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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

My 10 favorite things from this year and my resolution!

Ah 2018, I will miss it. Anyways that's not why you are here. So let's get started, here is my 10 favorite things from this year!
10. I reached over 500 gold chickens.
9. Met new people.
8. Got back into p101.
7. Reached 200 posts.
6. Submitted my blog to become official.
5. Made some great new theories.
4. I joined some fun events.
3. We all reached 18k views.
2. I became more involved in the community.
1. I started blogging again!
Resolution: Put more work into my theories.
Now for an apology: Sorry for the break. IRL stuff came up but i'm back! Expect a new post tomorrow and i'll Cya in the spiral!


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