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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

And one world to school them all

So, there were 3 major schools for magic in the spiral, 1 Wizard City, 2 Pigswick and 3 Dragonspyre. So if we were to assume Dragonspyre was still around and every school was at its prime, who would win in a fight. Not like the spiral cup, but an actual war, wizards only, no help from others, and thats it. Now to look at each School and give a short description if its students strengths and weaknesses and on how they were/are trained and things like that.

1. Pigswick. Now Pigswick is not exactly a strong school. Its schools all differ from the traditional spiral magic and they cheat. From what we see they aren't used to fighting to the end, for example in the street overrun by vines and treants, we see students hiding in terror. We can deduce from that, that most of their training is just studying and practicing spells, little combat is involved. So an overview:
Strengths: Know their spells, are not afraid to fight unfairly, and while cowardly they do look out for each other.
Weaknesses: Little combat training, lacking power, cowardly, and have a disadvantage considering their schools are taught differently from everyone else but have the same spells.

Chances of winning:3/10 If they do win, it would be by luck or by hiding and finishing off the victor.

2. Wizard City. Wizard city sees a lot of combat training in class, homework is to defeat monsters and it seems to play a critical roll in deciding on how good of a student you are. They have the same schools as Dragonspyre and understand the pigs of Pigswick fairly well. However they have lost to Pigswick for numerous years in the spiral cup and Dragonspyre was said to be their equal if not surpassing them. Wizard city students never graduate meaning they are always there learning. They also seem to favor 1v1 fights and little help. We can assume other wizard players are not canon so our summon spells are, and its safe to assume we are actually fighting with summons the whole time.
Strengths: Strong in combat.
Weaknesses: Only good at combat, not as much at strategy for the long term. Has a long losing history to Pigswick despite more combat experience and students seem to put their work on others, meaning most students don't do the actual fighting. Lastly, they only seem to fight 1v1 (and if they go into colossus blvd 1v2) so they could be easily overwhelmed.

Chances of winning 8/10 While they have lost to Pigswick and have some major flaws, they competed and were rivals with Dragonspyre, a world based on war. So it will take a bit of luck and some good fighting.

3. Dragonspyre. We know little of Dragonspyre's wizard school, all we know is they were taught the same schools as Wizard City and were their rivals. But knowing Dragonspyre we can infer this, they were taught a more battle focused way, and were likely taught war tactics and wars from ages past. Meaning they could fight a duel but if it came to it, fight a war. They most likely focused offensive schools, due to their history. We should assume they learned 2-3 schools in addition to their normal one and might have been taught a bit of hand to hand combat since a lot of them carry swords and melee weapons. Most wore light-medium armor and while they prefer to fight in groups with schools that can compliment each other. Seeing that in an alternate timeline (source from a certain time traveling dog)  Dragonspyre conquered the spiral its safe to assume their mages were of high quality.
Strengths: Good at both magic and melee combat, good at short and long term strategy, armored, and fought together in ways that strengthened the team.
Weaknesses: We can assume they are cocky and arrogant because they summoned the dragon titan and have a high sense of honor that can be easily exploited or used to make them mad so the slip up.

Chances of winning 9/10 While there can never be a 100% chance, Dragonspyre comes close, despite its flaws they aren't major when compared to the fact they were basically trained for this sort of thing. Its likely they didn't slack off from work and give it to others, or cheat. They are strong enough to win and they know it. They might lose if they think themselves invincible and slip up but they would probably recover.

Winner: 1 Dragonspyre 2 Wizard City 3 Pigswick

Don't get me wrong, while I think Pigswick is in last place they would still be trouble because of cheats, this would be a long battle and all sides would last for awhile before a victor emerges. I'll cya in the spiral!



  1. worst post those are not schools in wizard101. they are areas. Schools are located in Ravenwood.

    1. sorry if it was confusing, I was talking about each of the three main worlds we know have schools. Sort of like if those 3 worlds went to battle with each other who would come out on top. So sorry for the confusion.