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Saturday, January 5, 2019

why (not) so serious?

So, did you ever notice how the spiral can be a dark and dangerous place? War, famine, death, and a apocalypse at every corner, and only a few people in the spiral care! Why is that? I'm here to answer that with a little conspiracy theory. My theory is, simple so I will go into what would happen if everyone did care.

The theory: Nobody really knows how much trouble they are in.
Think about this, you can tell nobody really knows the state of the spiral because they have you doing homework and collecting things for them. It would seem not even government officials realize the state because they send you on tasks that help them. Granted there are some people who know (like the council of light) but thats a select few. Either they are oblivious to whats going on or they sort of know but don't care. Its as simple as nobody knows. Now for what would happen if everyone knew, that would be chaos.

If everyone knew what was going on there would be a panic. Riots through the streets and chaos all around. So how would that all play out? I will explain it the best I can. There are three stages that the spiral would go through, and here they are!

1. Denial. Everyone would simply deny that these things are going on.

2. Reality slowly sinking in. Simply everyone would start to realize that the spiral is in trouble but they would not take action yet, they would be in a sort of shock.

3. Reality has sunk in, panic.This would be the fall of the spiral, everyone would realize they are doomed and they would riot through the streets and do things without thinking.

Now for the juicy bits, that was basically a run down but now we get into the philosophical side, is this massive lie to the populace good or bad? Could this have been prevented? And who is guilty of this lie, the people, or the people who know whats going on?
These are my opinions, and this is philosophy so feel free to disagree and tell me i'm wrong:

1: The massive lie to the populace is bad. True in the short run it seems good, nobody panics, the government has control and there is peace (a false peace though). But in the long run, people will find out they are being lied to, they will revolt, and the spiral will be closer to disaster. Its a governments job to protect the people, and if they don't know whats going on but see the governments enforcers everywhere, protecting them from an unknown threat, they will get scared and might revolt. Lying to the people for the sake of the people is a wrong and a right, but often times the wrong outweighs the right. So in conclusion, lying to the populace is bad.

2. Could this have been prevented? Yes. Telling the populace outright in the first place would have prevented this situation. They would know in advance and know their leaders are on it ahead of time.

3. The guilty party is the people, the spiral leaders lied but the people believed them without questions. Its the leaders job to lead, and the followers job to question the leader.

The spiral is a serious place with a not so serious attitude. I personally love this because despite everything going on we can take a minute to laugh or do something else. There are games where everything is doom related and it gets old fast. The spiral is a magical place where while there is darkness, light shines through everywhere. I'll cya in the spiral!


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