then go to a new part of the skyway and repeat.

Way 3. Side quests. Hard and tedius. While they are not hard if you keep up with them, if you slack off they can take up a lot of your time when you decide to start again. However they do give large amounts of nautical exp so it's actually the second best way.
1. there is only one way to get them, look in your quest log for quest finder and pick as many up as you can. Not all give nautical exp but some lead to quests that do. Even if they don't it's will help you with things like exp, training tomes and more.

Thats actually all there is to it. It's not hard to get max nautical exp. I hope you enjoyed and it was useful! Cya in the spiral!


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