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Saturday, February 9, 2019

The philosophy of Pirate101, how evil is the necessary good.

Good and evil, like night and day, 2 sides of the same coin, but what is the difference between good and evil and how can we make the bad guy the good guy? Lets look at that today on how Pirate101 makes evil, a necessary good.

So, first off what is good and evil? There is no actual right definition, in my opinion however, there are 2 absolutes about them, good always is tainted with a degree of evil, and evil is absolute, or just plain evil. Now what does this mean for Pirate101? First we have to understand Pirates, they were evil, they did terrible things because they felt like it. Realistically, our pirate should be evil. Pirate101 explores the fact that evil can be used for good. Our pirate uses his/her status as the evil character to do things that better the world. For example, we can do questionable things, like attack Marleybone ships which is bad and thats okay because we are pirates. However we do this for a greater good, drawing out the brass monkey so we can beat him and get into port regal skyway. Another great example is fort Elena. We cause chaos and break into a fort, but its for the greater good. And the only reputation that gets hurt is ours. Think of it this way, A man steals bread for his starving family, is he good or bad? The answer is neither, and both. Our pirate is like this, he/she does bad things for a good cause and he/she has more freedom to do so than any one else because well, they are an outlaw that follows no world's rules. We can further explore this on the hypocrisy of hero's. Take any old super hero, and think of this scenario, they get in a big fight with the bad guy that destroys part of the city. At the end the bad guy is defeated and in the superhero's eyes, everything is okay now. However think of the people who's homes got destroyed, the lives ruined and how the government has to clean up the mess and raise taxes and so on. All the while the superhero is blind to the consequences of his/her actions. The villain is the person that see's this. They stand to destroy the hero because the hero does more harm than good. Hero's are a symbol of justice which means they enforce and follow law. Villains don't abide by the law so they are evil. But a villain can do things the hero can't, like say, helping out someone who is doing something illegal but would help a ton of people. The nature of a hero is flawed, they can't get the job done because of their ideals and this just leads to the slim hope for a better future, villains do the opposite, their ideals don't matter so they don't get in the way and they get the job done. This is our pirate. We have ideals, but are not forced to follow them meaning we can do things say, our wizard can't. The staff of Pirate101 did an excellent job writing the pirate, to say the least. As a writer (of not just blogs but short stories and a book...that I should really get back to) I can tell you the villain is more fun to write, hero's have been done to death so we know how to write them but the villain is more fun because we get to explore ideas that are not usually touched upon like morals.

The lesson here is that evil, can be in some cases, used as a force of good far better than any typical hero. I don't endorse doing evil things but it shows how flawed our idea of a hero is. We imagine at the end of the day the hero will always win, but we also see the destruction and trauma they leave behind and know that since they won't take the necessary action, the threat will just come back. I'll cya in the spiral!


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