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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Announcing Web Comics!

So, I decided to make some web comics for fun, nothing fancy, pretty simple to be honest. But I do love telling stories and figured this would be fun! While they are simple I pack as many references in as I can, so see if you can find them all! Here is the first one!
I'll make them every now and then, not on a set schedule and still working out the details so if something doesn't work tell me and I'll try and fix it!

Cya in the spiral!


Analyzing Marleybones land theory.

So, Marleybone had an interesting theory. That it was part of a giant land mass until a giant bone from space hit it and broke it into parts. So I'm here to analyze that theory and debunk it.

The theory: Unfortunately couldn't find the exact theory, but it went something like this "Marleybone and 2 other worlds were connected, until a giant bone from space hit it and split it into 3 separate worlds."

Now to fully understand why Marleybone believes this and not the fact that the titan war was the cause, we have to understand the way Marleybone thinks.
From the official wizard101 site, touring the spiral world Marleybone:
We see here that Marleybone believes in science, not magic. Thus, 3 magical beings fighting for control of the spiral would not make that much sense. As a man of science myself I understand where they are coming from. The supernatural can't be explained scientifically and has no evidence to back it up so we try and think of rational and logical explanations for things. There are examples of this in history, Greeks thought everything was controlled by the gods, and Greek scientists explained things in a way that disproved some of the gods. As humans, we strive to better understand things we don't know and explain things that haven't been explained. It eases our minds and helps us feel superior and safe. Marleybone seems to have the same idea. They explain things with science to prove them superior and comfort them, while ignoring anything that can't be explained because it makes them uneasy. They likely made this theory to comfort themselves in a world that does not believe in magic. They might even know they are wrong, or could have told themselves and convinced themselves they are right.

So, what was the cause? Well it was of course the titan war. However, lets look at the possibility that it was in fact a big space bone. First, lets consider the spiral was once one round world, much like earth. So, first question, would it be possible for a meteor to break apart a world. The answer is yes, irl the moon was created when a meteor hit the earth and broke off a huge chunk of it. Thus so far, the theory is plausible. Now where would this giant bone come from? We know the titans had soldiers, so we can assume this giant bone came from a defeated titan soldier. So far its possible. However there is a problem, such meteor like impacts would destroy all life on the planet. For this I will use the magic bypass card and just say magic space bones don't destroy everything. This could also explain how the spiral could once have been the milky way and the worlds earth, just the bone infused magic in everything and created the spiral we know today. 

In conclusion, this theory is possible, and some real life events add up. While Marleybone scientists are ignoring the cause of the space bone, they still could be right. I give this theory a 7/10, mainly because while its plausible they chose to ignore the magical aspects. Well thats pretty much it. Cya in the spiral!


Monday, February 25, 2019

Pirate101! Top ten annoying fights, enemies, and dungeons!

So, it seems people liked my previous post, (basically the same thing but focused on wiz) so I thought I would do it for Pirate101! Just a note, I have done every fight in the game, every side quest, every main quest and even some retired fights. I will include retired fights because this is just my personal experience and opinion, you may disagree and thats fine, if you would like to add any others feel free to comment! Now lets begin!

10. Lets start off with a retired fight. Now this fight is not so much as retired just made easier. I'm talking the stormzilla fight. Yes, us pirates get to fight and beat a stormzilla, but before KI made it easier, it was tough. Right now we have several power attacks granted by our companions, but before it wasn't so simple, we had a few attacks and that was it. Right now the stormzilla fight is annoying. Not going to lie, wouldn't farm it unless I needed to. But before, it was a nightmare.

9. This one is in mooshu as well, and it was "fixed" as well. Now, this may be a quest but i'll count it as an enemy. You may have heard of the infamous collect the key from the inoshishi bandits quest. The enemies were not difficult in the slightest, however the key drop rate was. It could take you days of farming for a couple hours to get it. KI did increase the drop rate, but its still pretty low.

8. Again with mooshu (what is it with this world?) I'm putting the General Tso fight at number 8. Its not hard, just annoying because you have to threaten a chicken and its being guarded at all times. Tso is invincible, and whenever you beat a guard, if there are others, they will take its place. Its an unnecessarily long fight and it makes farming for Tso's gear a pain.

7. Plot twist, this one isn't mooshu...It just is the fight before mooshu. Yes Deacon, at that point it was hard for me as a buccaneer because lets face it, I had to fight every armada while getting shot at by deacon. Wonderful times.

6. Back to mooshu! Sato, so I soloed Sato, it was hard, he ported a lot, it was a long fight, and I won't be soloing him again.

5. PRAISE THE SPIRAL! This fight is in cool ranch, NOT mooshu. So there is this one fight, forgot where but in some dungeon, but you have to fight some spiders without companions. Doesn't sound hard right? Well consider this. its like 1v5, you are a low lvl with not so great gear, and even if someone helps, they don't get companions and it just adds spiders. This fight makes you realize how much you need your companions, glad they never made a fight like it again.

4. Tower of Moo Manchu. And back to Mooshu. What can I say, it's long and hardly anyone ever wants to complete it. Plus there are some annoying fights in itself. So just the whole dungeon.

3. Wreck of the Victory. And to Marleybone. So, I farmed this dungeon day and night for nearly a year to get all of Rooke's drops. This dungeon is long, repetitive, hard for some people, and while it looks cool, rubble tends to get in your way. Plus between you and me, Rooke drop rates are non existent, you would be lucky to get a trash drop.

2. The Machine. I don't like Kane, he's arrogant, rough, and his minions get everywhere. Prequel jokes aside, he's not fun. The first fight is meh, the second is hard because you can almost never finish first round and then you get charged at. When you get to Kane, you got all the elites, and marines that turn into the queen if they step on the last row of squares. Its not fun to solo and its not fun with a full group.

Honorable mentions: The Dreadnought in SI skyway, all of Beachhead, Troy, and the fight before the first moo manchu fight (the one with the invincible terror-cotta)

Now for number 1. You know it, you hate it, and you can certainly live without it, Smugglers Arena! So what makes this annoying for me is not the fights (they are hard though) not the length (its long...) and not the fact that my companions usually all die when I solo, its the fact that its not worth it. You pay about $20 for it (7999 crowns) (or luckily you get it for free like me) and you complete it, after spending a good time on it, having a few companions dying, only to find out, you get around 500 scrip and maybe 500 gold out of all the fights. Keep in mind, they increased the amount, but its still not worth it. You just wasted an hour, when you could have gotten the same amount from an obsidian boss in around 10 minutes. It has annoying fights, enemies but overall its an annoying dungeon because of the reward (or lack there of).

Cya in the spiral!


Monday, February 18, 2019

Wizard101! The top 10 most annoying fights, enemies and dungeons!

Okay, so ever had a part of the game that was super annoying? Not in the way you can't beat it just that getting through is a pain. Yes? Good than you know what i'm talking about. Shall we get on with it? (note: not counting fights I haven't done. I'm about halfway through mirage so ya.)

10. Sunken City: This is the first dungeon meant to be completed after you beat the world. What makes it annoying is the fact it can be pretty difficult, long, and the running back and fourth is tedious. Its long build up to a fight that isn't that exciting is annoying as well. However what makes it only number 10 is that it does feel rewarding to finish.

9. Tartarus: I would have put the second dungeon of the aquila dungeon trilogy here, however this one is far more annoying. Fighting the 3 gods after a super long and hard dungeon plus not many people want to finish it now. Making this an annoying dungeon for anyone on the quest for the first time.

8. Darkmoor: Just Darkmoor...

7. When you need to fight enemies but all the enemies in the area are your main and side school: I think I just explained it but basically say you are a fire and your side school is storm. You have a quest to defeat some mobs but the mobs are fire and storm. So basically you are in for a long annoying battle no matter what.

6. World bosses: It's not as annoying when you want to fight them but when you are questing and need mobs only and then the boss joins it only makes the quest longer and takes up your time.

5. The Rat: It's annoying if you have a bad team, nobody knows what to do, and then when you do beat him you get bad drops. This fight is especially annoying because the time limit...

4. Jabberwock: Lets see, high damage meteor spam, lots of health, cheats, and basically just a big annoying battle. As this list goes on I swear there is less to say because everyone knows why.

3. Morganthe final fight: This one is not what you think, its an easy fight, usually pretty quick and just feels like a normal boss fight. The thing is, its annoying because after all that build up, its not some super long dungeon like malistare arc 1 its just that fight, sure we go through the gallery but that was simple as well. Its more annoying because its just disappointing.

2.  High tier bane. One of the most annoying things for me, it drags out and the rewards are just not worth it. All the bosses cheat and one fight can take forever. Except its not 3 fights like Darkmoor...

1. The ultimate annoyance, feared by low and high lvl far and wide, the thing thats not deadly but its everyone's bane of existence. Its the one thing wizards fear, the one, the only, LOST SOUL!!! Nah, its really the font of weakness in lore. That thing, that horrid thing, annoys so many people that it takes priority over the one enemy that can hurt you. Sure you can ignore it, but you can also get your damage massively reduced. Every time I farm lore and go after the enemy, I sigh because I know its going to be longer than needed. Let me put it this way, it spams -40/20 blades, anti healing blades, and shields. I have talked to max wizards who say its the bane of their existence. Lore drop rates may be annoying but by far the most annoying enemy in game is in fact, the font of weakness.

Hope you enjoyed and I'll cya in the spiral!


Saturday, February 9, 2019

The philosophy of Pirate101, how evil is the necessary good.

Good and evil, like night and day, 2 sides of the same coin, but what is the difference between good and evil and how can we make the bad guy the good guy? Lets look at that today on how Pirate101 makes evil, a necessary good.

So, first off what is good and evil? There is no actual right definition, in my opinion however, there are 2 absolutes about them, good always is tainted with a degree of evil, and evil is absolute, or just plain evil. Now what does this mean for Pirate101? First we have to understand Pirates, they were evil, they did terrible things because they felt like it. Realistically, our pirate should be evil. Pirate101 explores the fact that evil can be used for good. Our pirate uses his/her status as the evil character to do things that better the world. For example, we can do questionable things, like attack Marleybone ships which is bad and thats okay because we are pirates. However we do this for a greater good, drawing out the brass monkey so we can beat him and get into port regal skyway. Another great example is fort Elena. We cause chaos and break into a fort, but its for the greater good. And the only reputation that gets hurt is ours. Think of it this way, A man steals bread for his starving family, is he good or bad? The answer is neither, and both. Our pirate is like this, he/she does bad things for a good cause and he/she has more freedom to do so than any one else because well, they are an outlaw that follows no world's rules. We can further explore this on the hypocrisy of hero's. Take any old super hero, and think of this scenario, they get in a big fight with the bad guy that destroys part of the city. At the end the bad guy is defeated and in the superhero's eyes, everything is okay now. However think of the people who's homes got destroyed, the lives ruined and how the government has to clean up the mess and raise taxes and so on. All the while the superhero is blind to the consequences of his/her actions. The villain is the person that see's this. They stand to destroy the hero because the hero does more harm than good. Hero's are a symbol of justice which means they enforce and follow law. Villains don't abide by the law so they are evil. But a villain can do things the hero can't, like say, helping out someone who is doing something illegal but would help a ton of people. The nature of a hero is flawed, they can't get the job done because of their ideals and this just leads to the slim hope for a better future, villains do the opposite, their ideals don't matter so they don't get in the way and they get the job done. This is our pirate. We have ideals, but are not forced to follow them meaning we can do things say, our wizard can't. The staff of Pirate101 did an excellent job writing the pirate, to say the least. As a writer (of not just blogs but short stories and a book...that I should really get back to) I can tell you the villain is more fun to write, hero's have been done to death so we know how to write them but the villain is more fun because we get to explore ideas that are not usually touched upon like morals.

The lesson here is that evil, can be in some cases, used as a force of good far better than any typical hero. I don't endorse doing evil things but it shows how flawed our idea of a hero is. We imagine at the end of the day the hero will always win, but we also see the destruction and trauma they leave behind and know that since they won't take the necessary action, the threat will just come back. I'll cya in the spiral!


Friday, February 1, 2019

What is the least deadly class? (edited)

Sorry for the wait, my job irl is taking up a lot of time. But besides that here is a new post!

Our pirates are a force to be reckoned with for sure, big swords, poisons, magic and big guns. However which class is the least deadly in a fight? I'm here to answer that question. I'll go over each class and how deadly they are and conclude with which is the least deadly and why. Lets begin!

1. Buccaneer: Buccaneer's are the tanks of the classes, tanks in games aren't known to be deadly but considering we favor big swords that could cleave an opponent in 2 while taking multiple hits we are a deadly force to be reckoned with. Buccaneers favor multiple hits and stunning the opponent. This means if we were to be in a real fight, not only would we do multiple hits, we would knock you out. Buccaneers are not the most deadly class, but when it comes to it they can permanently defeat an opponent.

2. Swashbucklers: My pick for the most deadly class, they favor hidden assassinations, poisons and things like that. Swashbucklers generally use 2 knives, not as deadly as a giant sword but when laced with poison for sure! If they were real, you could associate them with ninjas, who were deadly assassins. Swashbucklers are far from the least deadly class.

3. Privateers: Privateers alone are not the deadliest class, sure they have a sword and shield, and bombs, however their main weapon is their crew, with plenty of buffs, the ore than enough crew members and the fact that they can protect themselves and others shows that they can be just as deadly as any other class without getting their hands dirty.

4. Witchdoctors: Not as deadly as other classes, mainly using hoodoo to attack, witchdoctors are better at working behind the scenes, with voodoo and things like that, they are weak in a direct fight and generally work with animals and undead. They aren't deadly in a direct fight, but if you are withing range, or underestimate them,  they could end you.

5. Musketeers Musketeers are in my opinion the least deadly class. To prove my opinion just look at these quotes (Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 41.png
(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 42.png
This means all guns in the spiral do is stun you, which is not deadly at all.
The difference is while the other classes can do some real damage, muskets main forms of combat does not.
Cya in the spiral!