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Monday, February 25, 2019

Pirate101! Top ten annoying fights, enemies, and dungeons!

So, it seems people liked my previous post, (basically the same thing but focused on wiz) so I thought I would do it for Pirate101! Just a note, I have done every fight in the game, every side quest, every main quest and even some retired fights. I will include retired fights because this is just my personal experience and opinion, you may disagree and thats fine, if you would like to add any others feel free to comment! Now lets begin!

10. Lets start off with a retired fight. Now this fight is not so much as retired just made easier. I'm talking the stormzilla fight. Yes, us pirates get to fight and beat a stormzilla, but before KI made it easier, it was tough. Right now we have several power attacks granted by our companions, but before it wasn't so simple, we had a few attacks and that was it. Right now the stormzilla fight is annoying. Not going to lie, wouldn't farm it unless I needed to. But before, it was a nightmare.

9. This one is in mooshu as well, and it was "fixed" as well. Now, this may be a quest but i'll count it as an enemy. You may have heard of the infamous collect the key from the inoshishi bandits quest. The enemies were not difficult in the slightest, however the key drop rate was. It could take you days of farming for a couple hours to get it. KI did increase the drop rate, but its still pretty low.

8. Again with mooshu (what is it with this world?) I'm putting the General Tso fight at number 8. Its not hard, just annoying because you have to threaten a chicken and its being guarded at all times. Tso is invincible, and whenever you beat a guard, if there are others, they will take its place. Its an unnecessarily long fight and it makes farming for Tso's gear a pain.

7. Plot twist, this one isn't mooshu...It just is the fight before mooshu. Yes Deacon, at that point it was hard for me as a buccaneer because lets face it, I had to fight every armada while getting shot at by deacon. Wonderful times.

6. Back to mooshu! Sato, so I soloed Sato, it was hard, he ported a lot, it was a long fight, and I won't be soloing him again.

5. PRAISE THE SPIRAL! This fight is in cool ranch, NOT mooshu. So there is this one fight, forgot where but in some dungeon, but you have to fight some spiders without companions. Doesn't sound hard right? Well consider this. its like 1v5, you are a low lvl with not so great gear, and even if someone helps, they don't get companions and it just adds spiders. This fight makes you realize how much you need your companions, glad they never made a fight like it again.

4. Tower of Moo Manchu. And back to Mooshu. What can I say, it's long and hardly anyone ever wants to complete it. Plus there are some annoying fights in itself. So just the whole dungeon.

3. Wreck of the Victory. And to Marleybone. So, I farmed this dungeon day and night for nearly a year to get all of Rooke's drops. This dungeon is long, repetitive, hard for some people, and while it looks cool, rubble tends to get in your way. Plus between you and me, Rooke drop rates are non existent, you would be lucky to get a trash drop.

2. The Machine. I don't like Kane, he's arrogant, rough, and his minions get everywhere. Prequel jokes aside, he's not fun. The first fight is meh, the second is hard because you can almost never finish first round and then you get charged at. When you get to Kane, you got all the elites, and marines that turn into the queen if they step on the last row of squares. Its not fun to solo and its not fun with a full group.

Honorable mentions: The Dreadnought in SI skyway, all of Beachhead, Troy, and the fight before the first moo manchu fight (the one with the invincible terror-cotta)

Now for number 1. You know it, you hate it, and you can certainly live without it, Smugglers Arena! So what makes this annoying for me is not the fights (they are hard though) not the length (its long...) and not the fact that my companions usually all die when I solo, its the fact that its not worth it. You pay about $20 for it (7999 crowns) (or luckily you get it for free like me) and you complete it, after spending a good time on it, having a few companions dying, only to find out, you get around 500 scrip and maybe 500 gold out of all the fights. Keep in mind, they increased the amount, but its still not worth it. You just wasted an hour, when you could have gotten the same amount from an obsidian boss in around 10 minutes. It has annoying fights, enemies but overall its an annoying dungeon because of the reward (or lack there of).

Cya in the spiral!


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