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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Analyzing Marleybones land theory.

So, Marleybone had an interesting theory. That it was part of a giant land mass until a giant bone from space hit it and broke it into parts. So I'm here to analyze that theory and debunk it.

The theory: Unfortunately couldn't find the exact theory, but it went something like this "Marleybone and 2 other worlds were connected, until a giant bone from space hit it and split it into 3 separate worlds."

Now to fully understand why Marleybone believes this and not the fact that the titan war was the cause, we have to understand the way Marleybone thinks.
From the official wizard101 site, touring the spiral world Marleybone:
We see here that Marleybone believes in science, not magic. Thus, 3 magical beings fighting for control of the spiral would not make that much sense. As a man of science myself I understand where they are coming from. The supernatural can't be explained scientifically and has no evidence to back it up so we try and think of rational and logical explanations for things. There are examples of this in history, Greeks thought everything was controlled by the gods, and Greek scientists explained things in a way that disproved some of the gods. As humans, we strive to better understand things we don't know and explain things that haven't been explained. It eases our minds and helps us feel superior and safe. Marleybone seems to have the same idea. They explain things with science to prove them superior and comfort them, while ignoring anything that can't be explained because it makes them uneasy. They likely made this theory to comfort themselves in a world that does not believe in magic. They might even know they are wrong, or could have told themselves and convinced themselves they are right.

So, what was the cause? Well it was of course the titan war. However, lets look at the possibility that it was in fact a big space bone. First, lets consider the spiral was once one round world, much like earth. So, first question, would it be possible for a meteor to break apart a world. The answer is yes, irl the moon was created when a meteor hit the earth and broke off a huge chunk of it. Thus so far, the theory is plausible. Now where would this giant bone come from? We know the titans had soldiers, so we can assume this giant bone came from a defeated titan soldier. So far its possible. However there is a problem, such meteor like impacts would destroy all life on the planet. For this I will use the magic bypass card and just say magic space bones don't destroy everything. This could also explain how the spiral could once have been the milky way and the worlds earth, just the bone infused magic in everything and created the spiral we know today. 

In conclusion, this theory is possible, and some real life events add up. While Marleybone scientists are ignoring the cause of the space bone, they still could be right. I give this theory a 7/10, mainly because while its plausible they chose to ignore the magical aspects. Well thats pretty much it. Cya in the spiral!


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