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Monday, February 18, 2019

Wizard101! The top 10 most annoying fights, enemies and dungeons!

Okay, so ever had a part of the game that was super annoying? Not in the way you can't beat it just that getting through is a pain. Yes? Good than you know what i'm talking about. Shall we get on with it? (note: not counting fights I haven't done. I'm about halfway through mirage so ya.)

10. Sunken City: This is the first dungeon meant to be completed after you beat the world. What makes it annoying is the fact it can be pretty difficult, long, and the running back and fourth is tedious. Its long build up to a fight that isn't that exciting is annoying as well. However what makes it only number 10 is that it does feel rewarding to finish.

9. Tartarus: I would have put the second dungeon of the aquila dungeon trilogy here, however this one is far more annoying. Fighting the 3 gods after a super long and hard dungeon plus not many people want to finish it now. Making this an annoying dungeon for anyone on the quest for the first time.

8. Darkmoor: Just Darkmoor...

7. When you need to fight enemies but all the enemies in the area are your main and side school: I think I just explained it but basically say you are a fire and your side school is storm. You have a quest to defeat some mobs but the mobs are fire and storm. So basically you are in for a long annoying battle no matter what.

6. World bosses: It's not as annoying when you want to fight them but when you are questing and need mobs only and then the boss joins it only makes the quest longer and takes up your time.

5. The Rat: It's annoying if you have a bad team, nobody knows what to do, and then when you do beat him you get bad drops. This fight is especially annoying because the time limit...

4. Jabberwock: Lets see, high damage meteor spam, lots of health, cheats, and basically just a big annoying battle. As this list goes on I swear there is less to say because everyone knows why.

3. Morganthe final fight: This one is not what you think, its an easy fight, usually pretty quick and just feels like a normal boss fight. The thing is, its annoying because after all that build up, its not some super long dungeon like malistare arc 1 its just that fight, sure we go through the gallery but that was simple as well. Its more annoying because its just disappointing.

2.  High tier bane. One of the most annoying things for me, it drags out and the rewards are just not worth it. All the bosses cheat and one fight can take forever. Except its not 3 fights like Darkmoor...

1. The ultimate annoyance, feared by low and high lvl far and wide, the thing thats not deadly but its everyone's bane of existence. Its the one thing wizards fear, the one, the only, LOST SOUL!!! Nah, its really the font of weakness in lore. That thing, that horrid thing, annoys so many people that it takes priority over the one enemy that can hurt you. Sure you can ignore it, but you can also get your damage massively reduced. Every time I farm lore and go after the enemy, I sigh because I know its going to be longer than needed. Let me put it this way, it spams -40/20 blades, anti healing blades, and shields. I have talked to max wizards who say its the bane of their existence. Lore drop rates may be annoying but by far the most annoying enemy in game is in fact, the font of weakness.

Hope you enjoyed and I'll cya in the spiral!


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