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Friday, February 1, 2019

What is the least deadly class? (edited)

Sorry for the wait, my job irl is taking up a lot of time. But besides that here is a new post!

Our pirates are a force to be reckoned with for sure, big swords, poisons, magic and big guns. However which class is the least deadly in a fight? I'm here to answer that question. I'll go over each class and how deadly they are and conclude with which is the least deadly and why. Lets begin!

1. Buccaneer: Buccaneer's are the tanks of the classes, tanks in games aren't known to be deadly but considering we favor big swords that could cleave an opponent in 2 while taking multiple hits we are a deadly force to be reckoned with. Buccaneers favor multiple hits and stunning the opponent. This means if we were to be in a real fight, not only would we do multiple hits, we would knock you out. Buccaneers are not the most deadly class, but when it comes to it they can permanently defeat an opponent.

2. Swashbucklers: My pick for the most deadly class, they favor hidden assassinations, poisons and things like that. Swashbucklers generally use 2 knives, not as deadly as a giant sword but when laced with poison for sure! If they were real, you could associate them with ninjas, who were deadly assassins. Swashbucklers are far from the least deadly class.

3. Privateers: Privateers alone are not the deadliest class, sure they have a sword and shield, and bombs, however their main weapon is their crew, with plenty of buffs, the ore than enough crew members and the fact that they can protect themselves and others shows that they can be just as deadly as any other class without getting their hands dirty.

4. Witchdoctors: Not as deadly as other classes, mainly using hoodoo to attack, witchdoctors are better at working behind the scenes, with voodoo and things like that, they are weak in a direct fight and generally work with animals and undead. They aren't deadly in a direct fight, but if you are withing range, or underestimate them,  they could end you.

5. Musketeers Musketeers are in my opinion the least deadly class. To prove my opinion just look at these quotes (Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 41.png
(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 42.png
This means all guns in the spiral do is stun you, which is not deadly at all.
The difference is while the other classes can do some real damage, muskets main forms of combat does not.
Cya in the spiral!


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