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Friday, March 29, 2019

Decorating contest! (Closed)

So, I won second place in the Pirate101 spring cleaning contest and since I already have a party room i'm going to do a contest for it! Here are the rules:

1. 4 Screenshots, 3 with Ctrl+G and one with the decorating UI.
2. Any house/bunkhouse is fine but it must have a Golden Chicken decoration!
3. No photo editing software!
4. Only 1 entry per person.
5. Include your Pirate name.
date ending: April 7th 2019 at 5pm central standard time

How you can enter:
Email me your screenshots at with your pirate name!

The prize:
1: Party room decoration.

I wish good luck to all! Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, March 28, 2019

A look back at my time in the community.

So I know you all voted but don't worry, I am working on them. But since I am no an official writer for Arcanums Archives I thought I would do this. This is going to be a short post however that doesn't mean my time in the community has been short, far from it in fact.
Lets start with my debut in the community, the official message boards!
My first post was on August 15th of 2013
My stats for the message boards include over 800 posts and when I joined Pirate101 (about 3 months after launch)
I started blogging on Monday February 22 of 2016. Since then I have taken a few breaks but always came back! Its been 3 years and 34 days since my first post!

I joined twitter January of 2015 and my first tweet was an #AskKI tweet. Since I joined twitter I've made lots of friends and for reasons I don't completely understand, some bigger fish in the community followed me. Currently I have over 200 followers, mostly wizards and pirates, with a few people who don't play the games mixed in.

Pirate101 Central however I have made only a little mark.

On march 26th I was accepted to become a writer for Arcanum's Archives. No posts that are live yet however maybe soon.

Then there are the little things. I constantly help out KI on KI live on pirate101, I am a well known for my chicken collection in pirate101 and you can often find me commenting on puppet pirates, and time to time I get a newsletter feature!

To sum it all up, despite this being a short post, I've made a mark in the community. But what is a community without a ton of people? Not a community thats for sure. So I want to thank you, I'm only where I am today because of you, the community. I know this was a super short post and i'm sorry, i'll try and post another one today but I just felt like this needed to be done considering how much I've grown, I remember when I was just a quiet pirate and now I'm interacting with you all! I hope you enjoyed this little flashback! Cya in the spiral!


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Tips and tricks for blogging in the 101 community!

So, you want to run a blog but don't know how? Well, I'm here to give you some tips and tricks on getting started! Without further delay...

1. Create a theme for your blog, like a world or place or thing in the spiral! This leads to some easy decisions, like blog backgrounds and little things to make it feel more unique. My theme is Dragonspyre and Pirates. So I have a Dragonspyre Skyway background and my view counts are called "crew mates". Its fun to do, makes it feel more like the spiral, and helps with the decisions that require more creativity.

2. Advertise on every platform you can. These include but are not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the Wiz/Pirate amino app, the official boards, and even central! However, don't do just ads, talk to people, like things, follow people, make it so you aren't just a blog but a person as well. Sure advertising is great, especially for non official sites but just advertising gets you no where since people don't want to spread something with no personality. This goes for any platform you advertise as well!

3. Make connections then ask for some support! For example, I'm friends with Edward Lifegem, Autumn Dreamwalker, and Kelsey Fireheart (to name a few) but I don't constantly ask them to retweet unless I really like the post or feel it should be shared. If you are going to ask people to retweet and share your content (especially some of the bigger fish) make sure you get to know them first. Talk to them sometimes, show your content is good and appropriate for them to share, and most of all, let them decide for themselves if they want to share it. If not, that's fine. But making connections with some of the big fish in the community is a great way to gain attention, plus you will make a friend as well! But do try and not just rely on them, most of my views are from my own advertising and not others doing it for me!

4. If you see some official sites looking for writers, don't be afraid to sign up! This goes along with making connections but it also provides experience in the official part of blogging. It could lead to some great things as well! You know how I mentioned Kelsey Fireheart? She started to support me more after I applied to be a writer for her! None of my articles made it but that's fine since they probably could have been done better. My point is, to get as much experience as you can while making a name for yourself. Plus, when you are trying to become official, it doesn't hurt to have some already official fan site articles under your belt.

5. Offer something unique! Sure you need unique content, but try and offer something not many if any people can offer! I think in a logical manor but I have a very creative and active imagination, so I offer theories that get you to think about the game more! If you do something like everyone else, you are going to have a hard time making content and becoming official. That's all that can be said about that!

6. Write what you write best. This is along the lines of number 5, but still, it's important to write what you are most comfortable writing. Your articles seem more natural and unique and have a certain personality to them. It feels better than reading an article that's forced and you can write it quicker with better results!

7. Ask for advice from everyone you can! I owe my success to people like Tom (the friendly necro) and the Nordic Champion as well as Ed and Autumn because they helped me build my site and give me ideas! Don't misunderstand I did everything but they gave me invaluable advice. I think most official bloggers would be willing to help you, even if they don't know you.

8. Its okay to take breaks. You might be worried you have to post non stop, but you don't! I've been at this a few years now and I've taken a few brakes because they were needed. Sure it won't help you becoming official but its best not to force yourself to write and produce bad content. I had to take a break in the middle of my submission to become official because something came up. But after that I resubmitted and its all good now. If its writers block or a family emergency take a break if you need it. Its bad in the short run but good in the long run.

9. Weird number to end on but, don't limit yourself to one type of content. I may focus on pirate theories, but I also do plenty of other things like art, fan fiction, guides, wiz, and things like that. The more you try your hand at the more of an audience gain you get and the less likely you are to run out of ideas.

Lastly, I want to say this, its okay if you don't succeed, blogging about these games is a cutthroat business. You have to be a good writer, write about something people care about, be unique, frequently post, etc. But just know this, even though its cutthroat, its still possible to rise to the top. I hope you take my advice! Cya in the spiral!


Saturday, March 23, 2019

One does not simply walk into valencia

So, Valencia is one of the strongest, richest and most well protected nations in the spiral. But how well protected are they really? Well I'm here to answer that question! I will go over some of their defenses and decide if they have a weak security system or a strong one! Let's begin!

1 Navy. Valencia has one the strongest navies in the spiral, The armada. With lots of advanced ships, dreadnoughts and the machine, you couldn't force your way in. Instead you have to sneak in. We see this with a avernus skyway which the storm gate now had a blockade, we see this when we enter a second time under the disguise of an aide. The armada navy is strong and nearly unstoppable. Making invasions impossible but 1 or 2 ships sneaking in seems to work.

2. The ground force. the guards on the ground mainly consist of weak armada but you will find unicorn guards and lower elite armada like dragoons and angels. The closer you get to the capital the better the troops. In the capital you can encounter troops with powers that can do a lot of damage. However it seems armada are easily tricked into believing you are one of them and the unicorn guards don't attack you unless ordered to. Again we see an invasion impossible but small groups can get in.

3. Customs and preventative measures. Upon entry we are required to show papers. But it seems that's it. As far as the game shows there are no cargo searches meaning smuggling weapons and even troops shouldn't be a problem. We know papers can be faked, like chosuke in mooshu. So customs and things like that are poor quality.

In conclusion theit security is good for invasions, but not helping attacks from the inside or smuggling. I rate it 4/10 because that weakness could be exploited and already is being exploited a lot. The wa they could fix this is increasing searches and tracking smuggling. That's all for now! cya in the spiral!


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Armada weaker than we thought?

So, in Pirate101 for those of you who dont know the main enemy are the armada. We see time and time again them showing their power. They Nearly annihilate Marleybone, they take over Valencia, they stop napoleguin and they just walk in to wherever they want. Even Kane is described as being better than any living thing. Granted the Elite of the armada are strong, above the average human in combat prowess but what of the ordinary foot soldiers? The ones we see all the time, and what about the navy? I'm here today to analyze them and decide if they are weak or not! The rules are simple, standard invading forces only, not the elites of the invading forces (like dragoons or angels) and no personal guards to the elites. So for ground troops, muskets and marines only! They make up the bulk of the armada army and therefore they play a bigger factor in invading than a squad of dragoons. Also I will analyze how they are used as an invading force. For the navy, anything goes as long as they are not in Valencia skyway. I also will analyze the navy tactics. So lets begin with the starting force of the invasion, the Navy!
A standard invasion ship in port regal skyway, the first invasion spot by the armada.
So, first, the standard invasion ship seems to be an armada frigate. These ships stay close and attack in swarms. They are powered by machines and probably have a way to communicate in a non obvious way. Due to them being made of metal and powered by machines we can assume they are faster and can take more damage than than the average ship. The same can be said for armada skiffs and galleons which stalked the skies of Marleybone. It seems the tactic is to send in large amounts of skiffs and/or frigates to soften the defenses up and keep a foothold then send in the galleons to secure and protect important locations like Beachhead. Each ship usually has musketeers and marines only on board.

These enemies however are easily defeated. In the case of landing craft its non existent, On the isle of fetch in Marleybone they crash a ship into the island and just walk off the ship to invade, showing that they would rather sacrifice a ship than invest in landing craft if it becomes to difficult to land.  However the main thing to worry about is their dreadnoughts. They communicate with the ships in the skyway and are heavily protected. To defeat them you have to board them and blow them up from inside. These are easily the reason why the armada navy does so well because they allow a communication and rest base that can watch over battles and provide strategy.

So, what would I rank the navy? probably a 7/10. While it has many flaws like sacrificing ships all the time and not having the proper ships for the most common of situations it is effective and can get the job done. However if the dreadnought gets destroyed I would rank the remaining fleet a 3//10 since they would be likely to destroy themselves and be without a strategy. 

Now for the land force.
Me vs Armada Marine. 
So, as I stated the land force will only be Marines and Musketeers. First off, their strategy is simple, overwhelm the enemy with marines and musketeers until the elite soldiers arrive. What's wrong with this however is if there is a well fortified position with strong and competent troops things could go wrong and they would waste a lot of troops. I will compare their strategy to a certain army in a certain sci-fi movie which is also made of robots. In those movies we see easily beaten robots overwhelm and take down much stronger enemies through sheer numbers. They were cheap to make and losing a few hundred was fine. This is not unlike the armada strategy. Its proven effective and the fact that it has proven effective against prestigious armies such as Marleybone is why i'm giving it a 9/10. Its basically flawless, send an infinite amount of troops until they are weak and then send in the heavy hitters, however its only 9/10 and not 10/10 because if you use the same strategy it can be learned to be countered rather easily.
Armada ground camp.

The soldiers are just 1/10, easily beaten and not very good at combat.

In conclusion I would say that the armada are weak, but not weaker than we thought. In when catbeard was asked if Marleybone would be alright he said that they would, they are much stronger than the Armada. That is true, but the reason they lost is they were overwhelmed by a huge force. Strength in numbers is where they are stronger, and it seemed thats the only strength that counted. The reason they always win in their conquests but not against us is because we limit our fights to 1 ship vs 1 ship or us and 3 companions vs 4 or 5 of them. We always unraveled their strategy by completely ignoring it. Thats basically the only reason we won. So to say it again, they are weak yes, but at the same time, also strong. In any strategic game, the minute you underestimate your opponent is the minute you lose. And since everyone underestimates the armada the armada always wins. I hope you enjoyed! Cya in the spiral!


Saturday, March 16, 2019

A short and simple guide to Nautical EXP

There are a few reasons this is going to be short. The main reason is there are only 3 ways to obtain nautical exp. So I'm going to focus on those 3 ways and build on them by giving some tips.

Way 1. Companion tasks. By far the easiest way to earn nautical exp. My lvl 33 musket is lvl 34 nautical lvl mainly because of them. So how can you maximize your haul?  Well odds are you will be using a few companions at all times and not have many to do tasks. So here is what you can do.
1. Set all companions to collect nautical exp before you log off.
2. Set all your companions to collect it and then work on some side characters.
3. Set all but 3 companions to collect it and farm some ships you know you can sink.
Way 2. Sinking ships. Easy but tedious. Here are some ways you can get it by Sinking ships.
1. Farm bosses for ship gear while Sinking them, so then you can get better ship gear and a higher nautical level.
2. Help others sink ships if you see them fighting one.
3. Go out and fight random ships until they give 1 exp then go to a new part of the skyway and repeat.

Way 3. Side quests. Hard and tedius. While they are not hard if you keep up with them, if you slack off they can take up a lot of your time when you decide to start again. However they do give large amounts of nautical exp so it's actually the second best way.
1. there is only one way to get them, look in your quest log for quest finder and pick as many up as you can. Not all give nautical exp but some lead to quests that do. Even if they don't it's will help you with things like exp, training tomes and more.

Thats actually all there is to it. It's not hard to get max nautical exp. I hope you enjoyed and it was useful! Cya in the spiral!


Friday, March 15, 2019

Do people know we saved the spiral

So, a question I've always had is, do people know we saved the spiral? I mean, in wiz its pretty obvious to everyone. However in Pirate101 its not, we seem to cause more trouble than we fix so it wouldn't be obvious to the spirals inhabitants. We know only a few high ranking dogs of marleybone know. But other than that we are not sure. Thats why i'm here today. Sit back, relax and enjoy as I explain why people DO know we saved the spiral.

1. The logical reason. We have many friends in high places, its most likely not a secret we are close with several high ranking members of powerful worlds. People would defiantly see us going in and out of the marleybone war room, commons soldiers we helped would talk about us to their friends, things like that, and Monquista is full of gossip so its probably already out we have really close ties to gortez and elanor. Now the dogs of Marleybone are fighting the armada and know of us as the one person who evened the odds, and when they hear kane is dead they would suspect us. And since Marleybone has reaches in all the spiral who is to say most of the spiral doesn't know of us?

2. The not so logical reason but still logical. I am remembering one of blind mews replies on the official forums. When asked if people know who the queen is he replies along the lines of "yes, they whisper her name in the streets but your pirate doesn't know about her." This shows, even in skull island, the spiral has its eyes on the armada and Valencia. This means people probably have heard of your exploits against the armada and they would assume you would be the one to finish off Kane since you had your eyes on Kane and he had his eyes on you. This isn't completely solid but it is a reason.

3. The reason from Wizard101. The 5 boxes event makes a Pirate101 themed dungeon. In this dungeon you are supposed to convince boochbeard to find your pirate. Now, considering this event is about fixing MAJOR points in the spiral that could lead to its ruin, it would make sense that sometime after we beat Kane, we become widely known as hero's. True, our wiz could just be sent to boochbeard to start the events of Pirate101 but considering events like Dragonspyre taking over the spiral, and Falmea becoming the Fire professor, it wouldn't make sense if the pirate story was thrown in as some random nod. Most likely, our beating of Kane was supposed to happen and it was saving the spiral. And like all other 5 boxes people they focus on, they become of great importance and well known.

In conclusion, considering what we know about the spiral, its worlds, and its people, we are likely well know, just not openly talked about yet. I apologize for this being a short post but I didn't have any material to go on other than what we know and can speculate about. We don't know anything and can only speculate about a few things so again sorry. I do hope you enjoyed! Cya in the spiral!


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Whats with all the undead?

So did you ever notice the sheer amount of undead? In wiz it seems a large amount of enemies are undead and in p101 you encounter quite a few as well. So what's the deal? the difference between the undead and living is huge, it would be understandable however the problem is most of the living are monsters, which means they wouldn't really count since they are most likely allies of the undead. So what does this mean? Well I'll go over that. From what I have observed there are 2 driving forces that could be the cause of this. In wiz time and time again we see necromancers like malistare summon undead to haunt the streets. In pirate101 there really isn't much of an explanation. What's even weirder the undead just kind of slow down after cool ranch and stop after mooshu. My theory is that after we freed death from miranda, things started to return to normal, and the dead began staying dead. But how would that explain mooshus undead? Putting it simply it's all the necromancers.

So we answered why there are so many undead, but something makes them return all the time. However something like this would take time to do, and I doubt malistare even at his best could do it quickly, unnoticed and keep it secret after he left. My theory is that instead of them being defeated and returning, they instead don't get defeated, they simply get back up and carry on. Let's look at it this way, we know from p101 only death can truly take someone from the spiral and into his domain. We also know that there have been cases of us defeating undead and them coming back or telling us things right after we defeat them. From this we can conclude our spells can't truly defeat enemies. The only other way to beat them is if they willingly move on like malistare. Now the common view is that ghosts are ghosts is because they have unfinished business and can't leave until it's done. That's the reason there are so many undead, it's not because there are a ton, it's because the few that are undead can't leave so can't be defeated. Since they were summoned, they likely finished their business and now have no way to go back. And death doesn't come for them because they technically already went with him. We see from deaths puppet show he plays by a very strict set of rules that are followed to the letter.

To sum it up, there aren't that many undead, we just fight the same ones over and over because they aren't able to depart. When you think of it this way, the death school really is evil like ambrose says.

I hope you enjoyed! cya in the spiral!


Monday, March 11, 2019

Jacks Guide to Housing in Pirate101!

So, you want to decorate in Pirate101? A contest perhaps, or maybe you just liked decorating in wiz but have no idea how to decorate in pirate. Well i'm here to help, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this guide which features all the main glitches and some tips and tricks!

1: rug glitch.
What you will need:
A maple bookcase. This can be bought from Marvin Buckitt in port regal.
A checker. Bought from the bazaar
A threadbare rug, also bought from the bazaar.
Depending on where you want the rug to float, put the checker on the second highest shelf or second lowest shelf. Keep in mind, if you do the second highest shelf, you can't get on the rug!

Step 1. Place the checker on the shelf on either one of these shelves.
Step 2. Move the checker, not the bookcase, and place it so the bookcase and checker are touching the rug.
Step 3. Move the bookcase so the rug hovers over the desired location.

Step 4. When you are satisfied, pick up the checker.

Step 5. Done!
Note that I didn't put anything on the rug, if you want something to float thats not the rug put it on the rug first then do the glitch. This glitch is the same for stacking gold piles, just be sure to put the checker on the bottom shelf.
Glitch 2. The floating pirate:
This one is super simple, yet a great party trick!
Step 1. Get any item that makes you go off ground level, could be a crows nest, could be a pile of treasure. Just get on it, dont move forward or backward and pick it up.

Congratulations, you are floating! You can turn, just don't go forward or backward!

So those were the basic glitches, nothing to fancy. And the rug glitch is really all you need. But what about some tips and tricks? Here are some tips and tricks from a master pirate101 decorator!

1. Use all the space you think you can in a way you think is best! Simple enough right? Well WRONG! Look at it this way, you don't need to completely fill a house, just use what spaces look the best, can be best decorated and things like that. You may end up with only 100 items, you may need more than the max, if you think it looks good then good job, you are doing it right!

2. Set up a theme and maybe a backstory before you even start decorating. Backstory is optional, I like to set one up because I think its fun. But setting up a theme before you start decorating is essential! You will know what you want to do and how to do it, and you wont change your mind in the middle of decorating and have to start over. You can redecorate or change your mind, but at least when you do finish, it will look like the house has a story and was made with something in mind. In other words, a well done house!

3. Check your friends houses! Do this to get ideas and maybe some tips. Just dont steal their ideas though! Try and be original but build off others ideas. For example, my friend Ryan built a Colosseum in one of his houses, so now I have the idea of building a Colosseum, but since I don't want to copy him, I'm probably going to do something like put several crows nests around a pvp arena to provide a birds eye view.

4. Just because the inside/outside is full and the opposite is empty, doesn't mean you did anything wrong. For example, some houses like the smugglers cove, have a far better outside design than inside, meaning that you can fill up the outside pretty fast and nicely but might have trouble with the inside leaving it a bit bare. But thats fine! Just because its bare doesn't mean its bad, just come up with a little backstory explaining it and you should be fine. For example, in my swashbuckler house, the main house is full of things but the side house is empty, so I came up with the story that it is an abandoned office building. It was abandoned because they decided to move the offices to the bank. Something like that.

5. Lastly and most importantly, PRACTICE! Practice makes perfect, don't be afraid to completely redo a house because you think it could be better. While it is important to know your limits (like I can be bad at glitching) practice can and will get rid of some of those limiters. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your decorating skills. You may have been good in wiz or some other game but pirate is different, the houses are huge, furniture is limited and things like that. But the only way to get good at decorating is to practice and make use of things like glitching to better yourself and your house. I currently own 10 houses in pirate101, some are completely full but I wouldn't call them complete since I could decide to redo them at any time. Before I head off and leave you to decorate here are some examples of my works in progress.

As you can see, they look done, but really they never are. Now for the best advice I can give: Always be open minded and dont be afraid to try new thing! 
Cya in the spiral!


Sunday, March 10, 2019

A pirate101 theory! Is going to el dorado worth it for most pirates?

Sorry for the late post, my computer gave out on me. But onto the theory! My question is, for most pirates is it really in their best interests to go to the city of gold? Allow me to explain. When we get our first map piece multiple pirates come after us for it. We know they are after the treasure of El Dorado. But from what I've seen of skull island, there is plenty of treasure all around and the 3 factions, the sharks, warf rats, and the crabs, all are well to do. Their base hideouts are rich with treasure except for the warf rats,  but they make plenty of money building ships and expanding their navy. Even if that wasn't true, there are caves full of treasure all over. So what gives? I'm here to answer that question.

So if we know all the factions are fine money wise, and pirates care only about treasure, what could it be? Well simply put, power. My theory is that the 3 factions as well as Avery want the power of El Dorado. We see multiple examples of a power race and a possible reason. The reason most likely is all other pirate factions want no government but Avery does. We see each faction try and take over skull island for possibly this reason, the sharks throw a coup d' etat. We don't see the crabs do this as much but since their ships attack us, an ally to Avery it's safe to assume they aren't a big fan of him. We also see the warf rats do the same and unite to oppose everything Avery worked for. Right now the balance of power is in Avery's favor. He has us, the trainers, some other pirates, and several powerful world's on his side. However things are pretty close to equal since Avery can't quite completely control them. So all sides are searching for power to tip the scales in their favor. And what world, with no political faction holds power? That right, El Dorado. So the theory is that instead of searching for treasure, the Pirates of skull island want El Dorado for its power. So what do you think? Hope you liked this post! Cya in the spiral!


Monday, March 4, 2019

Wizard101, a theory about the titans origins in real life.

This will probably be a short post, but doing it anyways! So, we all know the titans have bases in mythology, Ice titan, thor, but ice, Fire titan, a dragon, storm titan, Neptune/Poseidon's son. But what if there was more to them than that. What if, we could compare them to things/events in real life! Now before we officially start this theory, I just wanted to remind you I believe that the worlds of the spiral were once earth, but thats besides the point right now. Onto the theory!

The Fire titan. The dragon, the patron of my main school, and one of my favorite mythological creatures. What could this titan be in real life? There are no dragons, and nothing really like it. So what could it be? Lets take it back to the beginning, when earth was being formed. During that time, meteors were constantly hitting the earth, making it a giant hunk of flaming rock. This could directly parallel to Dragonspyre's current state, a giant hunk of flaming rock, but with buildings. The dragon turns world into flame and like the phoenix, they are born anew. Later we see dragonspyre past, a beautiful place and instead of lava, water. Which could be how the earth is now. It makes sense, considering the rest of the theory.

The Storm titan. After all the meteors hit earth, it began to rain. Not just a drizzle, but a downpour, for a long time. The water covered the earth until land began resurfacing. Sound familiar? Thats because its Celestia. The storm titan drowns the world leaving only a little surface. There is really nothing else to this, The storm titan is powerful enough to flood worlds and our world was once flooded.

The Ice titan. This titan can freeze the whole land, covering the world in frost and ice, only if it wakes up. This is titan is most likely the ice age. Its class is slow like the time it took to cover the earth in ice, its class is strong (health wise), just like the animals that survived the ice age, and most importantly, its class slowly but surely defeats its enemies with ice. This titan is the ice age, just waiting to happen again...

Bonus titan. The golem titan. If we had all other major events what could this one be? Well this one is now, The golem titan is a man made titan, much like now is a man made time. It represents us shaping the earth in the form of man, if I could pick any time in history for that titan, it would be the industrial revolution. The world was made in shadow because of the smoke from the factories, much like how the titan was made from shadow magic, we created an uncountable number of assembly line products, much like the titans minions, and buildings got huge and it was the time of creation. Also much like that titan, it stopped, we still make stuff today but its not the industrial revolution.

All in all, these titans can be compared to real life quite well. I guess even if the spiral isn't earth, it still has to go through the same things. Cya in the spiral!


Sunday, March 3, 2019

An updated guide to the best ship parts in game!

Lets get to the point, ships can be a pain. Mainly nautical lvling, so thats why I'm here! This is the guide to the best ship parts in game! (thank you p101 wiki for providing most of this info!)

Skull island:
Figurehead:Skeleton billethead
preferred place to get it from: cutthroat ships skull island skyway.

Sails:Full Rigged Sails
Preferred place to get it: Deidre's Delight, skull island skyway

Pirate ships: level 12
Sails: Flying top sails
preferred drop place: The Orca, tradewinds skyway

Rudder: Fin Rudder
preferred drop place: The Orca

Figure head: Neptune Figurehead.
preferred drop place: The Orca

Preferred armor: Galleon heavy armor
drop place: The Orca

Anchor: Gold anchor
Drop place: Hoodoo canoe, flotsam skyway

Monquistan Skiff (12+)
Sails: Alto Velas
dropped: The Orca

Rudder: Timon Robusto
dropped by: The Orca

Figurehead: Cresta De La Pongiphim
dropped by: The Orca

Armor: Armor Fuerte
Dropped by: The Orca

Bison: Lvl 15 (top) and 28 (bottom)
Sails: Bison Jib Sail
Drop place: cutthroat ship coopers roost skyway
Sails: Warriors flowing sails
Drop place: The dust devil: tumbleweed skyway.

Rudder: Tail Feather Rudder
Drop: Cutthroat ships, Coopers roost skyway
Rudder: ghost paddle rudder
Drop: The dust devil

Figurehead: Growling spirit figurehead
drop: cutthroat ships, coopers roost skyway.
Figurehead: Great elder figurehead
drop: The dust devil

Armor: Braves Strong armor
drop: cutthroat ship, cooper roost skyway
Armor: Ancestors strong armor
drop: the dust devil.

Samoorai ship:32 (top) 40 (middle)
Armor: Kois august armor
Dropped: La llorona, haunted skyway
armor Dragons august armor
dropped by samarkand subata skyway

Figurehead: Sky turtle figurehead
Drop: Ghost ship, haunted skyway.
Figurehead Ki-Rin Figurehead
dropped by the pearl wolf Khotan skyway

Rudders: Koi Fin Rudder
dropped by guydon: khotan skyway
Rudders: Rattan Dragon rudder
Dropped by the pearl wolf

Sails: Lantern Sails
dropped by la llaorona
Sails: Twin Tasseled Sails
dropped by the pearl wolf

Royal Navy ship: 48 top, rare higher lvl equipment (not va2) bottom (if applicable)
Armor: 1st Rate heavy armor
dropped: the hart of gold, westminster skyway

Sails: Fleet Admiral's sails
dropped by the heart of gold
Sails: Shrouds of St. Fido:
dropped by the armada turret behind beachhead

Rudder: Great rudder
Dropped by the hart of gold

Figurehead: Gold striped prow
dropped by the hart of gold

Eagle ship: lvl 58 items on top, rarer but higher lvl on bottom if applicable
Armor: immortal armor
dropped by the kerberos

rudder: Praetorian rudder
dropped by the kerberos

Sails: Sails of Boreas
dropped by the kerberos

Valencia part 2 ship equipment.
All can be obtained from the ship part vendor except 2 horns. for ranged, the horn of stheno which lays traps and for melee the horn of maxios which sets fires. Both drop from the pretender in VA2 skyway.

Items that work on any ship (its up to you but I'm doing the best in game ones)
Wheels: Imperator's wheel. Dropped by the kerberos

cannons: can be bought from the ship part vendor in VA2

Anchors: Can be bought from ship part vendor in VA2

Hope this helped! Cya in the spiral! (hopefully seeing your max lvl ship rating yellow and not white :D)