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Sunday, March 10, 2019

A pirate101 theory! Is going to el dorado worth it for most pirates?

Sorry for the late post, my computer gave out on me. But onto the theory! My question is, for most pirates is it really in their best interests to go to the city of gold? Allow me to explain. When we get our first map piece multiple pirates come after us for it. We know they are after the treasure of El Dorado. But from what I've seen of skull island, there is plenty of treasure all around and the 3 factions, the sharks, warf rats, and the crabs, all are well to do. Their base hideouts are rich with treasure except for the warf rats,  but they make plenty of money building ships and expanding their navy. Even if that wasn't true, there are caves full of treasure all over. So what gives? I'm here to answer that question.

So if we know all the factions are fine money wise, and pirates care only about treasure, what could it be? Well simply put, power. My theory is that the 3 factions as well as Avery want the power of El Dorado. We see multiple examples of a power race and a possible reason. The reason most likely is all other pirate factions want no government but Avery does. We see each faction try and take over skull island for possibly this reason, the sharks throw a coup d' etat. We don't see the crabs do this as much but since their ships attack us, an ally to Avery it's safe to assume they aren't a big fan of him. We also see the warf rats do the same and unite to oppose everything Avery worked for. Right now the balance of power is in Avery's favor. He has us, the trainers, some other pirates, and several powerful world's on his side. However things are pretty close to equal since Avery can't quite completely control them. So all sides are searching for power to tip the scales in their favor. And what world, with no political faction holds power? That right, El Dorado. So the theory is that instead of searching for treasure, the Pirates of skull island want El Dorado for its power. So what do you think? Hope you liked this post! Cya in the spiral!


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