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Thursday, March 28, 2019

A look back at my time in the community.

So I know you all voted but don't worry, I am working on them. But since I am no an official writer for Arcanums Archives I thought I would do this. This is going to be a short post however that doesn't mean my time in the community has been short, far from it in fact.
Lets start with my debut in the community, the official message boards!
My first post was on August 15th of 2013
My stats for the message boards include over 800 posts and when I joined Pirate101 (about 3 months after launch)
I started blogging on Monday February 22 of 2016. Since then I have taken a few breaks but always came back! Its been 3 years and 34 days since my first post!

I joined twitter January of 2015 and my first tweet was an #AskKI tweet. Since I joined twitter I've made lots of friends and for reasons I don't completely understand, some bigger fish in the community followed me. Currently I have over 200 followers, mostly wizards and pirates, with a few people who don't play the games mixed in.

Pirate101 Central however I have made only a little mark.

On march 26th I was accepted to become a writer for Arcanum's Archives. No posts that are live yet however maybe soon.

Then there are the little things. I constantly help out KI on KI live on pirate101, I am a well known for my chicken collection in pirate101 and you can often find me commenting on puppet pirates, and time to time I get a newsletter feature!

To sum it all up, despite this being a short post, I've made a mark in the community. But what is a community without a ton of people? Not a community thats for sure. So I want to thank you, I'm only where I am today because of you, the community. I know this was a super short post and i'm sorry, i'll try and post another one today but I just felt like this needed to be done considering how much I've grown, I remember when I was just a quiet pirate and now I'm interacting with you all! I hope you enjoyed this little flashback! Cya in the spiral!


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  1. Well done. Don't worry about the length of your posts. It's quality not quantity. Sometimes short, sweet & too the point is what is needed. Besides, that's what Twitter is all about. :D