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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Pirate101 in 2020

Hi, this post is going to be a bit less scripted sounded since I'm just going to type without thinking to hard. I'm going to go over the year so far, should new players try it and my personal opinion on the game currently. Not going to sugar coat it, that last part won't be optimistic. I hope you enjoy and onto the post.

The past year wasn't really special in my opinion for pirate. We got a couple new key bosses, a pack and thats pretty much all thats noteworthy, even though the pack contains nothing good for endgame players and the key bosses challenge doesn't equal the reward. Us long time players got the confirmation that we will be getting no more major updates for the foreseeable future and at best we will get some quality of life updates. None of that is going to bring more players back or draw new players in but eh, wiz is the poster child so what can we do. But thats all thats there to say, which is more than normal considering these past years.

As for people wanting to try pirate101 for the first time or get back to it, I suggest you do. This game has no real endgame content and won't be getting real updates for awhile but Pirate's story is something I think you should experience at least once. Its obvious the devs at the time put their heart at soul into this game and it shows especially in the story. The story is far better than wiz in my opinion and while it may not be the best its certainly up there in all the MMO's and few single player games I've played. The mechanics may be confusing for people coming from wiz but you get used to it. I do recommend this to people thinking about trying it, complete the story once and take the time to admire some of the beauty in game, you won't regret it. 

Now for the real talk, my personal opinion the the game currently. Putting it simply, its going to die. The player base is small, a lot of us long time players are leaving and even I am starting to log on less and less. There is nothing to do once you beat the game and especially once you max every class. I'm not saying I don't like the game still, I love it. I just can't play a MMO where no one plays and none of my friends are ever on. I've played other MMO's that were more successful and they still shut down. I love this game to death, and don't want to see it die but I've accepted the fact it will. What led to this I don't exactly know, could be Coleman leaving, the downsizing, the choice of doing mobile games or a combo of it all. I just don't think this game will be around for much longer. I'll still play until it shuts down but I just can't lie to myself any longer and say everything will be fine. Again, I love this game and suggest new players give it a shot but the future doesn't look bright for this game. and thats all I' going to say.

Cya in the spiral


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

What the school trees actually do in Wizard101

Sorry for the long wait, I've been busy irl with work and am often to tired to do posts. But now I'm going to try and do more posts. Anyways, onto the post!

There is an air of mystery around the school trees, they don't have a well defined purpose but they seem important. So I'm going to try and theorize what purpose they serve and go into another theory why the death tree was spared during the Dragon Titan's attack. So lets begin!

First, a reference for what we know about them.

What we know:
1. The trees are essential into making a scion
2. There is a tree for each school, including shadow and astral
3. They seem to come from Bartleby
4. There can be multiple of one school
5. They are powerful and some know the song of creation

Now, for the theory, my theory is that the school trees are sources of magic for each magic school. Think of it this way, each tree would be like a lifeline for each magic school, if all the trees for one school are cut down that school would disappear or be incredibly weakened and worlds they are at the magic for that school is strengthened. I know they didn't create the schools, that was the titans, but think of them as batteries for the schools, they have a lot of stored magic power and the output some power to strengthen the school. Allow me to explain.

This theory is relies on Dragonspyre and Wizard City and what they have in common and the current state of Dragonspyre. Both where the most powerful magical schools, putting out strong wizards and almost equal in power. They also both have their own school trees, and as far as we know, the only world's that have a magic school and trees. Kind of weird how the 2 most powerful magic schools are the only ones with school trees right? So it would make sense that the trees influence the magic for the world and if they do that you could easily assume that they are a kind of source for magic. This being said we need some kind of proof still. Thats where Dragonspyre comes in.

Dragonspyre is in ruins because of the dragon titan, and the only 2 school trees left are the fire tree and death tree. This actually makes sense according to my theory, the fire tree would strengthen the fire titan and its army and the death tree would allow the fire titan's army to keep fighting even if it falls. True, this would apply to the Dragonspyre army as well, but they stand no chance and the fire titan still holds power, this means Dragonspyre is basically a stronghold for the fire titan, full of immortal soldiers. Since there is no other case of entire worlds dying yet everyone coming back from the dead, we can only assume that the death tree is to cause. This means the death tree was spared to help the Fire titan army and also means that the trees do hold influence on their magic school.

And the nail on the coffin, the scion spells. Ever notice how the scion spells have 2 different attack types? Of course you did! But did you notice how the spell requirements to reach their full potential correlate with the school. For example, fire has a lot of traps, and ways to get them off like dots, like a lot. Storm has a lot of blades, and a lot of was to get blades off. Fire scion requires 6 traps and storm requires the enemy has no blades. Get my drift? The more the school is represented the more the powerful the spell. What does this resemble? A battery given power to be stored and then releasing more power. This and what we can infer about the trees all points to my theory. I could be wrong but I would love to be proven otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed and cya in the spiral!


Friday, September 27, 2019

Pirate101 update! My thoughts on what we know.

So lets cut the chase, Pirate101 is getting an update, but not the one we all were hoping for. Thats fine with me since I was expecting nothing and got something. But I'm just here to give my thoughts on what we know.

So to sum this up, new key bosses Ratbeard and Bonnie and if you beat them 25 times you can buy them. IMO thats fair. I didn't think they would be free and I was right. These key bosses seem to be designed for a group however they probably can still be soloed given you have an overpowered class like witch or musket with flames or overwatch 5, or looking at the Bonnie fight, solo with enough experience at the game. Getting a quick look at the Ratbeard companion in KI live it seems they won't be exact copies, the Ratbeard copy had 3 critical hits suggesting he will be more offensive, this means Bonnie counterpart might be more defensive. I'll buy both and give my honest opinion when they come out if they are worth it or not. Its probably safe to say Ratbeard counter won't be but we will have to see with Bonnie counter. Overall, this could provide a good challenge with some neat rewards. I'm guessing people will start to come back, get these companions and leave again. So I would farm them while you can.

Basically, nautical exp improvements, and questing improvements through the beginning to the first half of mooshu. My thoughts are all but positive. Nautical exp was a complaint from almost everyone. I didn't have much trouble with it but its more than welcome. I bet you will see more people questing and some people coming back. Hopefully at least. 

The questing improvements is nice, this will make the game more easy to solo on classes like privy who have it tough early on. However the main thing i'm excited about is the drop rates on some quests. Us older players remember the key quest in mooshu, "that was yesterday". It could take days to collect. I'm guessing most of these collect quests that are updated will be in Aquila, which has some rather notorious ones.  

I think this is really good for attracting new players from wiz to be honest. This could boost interest in the game and allow for more future updates. We will just have to wait and see.

Elixir improvements. While I will admit they are needed, no one really buys them. This could help some newer players I suppose but thats about  it. The hyper elixir, provided not super expensive, is the most interesting. But other than that, its nothing super special since I don't see really anyone using elixirs.

New pack, No test.. Basically new companions and things should be done. This is long overdue but I understand. As someone who has dabbled in some game design (aka I have taken classes for it) I understand why this has taken so long. Each companion requires voice actors, new animations, models, graphics, and possibly powers and more. Do this for 6 or 7 companions with 3 promotions which again require new models, animations graphics and powers for each promotion and we have an expensive looking project on our hands. Not to mention the cost of designing gear, new loot and more. I will grant, they could have made more at this point but still, don't think we should have a ton without considering the work that goes into them. I'm excited to see its theme and the new drops. Although the fact that they are skipping test worries me. I'm not sure I would buy the pack right away since there would probably be bugs. In the past when content skipped test it was bug ridden (like Krampus). So I'm going to hold off on packs for a bit and I suggest you do as well. 

No story for the foreseeable future. I am sad about this and I know several other people are but I wouldn't give up hope. At the end they say there will be more updates, not grand scale but there will be more. So i'm content with this for now, it allows them to fix some stuff and gain more interest in the game. This is but a stepping stone to bigger things.

Basically reinforcing the idea that they have more ideas in store for Pirate101. So keep that in mind. 

Overall, its a solid update for the current situation. Plus the promise for more smaller updates like this in the future. I understand we are going to be sad because there is no new story for awhile, but I keep seeing people ignore the fact that they have more updates in mind. I love this game and I see this as promising for its future. So please, try to understand that although there is some bad news, thats short term, in the long run this should be very good news. Thats really all I have to say. I'll cya in the spiral!


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pirate101, my experience with the game, the good and the bad.

So, sorry about the long break. IRL has been super busy with work. But onto the big news, Pirate101 turns 7 in October! So I thought I would share my experience with Pirate101 through the years.

I first heard about Pirate101 from the wiz launcher, announcing beta. I applied but unfortunately was denied. I continued to play wiz and forgot about Pirate for awhile, then I saw an ad and decided to give it a try. When I logged in for the first time and saw the amazing intro (now sadly removed) I was blown away. I remember when I first started to really explore people where everywhere, I saw people with skarakeet pets and I tried farming dead eye Deidre since she had a skarakeet mob. Little did I know it was from a bundle. Much of early pirate for me was exploring the world of skull island absorbing all I could find and trying to figure out everything I could. I met many people who while I have forgotten their names, I still remember the experiences with them. From sailing the skyways destroying everything we saw, to just fighting some random mobs like the crab crawlies in traitors cave. Skull island was all about learning about the game for me. It was my first step into this amazing game and one I fondly remember.

My First Pirate
Created 1/22/13

Questing through Monquista and Valencia went by fast, something thats not as bad as it sounds. I usually take my time questing but I just wanted more and more. And then I got more, cool ranch...

Cool ranch is a long world, it has lots of long quests, some hard, some annoying, and a lot of people seem to not like it. It was different for me though. I met my first and best friend in game here. Silver Jack and I met in Santa Pollo. We quested through cool ranch together, through it all. We bonded most over the bumbaloon, one of the most annoying quests in cool ranch. We often hung out and not just quested after that. We would talk about serious matters and not so serious. He is probably the best friend I ever had in pirate. He sadly quit during the long break for VA2. 

Mooshu is beautiful, I quested through it fairly fast with the help of some friends and always stopped to admire its beauty. I remember most the "that was yesterday" quest, where the key drop rate was horribly low. I made several friends farming them for the key, which could take several days for some. Honestly, when mooshu ended and I had the power to translate the map, I felt like the game was just about to begin for real. Like this all was an introduction and I was about to begin my real journey.

Marleybone is probably the most well done world in Pirate101. It relies on past events that our pirate did and it was up to us to fix our mistakes. It was here I got my first real taste of the armada. An enemy I never really grasped the full power of up until this point. The story and art was amazing, and the fights were legendary. I began my first farming crusade by farming bishop and rooke for their gear, which took over a year total! Marleybone was nothing but positives for me, and despite my hatred for rooke and his drop rates, I wouldn't trade the time I spent farming him for the world.

Aquila, the land of the eagles, it wasn't beautiful, it was majestic. The story here isn't about me questing with my friends, its about what I did after I was done. I became active in the community. I started talking a lot on the message boards and later joined twitter, making friends who have quit or had falling out with, none of which I don't miss the times we shared. Honestly, the community is great, I became sort of known but not really. I'm fine with that though, since I did make many friends I never would have. Aquila was not a time for gameplay but for community for me.

Valencia 2, honestly, it wasn't a disappointment for me. Sure it was short, but I had been waiting for this for a long time. From hearing Gortez say I would enter as a hero to fighting Kane it was all just in disbelief. I waited for 3 years and the awe of walking straight into enemy territory like I owned the place was amazing. 

The only bad part about Pirate101 is the lack of updates. In my opinion it surpasses Wiz in all other aspects. 
Just overall, my experience in Pirate101 was an experience of friendship and community. Exactly what a MMO experience should be. I'm not going to lie, Pirate101 is kind of dying, but I will play until it shuts down. I love this game, and I always will. I hope more people start to play and it updates but even if they don't and it doesn't, i'm fine with that. Pirate101 has gotten me through the tough spots in my life and I will always love it for that. I'll cya in the spiral!


Friday, August 30, 2019

Arrrrrgust Contest Winners!

Just going to do the grand prize winner's entry and the names of the rest. Hope thats fine.

Pirate Name: Daniel Radcliffe

While many people would bandy about with their reasons for liking and disliking the game, I really truly enjoy the game for a few reasons - the first is that you can feel the passion in every character, dialogue, scene and location, from Skull Island to Marleybone. Each and every character is packed to the brim with expressions, personality, and so much more. The story is spectacularly written, with interesting plot points, mechanics, designs, memorable characters, and more! You can just tell this was a passion project by the developers. Someone, somewhere, put their heart and soul into this game, not for profit, not for any corporate reasons. They wanted to make a story, a wonderful adventure, to share with at least one other person the awe-inspiring vision in their head. The least I can do is appreciate them for it.
The second reason was the sense of adventure and world-building. Wizard101 has a lot of "ooh magic" and new locations, but there was always a sense of disconnect between the game and the player. You weren't really there in the spiral, and being a wizard, you were sort of above political conflict. You casually rubbed elbows with kings and gods. The wizard could hop on over to Olympus and probably go drinking with Zeus, while the people of Aquila had probably never even seen their gods before, and you get the sense that you're more of a commoner, part of the actual masses of the Spiral. You're one of the people sitting in the homes along the street, not the hero cruising their way to victory.
The world of Pirate101 isn't just some set of connected maps and landmasses, going from area to area in your ship really brings together the sense of exploring a new place, with new people and culture If you look at the screenshot, it feels like you're really in Mooshu, sailing from land to land, a whole world full of people and places to visit, instead of a bunch of connected maps and roads you can vaguely recall as a W101 player. You actually feel like a real denizen of the Spiral. You enter the darker everyday life of the Marleybonians in the midst of a war, rather than just solving mysteries with Sherlock Bones, you lie and finesse your way through a court to get at Kane, you gate-crash a wedding to humiliate a tax collector, you overthrow an entire monarchy to put a gorilla on the throne! For all the classic "legendary hero blessed by the gods" vibe of W101, P101 feels so much more real. With P101, you see more of the Spiral than any W101 player will ever see in their lifetimes. It's a whole world(s) out there, and I adore each and every part of it.

1k crown winners


-Pretty Jewel Jackson

-Charming Julia Silver


-Cunning Zane Pelton 

Thanks to everyone who participated! Have a good week and be back soon!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

An in depth look at the Crowns vs Membership debate (Pirate101 and Wizard101)

So, there is often the question, "Do I pay for areas or just buy a membership?" This is debated since its different for everyone. I'm here to look at the pros and cons of each and offer situations where either would be acceptable. I do have several max pirates and a max wiz, and for the part where I go over maxing I am not including finishing the story. So lets begin!

1. My overall view:

First, Pirate101. I know this game well and can say without a doubt in any situation, buying areas is the way to go. In total the entire game costs about 95k crowns, or 130 dollars US (assuming you buy the 80k crown bundle) It seems like a lot, and it is. But in reality for Pirate101 it fits since it doesn't get much new updates requiring a member. You can max 1 or 2 pirates in a month and then have to buy a few more members to max every class and to farm but in the long run, buying areas is the way to go. If you only want to max one class though I suggest a membership. Plain and simple. Now for the hard game, wiz...

Wiz is different. It can take a month to max if you have lots of time but if not it may take a couple memberships. Now lets assume you do have a lot of time, want to max one class, and have friends. One membership is all you need, But again, here I recommend to pay as you go. Wiz costs a lot of money to buy all of it. However it is worth it since wiz is a game where you need to grind for good gear. Sure maxing may be slower but at least you can grind for gear while you wait.

part 1 summary: overall its better to pay as you go.

2. The pros and cons of membership and crowns in both games.

1/2. Pirate101 membership
      a. pros:

  • Quick to max
  • Teleporter can be used for gold
  • More friend list and backpack space
  • Member events
      b. cons

  • Can't spend as much time farming
  • You can always buy backpack and friend list space
  • You only get a limited time to do everything
  • Membership runs even if you are logged off meaning if you get grounded thats money down the drain.
  • In the long run its more expensive
2/2. Pirate101 crowns

     a. pros
  • Unlimited access to the game forever
  • You have unlimited time to do what you want
  • No worrying about when your member runs out
  • Not much is worth spending a member on every month
  • You can buy a few member benefits either way. 
  • In the long run its cheaper
     b. cons
  •  Have to spend 1000 crowns on a quick port to a new world.
  • It can take longer to max your first Pirate.
1/2. Wiz membership pros and cons

      a. pros
  •  Tournaments cost gold
  • Quicker to max
  • Member events
      b. cons
  •  It's not really worth it unless you want to max quick and need very specific stuff. 
2/2. Wiz crowns pros and cons

     a. pros
  •  Have access to the whole game forever
  • You can do pretty much everything a member can without much hassle 
      b. cons
  • There aren't really any besides you will max slow and pvp will be limited.
Part 3. What situations is it better for a member or crowns?

In both games, crowns to buy areas is usually better. However the only situations membership is really good is if you can only afford a member once a month. Thats really the only time you should buy a member.

In conclusion, pay as you go offers about the same as a member but a bit more long term. In the end its up to you to decide but in my opinion memberships are becoming less and less a priority and more and more optional. They don't offer much extra to the table compared to pay as you go. Again in the end its up to you, but I would look at everything before you decide. Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, August 8, 2019

Treble in Monquista, a look into its theme

Before I start, please listen to the music first. I took a recording but all credit goes to Kingsisle Entertainment. Enjoy and listen while you read or listen first then read.

Now, Listening to this music you get a religious and calm vibe with some tense bits. So why is this important? Because it reflects the current state of Monquista! Monquista is currently in a state of periodic turmoil, be it revolution or the holy monquisition. Now lets look at what each part means.

1. The singing.
The singing obviously has religious overtones. The word they are singing 'hallelujah" is a word in Christianity praising god. The fact that this is sung is likely referencing the highly religious Spain/Monquista at the time. The time of the Inquisition. The fact this is the first thing we hear tells us that currently, Monquista is going through a spiritual phase. We have a few quests dealing with this in Monquista, usually the church or a part of it is portrayed as bad and we have to stop them. However this is a slow and calm Hallelujah, possibly symbolizing how this phase isn't stopping any time soon. But the main thing it is saying is that this is a very spiritual world. 

2. The slow and quiet parts and the quick and loud parts.
These parts make up the majority of this song. It could mean a few things, the peace in between the moments of chaos or something like that. But I think it reflects the nature of Monquista and its people. They think themselves superior, act like nothing goes wrong and things like that. However sometimes bad things do happen, and they don't know what to do. This is Monquista, slow and quiet for awhile then when something bad happens its quick and loud compared to what it usually is. This is the part that represents the history of Monquista. 

3. The song overall.
This song overall tells a story. It tells a story of its world and of its people. Through this song we learn this is a religious world where when things go wrong  its fast and important. Monquista seems calm on the outside to those who don't look deep into it, just like this song. Its calm and relaxing, but its hiding the fact that not everything is okay. This is a song that fits well with the story. A story which everything is calm until we expose the lies and overthrow the king and queen. When we come back we learn Gortez won his war and everything seems fine. But when we meet Gortez again he complains about the bickering of the church. Monquista and its music go hand in hand. Something not a lot of worlds in Pirate101 or Wizard101 do. This is what it means, while everything may seem fine, it might not be. Basically, don't judge a book by its cover. 

I hope you enjoyed! Cya in the spiral!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Pirate101, is it truly worth playing at this point?

So, I'm sure a question on everyone's mind is, "Is Pirate101 really worth it at this point?" Now if you are wondering if I am biased towards Pirate101, I am. I've played it since near launch and still play. I have played wiz longer and still play but I love Pirate101 more. Anyways I'm going to give me answer straight away then give my reasons why. That answer is of course, yes!

1st reason: The player base

As we all know the Wiz player base isn't exactly, well... you know (wu realm am I right), and Pirate101 is guilty as well however the toxicity is small and there are more helpful people than toxic people. For example, in wiz people ask for crown items for hatching with a good pet but in Pirate101 they either say yes or no. The Pirate101 player base is smaller, no arguing there but it is loud and proud. Those of us who continue to play usually don't mind saying "Ya, I play Pirate101, you should try it!" We aren't the biggest and best community but usually there is no need to hide in a small realm to avoid some toxicity. You can usually find people willing to help no charge. Its a small player base but a great one!

2nd reason: The story

In my honest opinion, the Pirate101 story is better than Wizard101's. It feels more immersive, more real and better written. It has its hiccups but they are rare and overall its good. I usually skip through dialogue but in Pirate101 I don't often. The story is beautifully crafted, engaging, funny, serious and more. Things we did in the beginning tie into later worlds and there are hardly any plot holes. You can tell the KI team did their best to make this story great. If you don't like the combat play for the story then.

3rd reason: The worlds

The worlds, where to get me started. Each world is beautiful, each world has a feel like its own thing, each world is great! Some are long like cool ranch, others short like Valencia. In every world I visited I felt like I was there and part of its story. I was immersed and engaged if you will. In wiz its always life or death for the world, which isn't believable sometimes and gets stale. Don't get me wrong I love wiz but it can get repetitive. In Pirate101 its hardly ever life or death. You do change the shape of the spiral but its for your own ends which is not only believable but something I don't see often in storytelling. Anyways, back to the worlds. The worlds always look amazing, from beautiful skyways to rich and lore filled islands. Traveling can take awhile but I don't mind. There are usually nods to wiz in worlds shared with Wizard101 but we don't visit the same places as our wiz which I like. My point is, the worlds here are not only beautiful, but separate from wiz allowing for their own stories usually unaffected by what our wizards are up to. Which in my opinion, is great if you want a break from wiz but to stay in the spiral.

4th reason: The small stuff

Just a short list of the small stuff, no need to explain.
1. The jokes
2. The Combat is unique
3. Ships
4. The different outfits
5. The cool pets

5th reason: Its just a fun game

It's as simple as that. It's a fun game.

If I can't convince you to give Pirate101 a try then i'm not going to force you to play, Wiz is superior in some ways, Pirate is in others. All I ask is before you judge Pirate101 try it. If you tried and didn't like it thats your decision and I respect it. But to answer the question again, yes I think it is still worth playing. And nothing can change my mind. Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, August 1, 2019

Pirate101 Arrrgust contest!

Hello there! Back in my day, a lot of the Pirate101 blogs had this tradition. Every August they would do a contest. They called it Arrrgust! I'm hoping to revive that tradition with this contest! It's going to be a simple contest so don't worry. This is my first official contest so I hope you enjoy!

What the contest is: Just write a short paragraph (minimum 4 sentences) about why you love Pirate101 and include a screenshot of your pirate doing your favorite activity (make sure to ctrl+g!). I don't care much about spelling and grammar just make it understandable and make sure I can tell when the sentence ends. Thats all there is to it!

1 entry per person
Must be 4 sentences, more is fine though!
Entry's must be sent in by 8/20/2019 11:59 pm central, any after will not be accepted.
Be sure to follow all the KI terms of service while writing the paragraph and taking the picture.
Lastly, have fun!

The contest winners will be announced 8/31/2019 unless I get delayed.
Send the email including the picture, paragraph and your pirate name, to

Finally, the prizes!

The winner: 5k crowns
5 honorable mentions: 1k crowns

Again this is my first contest and its not very hard so I tried to do a small amount that seemed fair. I hope you enjoy this contest and Pirate101 this month! Cya in the spiral!


Saturday, July 27, 2019

I'm official! A thank you to those who have supported me and a bit about me.

This won't be a major post, no theory or anything like that. Just a thanks to those who have supported me for a long time and some fun facts about me. First off, the big news. I'm an official Pirate101 Fan site now! I wasn't always aiming towards this, at first it was just a side project to show my love for these games. However as I worked more on this site and got help from other site owners and made more friends I decided I would try to make this site official. Even if I got rejected I would have been fine with it, I could always keep my site up and keep posting for those who read. I never want to be a "community leader". I just want to make posts and play the games I love. Anyways, A thank you to those who have supported me. Not going to name names because I easily forget names and know others have supported me but can't remember their names for my life. However there is one exception. I'll save them for after the thank you. 

To all those who have supported me: I thank you. Honestly I'm amazed I got as far as I have. I've gotten help from all over the community. The help was from some well known people and others not so well known but help is help and in my eyes all of those people are equal. I count every person that takes a look at this site as someone who helped as well. Right now I'm climbing my way up to 30k views which couldn't have happened without this amazing community. Looking back on working with others to help make my site look better and get suggestions on how I should do certain things makes me happy. That being said if you ever want help with your site, a shout out on twitter or something like that feel free to ask! (as long as its family friendly) But to make this short, I thank all those who have supported me, from those who helped spread the word to those who simply clicked on the link to a Pirate101 fansite. Thank you.

Now for that exception. Nordic Champion. I'll leave a link to her site "here". Unfortunately she left the community so she probably won't see this but I need to say it anyways. I owe a lot to you. You helped me a ton by telling me what I should and shouldn't do to make my blog look good, gave me great advice, supported me from the start, talked to me when I just wanted a friend to talk to, promoted me, and most importantly, inspired me. I was inspired by other bloggers and fans site owners yes, but you inspired me to do what my mission is, do theories to make people look at the game more and appreciate the work put into it. I'm sad you are gone. Too be honest, I know you aren't coming back. Even though I know that i'll always wait for you just in case because thats what friends do. Thank you, for everything you have done. I wish you luck in life and wherever it takes you.

Now for a little bit about me. Don't expect anything fancy. Just going to do a small list as a get to know me.
1. I'm pretty antisocial. 
2. I love watching anime. 
3. I collect golden chickens in Pirate101 
4. I've played Pirate101 since near launch, I applied to beta but got rejected and got the news late it went live.
5. I like to read. I don't generally like modern books, I like classics. My favorite author is Jules Verne 
6. I prefer classical style music over all others. However I prefer modern classical style music. Like video game music for example.
7. While I play Pirate101 a lot, I do play other MMO's. Although I don't play many single player games.

Cya in the spiral!


Friday, July 26, 2019

Wizard101, the hidden race of gods.

So, first off sorry this is coming out late. I've been a bit busy. But anyways, onto the theory!

So, we all know there are 2 god groups in the spiral. The Aquila immortals and the Titans and those who made them. But what if I told you there was another group of gods? Ones now extinct. I'm talking about the celestials (celestians?) from Celestia! I will explain my reasonings on why they were gods, if not sub-gods. And no none of them are "Because they are called Celestials!" Although that is where this idea originated. But after thinking it over it makes sense!

What do we know about these mysterious beings? I'm going to give a short list and explain if I can why its on the list then explain how it adds up to them being gods.

1. They had advanced understanding of the universe to the point where they could harness it. This could be a way to achieve godhood in the spiral since we have seen it happen a few times. In Pirate101 Cao Tzu had a such a great understanding on how the spiral worked that Marco Pollo made a map to El Dorado, A world that you have to get to by sailing but its access point never showed twice in the same place and was always moving. And Cao Tzu had a religion made after him, Caoism. It was replaced by moodism, but Cao Tzu still lives, and it can take a long time for a religion to take over a world. This means Cao Tzu probably had an extended life if not an immortal one despite him being a normal goat. So it stands to reason the Celestials could be the same.

2. They have been proven to live exceptionally long lives. Although I can only think of one case it still proves a point that ties in with point 1, they can live longer than any normal being. I'm talking about Ptolemos, in the trial of the spheres, the only living Celestial we see but still looks young and is powerful. He is also of the moon school which further backs point 1.

3. We know they summoned the Storm Titan to stop the shadow. This is important because an isolated world like this knew about the Titans, figured out how to summon them on their own, and it was an important enough world for Morganthe to invade. No need to explain it further but think about it nevertheless. 

These all tie together, to show they are powerful, important, and have a great understanding of how the spiral works. These could easily be points that could be interpreted as them being gods.

I know this was a short and late post and I apologize. Since I'm becoming increasingly busier in real life and long theories aren't very good for the reader or the target audience I'm going to try to stick to short to the point theories from now on. I might do a long theory here and there but it won't be often and I apologize. But I hope you still continue to enjoy them! Cya in the spiral!


Friday, July 19, 2019

The factions of Skull Island outfits!

So ya, 1, this is late and its my bad since I thought I did it already. And 2, sorry wiz players, the wonders of the spiral wiz version is going to have to wait. Anyways onto the post!

Did you ever want to dress up like a troggy, or a shark, maybe a crab or warf rat or possibly just a pirate? No? Well too bad! I'm going to show you how to dress up and blend in with the factions of Skull Island. I won't be going over what you need just what the costume should look like (I will go over the weapons though!) Lets begin!

1. Warf Rats.

What weapons you need: Warf rat daggers
What it should look like: It should be rather plain. Warf Rats usually don't dress all fancy so neither should you!
Can all of the outfit be bought at the bazaar? Yes! All of this outfit is actionable and cheap!

2. The Crabs.

What weapons you need: Underdog's cleaver
What it should look like: It should have an armored look, you are a squishy human in the ranks of armored crabs so you will need some armor!
Can all of the outfit be bought at the bazaar? No. Sadly the cleaver is a no auction drop in Marleybone, so you will need a membership or crowns to buy the area.

3. Cutthroat.

What weapons you need: As long as its a big and simple sword you should be fine. I used Xiphos, a sword from Aquila. 
What it should look like: Something like this, simple but not warf rat simple. The robe and boots should be this style but the hat is up to you. 
Can all of the outfit be bought at the bazaar? Yes! This is a pretty standard outfit, you will find lots of this style under different names so look at your options before you buy!

4. Troggy.

What weapons you need: Sadly there aren't any primitive shooty weapons so this is restricted to melee and witchdoctor. You will want a troggy weapon to sum it up. They can be found easily enough at the bazaar.
What it should look like: Something primitive. It can be fancy but don't make it out of a ton of cloth or metals. (I cheated on the boots since there is no options I could find)
Can all of the outfit be bought at the bazaar? No. Don't worry no member is required! All the gear can, its just the accessory. It can be bought by Jolly Roger who sells this mask.(You can find him in Avery's Court)

5. Pirate.

What weapons will you need: Anything bought at Remington's Steel would work (The weapon shop in Skull Island) or some weapons from Jolly Roger. 
What it should look like: Do I need to explain it? Piratey!
Can All of the outfit be bought at the bazaar? Yes! Plain and simple yes it all can!

I hope you enjoyed! Here are some questions you all might be wondering. 
Are you still doing theories? Yes I am. I'm just thinking of some good ones.
Are you going to do more wiz content? Yes! I plan to do a wiz theory next week but plans could change. Hopefully I can though!
Thats all the questions I think you might have. If not comment below and I'll try and answer!
Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, July 11, 2019

The 7 wonders of the Spiral. Pirate101 edition

Just a fun little post, I remembered there are 7 worlds in Pirate101 so I thought I would do a little travel guide to each worlds wonder, man made or not! Lets begin!

1. Skull Island: The great Volcano.

The great volcano can be seen from all over skull island, it is home to the waponi watermoles who worship the volcano as a god and rage ware with their neighboring watermole tribe, the Nui. If you are brave enough to enter be warned, more than just watermoles inhabit this volcano...

2. Monquista: The Monquista City Library.

The Monquista City library holds many texts both forbidden and not. The Library is a marvel of architecture and art which never ceases to amaze. Rumor has it the library played an important part in crowning the new King and Queen of Monquista...

3. Cool Ranch. The Traveling Medicine Show.

The Traveling Medicine Show is famous across Cool Ranch. Holding such attractions as buffaloons and Sky Serpents as well as real Bison Warriors, you can see why so many flock to the event when it comes to their skyway. However the main attraction is the Tyson fight, brave and foolish fighters challenge this legendary boxer for fame, glory, and a little bit of gold...

4. Mooshu: Chef Motomori.

Chef Motomori is known all over the spiral as the best chef in existence. He has a knowledge of dishes and ingredients from exotic lands and is highly requested by famous people. He is probably best know as the Iron Chef of Subata... 

5.  Marleybone: The Isle of Fetch Boardwalk and Beach.

The Isle of Fetch was a popular resort town before the war. You could rent a room at Walkies hotel and then spend the day on the boardwalk playing games and riding the Ferris Wheel or build sandcastles on the beach and swim in the skyways. Unfortunately such activities had to be put on hold because of the war, for various reasons...

6. Aquila: The great city of Troy.

The city of snakes, Troy. It is an architectural beauty and an impenetrable fortress. It took 1000 ships full of Aquila's finest warriors to take this City. Even though its been plundered and partially destroyed its walls and palace remain in tact and still look stunning. Only time will tell if the Eagles will lay waste to it yet again further destroying its beauty...

7. Valencia: Sivella, the island of scholars.

Sivella is home to some of the most brilliant scholars in Valencia. The scholars here seem to ignore technological studies and focus more on the arts and literature. Currently the island is under Armada control. Who knows how much longer this will be a place for knowledge on all topics...

I hope you enjoyed! This was just a fun little post (probably will do wiz next week!) Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Cool Ranch and the American civil war.

In honor of the 4th of July, i'm doing a theory about the USA. If you are wondering how that relates to these games then read the title again because it explains it all! If you haven't played through Cool Ranch then to put it simply, its the wild west. So, what is there to explain? It basically parallels the real world right? Well yes and no, who won the Cool Ranch civil war hasn't been thoroughly explained, all we know is its over.

 This line gives us all we need to figure out who won the war. We need to look at Captain Foote and see if we can figure out which side won and which lost. For reference, here is a picture of him.
Now, It's easy to think he was on the confederate side,seeing how he is titled renegade and has a brown outfit but lets take a closer look. His uniform is obviously very fancy and expensive, as well as his gun. The confederates in real life usually weren't like this. They usually had very simple clothing compared to the Union. So we see a bit of a mix. So what do we do now? We look at those connected to Foote. The obvious would be Masterson but lets look at Colonel Church instead, who we know is connected to Masterson and therefore connected to Foote.
Something look off? Well it should. The uniform is green. But whats similar between them? No not the gun or hat. I'm talking about the shoulder pads. They are both blue. This could mean which side they are on and uniform color could mean the rank. So does that mean the Union lost this war? My guess is yes.

 Right now the Cool Ranch Union is stuck in haunted skyway, a small fraction of what it once was. This is why we don't see Cool Ranch soldiers anywhere else except Renegades here and there. Law is entirely local and in places like Santa Pollo there is no one to stop new governments from taking over. My best guess is The Renegades won the war but at such a great cost they couldn't keep hold of what they won and the Union is so small they are struggling to hold on to one island. Right now Cool Ranch is in a state of a lawless power struggle. With the war over and the 2 sides unable to do anything desperadoes roam free and the law has to stick to their own islands. Meanwhile if any group is powerful enough they can take control of an entire skyway without much opposition.  

To sum it up, the Union lost the war but they took the Renegades down with them to the point they also can't do much. So as a result Cool Ranch doesn't have any law anywhere. That's all for this post and I hope you all have a good day! Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, June 27, 2019

Side quests, are they all worth doing?

So, here is a question, is doing all the side quests worth it? I will be looking at this problem from a narrative and game play point of view. I will start off with what it means to the story, conclude that argument, then on how it affects game play I will let you decide. After I make my argument's for both sides I'll do an overall worth. Lets begin!

First, I need to say I'm partial to doing all side quests. In pirate101 and wizard101 I do every side quest I can. So my view isn't totally unbiased.

The narrative/story aspect:

Alright, lets get the elephant out of the room, yes I know not all side quests are important to the main story. Some sides quests don't really affect anything to be honest. But I'm doing an overall view of all side quests so we are including those. So, back on topic. Looking at every side quest, you don't need to do most since a lot don't tie into the story. Going completely lore wise not doing every side quest is fine. However looking at it for the overall story of our wiz/pirate I would do every one. I talked about this before but there are 2 types of peace. positive and negative. To sum it up positive is the absence of violence and the presence of justice, meanwhile negative is just lack of violence. If we want positive peace, meaning no violence and justice in the spiral, we should do every side quest. Side quests are there to level you up and get gold and gear. However story wise, doing every side quest furthers our role as peacekeepers and makes the spiral a better place.

In conclusion, doing every side quest is better for the story since positive peace is achieved in every world we visit. This makes sense for our character (peacekeeper) and story wise, makes sense seeing that everything seems fine after we leave. Now, I'm not forcing you to do every side quest if you are playing for the story. To me it just makes sense that we do every side quest for the story.

The game play aspect:

This one is tough, you don't need to do every side quest to max but at the same time it makes it easier and you can get better gear. So I will just give you some pro's and con's and let you decide.


  • Better Gear while questing
  • You get to max earlier 
  • You have more gold
  • The story goes slower
  • You won't have as much time to do the main quest
  • It can be a pain sometimes
I'll let you decide. Personally I still do it because gold is good to have and being over leveled in areas is fun. 

The overall argument:

Overall, doing all the side quests makes sense and benefits the story and you. Sure it will take a good chunk of time out of your playtime but I would still do them. Game play only it's debatable but a lot of us don't just play to get to max, we also play for the story. Doing side quests makes the games easier in the long run. In the short run it takes time. But I still think that time is well spent. I get tons of jokes and puns from doing side quests and its rewarding knowing I did every side quest in game. It's up to you in the end, after all it's your choice. Just know if you do start to do all the side quests, your friends are going to be waiting on you a lot! Cya in the spiral!


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wizard101 theory: What will happen when we are gone?

So, we all know the spiral is doomed without us. After all, everyone would wait for someone else to fix their problems. So rather than focus on that, I shall focus on the events leading up to it. Lets do this bullet point, because why not?

1. Our wizard goes away.
I don't know where, I don't know how, they just do. Possibly to escape the evil that is Penny Dreadful having us do her homework. So that happens, what next?

2.  A new villain appears!
Maybe Morganthe again? I dont know. But a Spiral threatening villain appears and starts chaos.

3. Spiral blows up or something.

Now whats in between 2 and 3? I'll be explaining that and how I think the spiral would respond.

First, I think everyone would be quite calm. They would ignore it and wait for someone else to swoop in and beat the bad guy. In other words, ignoring the threat. To be honest this is quite common. People generally avoid putting themselves in danger until they know they can't avoid it. For example, the schoolyard bully. Everyone avoids them and does nothing about them until the bully targets everyone or makes a move that shows they will target everyone. Its natural to ignore threats that don't seem threatening to you at the moment because your brain doesn't want to put your body in unnecessary danger. Its a fight or flight response in a way. The spiral would be in flight mode until they are forced to fight, so when things get drastic they fight. This leads me to our second stage.

Second, People would start to freak out once danger is apparent. Not everyone but a few who realize the unavoidable. I think the officials of the spiral would be worried but try to downplay it as not to cause a panic. I still think at this point most of the spiral wouldn't be worried. After all they are used to us coming to save the day. Its just there would be a small and mild panic among select few.

Third, A unanimous panic. I know, going from a few people panicking to everyone panicking seems like a stretch when you think about it rationally. However this isn't a rational situation. Think of Azteca, it goes from everyone is fine to we can't stop the meteor and everyone panics. When things become clear they are dire your brain goes from 1 to 10 in order to ensure your survival. While this happens you cause panic to those around you and in turn they panic those around them. What we are looking at is full on chaos, riots in the streets and people ignoring laws. A good example is the blitz in London during WW2. People were so afraid that they started to ignore social rules and laws. This also brings me to our last point.

Fourth, The spiral falls before the villain wins. You are probably thinking how is this possible? The villain hasn't won yet but the spiral has already fallen? Yes I am saying that. Think about it, at this point the enemy has almost won and the masses realize no one can save them because no one acted. At this point they know they are doomed and its useless to act like they aren't. Thus, society falls, rules are gone and people do whatever they want. This is different from the last. At point 3 some people while panicking still accepted the rules, but now, its pointless. People will do whatever they feel like until the spiral blows up or something. I think at this point the leaders of the worlds would have given up and possibly even joined in the mayhem. This brings me to our conclusion.

If we go away, it won't be the villains that destroy the spiral, it will be the people. People rely on us to solve their problems. Even if there isn't a big villain, the lack of us as a power for good will let problems stack and more problems appear. Even if the spiral isn't threatened by a titan or recreation problems are still happening and while one problem won't cause the downfall of the spiral, a collection of them will. We are needed as a symbol of justice and as a person who can act. If we ever leave the spiral, we wont have a spiral to come back to. Simple as that.

I hope you enjoyed and I will cya in the spiral!


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A look at the meaning of life, explained by the spiral.

So allow me to explain something first. The meaning of life is unknown, we can only really decide that for ourselves. But my take on it is this:

Life and conflict are the same thing, yet they are two different things. Like Schrodinger cat being both dead and alive in a way. The meaning of life is if we decide to embrace the fact that there will always be conflict and then choose to
1. Go with the flow and let it happen
2. Fight conflict by trying to make the world a better place even though you know conflict will never end.

Our Pirate/Wizard chooses the second path, they fight for a better spiral while everyone else focuses on their own problems and ignoring the big ones at hand. I think its safe to say our pirate/wizard know that there will always be conflict yet we choose to stop the destruction of the spiral again and again. At the same time they are trying to achieve both kinds of peace. Positive and Negative peace. If you don't know what I mean allow me to explain.
Positive and Negative peace is a theory by Philosopher Johan Galtung. It explores the idea that there are 2 kinds of peace. I'm just going to sum them up real quick.

Negative peace: Absence of violence but usually obtained by violent measures and could have been prevented.
Positive peace:Absence of violence but justice for all indiscriminately. Also conflict is settled without violence and is prevented.

Now it sounds like our character is doing Negative, which is not entirely wrong. However by doing all the side quests Positive peace is obtained. Sure we beat up some bad guys usually but we usually try to talk it out before fighting. Meaning we go the Positive peace path when we can. But back to the subject at hand.

Our character looks at all the conflict in the spiral and is presented with two choices. Let the inevitable demise of the spiral happen or fight to save it. We choose to fight to save it obviously. And we do side quests to further stabilize worlds. We stop wars (start some though) and do everything in our power to fight against destiny. At this point we are just delaying doom but we don't care. We fight.

What i'm trying to say is the spiral presents us with a real life philosophy, let things happen or take matters into your own hands despite knowing its pointless in the end. These games take it out of proportion sure but its something we all have to deal with. Do we let things happen or take the bull by the horns? These games show us the good and bad sides of life. We can try and actually come out on top or we can try and fail. A good example is Azteca.

We do everything in our power to save the world, but in the end we fail. What do we do after that? We accept it and continue so we can prevent it from happening again. This happens in life, we get knocked down but we get up again and continue. So just because you fail doesn't mean its the end.

In conclusion, these games can teach us a lot of lessons and we can learn from them. I know this post was kind of all over the place but in reality philosophy is just as confusing. So let me sum it up.
Our character fights for a better spiral despite knowing it will end some day and they fight because they have the option to. We all have the option to let things happen or fight to make them happen, its just a matter of which you ideal you live by. We all do a little of both to be honest, if we want something we fight for it but if we don't care we let it happen. Its just up to us to decide when we fight.

I hope you enjoyed this rather chaotic post. Cya in the spiral!


Friday, June 7, 2019

Pirate101 PVE only companion setup guide.

First off, let me address this. I know Pirate101 PVE for most classes is scratch buff and kill. I know its kind of a joke compared to PVP but still, some people requested this so who am I to deny them a guide. Now that I think about it this guide could be useful for wiz players trying P101... Anyways onto the guide!

1. Talents:
First off, let me give you an example of my peter quint (buccaneer companion) at max

Now, the strength/will/agility would vary based on the companion, for example a privateer or witchdoctor companion would have will 4 but a swashbuckler or a musketeer would have agility 4.
You will have a fourth option but I would recommend choosing something that you think would benefit them them most.
They have summons/heals/spells: Spooky.
Low armor/dodge: Armor.
Low magic armor but high normal armor: Magic armor.
Basically you want that last talent to strengthen a weak point.

When leveling you want to choose the class buff, accuracy (yes even on high accuracy companions like bonnie) damage and health. I would recommend focusing class buff above all others since that has to do with critical and damage.

2. Epics:
Generally you want as much damage output as possible. That means Epics like the following
1. Relentless 2
2. Blade Storm 2
3. Mojo Echo 2
4. Burst Fire 2
5. Double Tap 2

Other Epics I approve of for PVE are: (rank 1 or 2, but only after you trained the ones above)
1. Repel Boarders
2. Vengeance Strike (if you are a buccaneer train Vengeance 3 on companions when you can)
3. Riposte (usually 1 or 2, but try to avoid rank 3 since companions don't dodge often)
4. Overwatch
5. Quick Draw (rank 1 only! You encounter more melee enemies than musketeer enemies)
6. Improved Mojo Blast ( rank 3 is a must!)
7. Witch Hunter 3 (Scratch is the one you should have it on)

Exceptions to these rules and some other info:

There is an exception to the damage focus rule. And thats Ratbeard. Ratbeard is a pure defensive companion, most of his attacks are going to come from people attacking him or closing in on him. So the 3 epics he should train are:
1. First strike 3
2. Repel Boarders 3
3. Hold the Line 2
For PVE, this companion is weird since while he can train Blade Storm its not ideal considering how the rest of his epics are set up.

I'm going to point out some things some companions should have whenever possible

1. Overwatch 3.

Thats actually it. On Musketeer a full Overwatch 3 team (with the player having OW5 which knockbacks) is highly effective in a lot of places. since it reduces accuracy by a ton. Not much else to say.

Overall, PVE is different and easier than PVP. In PVP while damage plays a part, surviving does even more. Its the opposite for PVE. In PVE you want a large damage output to end battles quickly. Generally if enemies do have a card for a guaranteed hit its usually only 1 or 2. (Exceptions with places like Moo Tower, arena and Regatta) So there is that. I also want to point out that usually people only have 3 up to level companions then maybe a couple spare ones in case one dies. Thats not good. True many companions are not use able in even PVE you want to keep them up to level just in case, or at least train them every so often. Train companions like you will always use them, no matter how bad they are. Also, don't use companions you just got questing because they are a higher level than you. Only do that if they are good. I hope this helped! Also I didn't do a very detailed look at all companions for a reason. Most companions we usually use generally have pretty similar epics. So no need to do that. Anyways, Cya in the spiral!


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Fan theory! How the pirate101 story could play out!

Been awhile since we had one of these eh? Its from the same person as before (go ahead and contact me if you want me to feature yours!) and as usual I made no edits and am going to talk about it after. Hope you enjoy!

With queen still alive and the stormgate in the Valencia 2 skyway they could easily write an addition to the story where, in the case of Kane's defeat and as part of his contingency plan, she would smuggle the remaining pieces of the map to Polaris where she seeks out methods of destroying the map (it would be enchanted against such countermeasures). After Avery catches wind of this through his newly founded alliances on the party barge, he would relay the message to the pirate and, with great urgency, direct them to a Polaris windstone which the pirate would acquire and begin the hunt for Kane's last known remaining elite, acquiring the remaining pieces of the map indirectly. However, the translation of the map becomes a problem as the pirate and their crew realize that it is written in magical runes which no one around seems to recognize. This could further the story to worlds such as Grizzlehiem and Krokotopia as they are worlds whose entire written language revolves around runes. Finally, once translated, the pirate would use the map to pinpoint the stormgate to El Dorado and discover that Kane's mind has taken on a new body, better than even the clockwork giants that normally reside on the island and he would be known as Kane Prime. Hopefully wrapping up the story by level 100 as they had originally promised us.

First off, I did enjoy this theory! However there a couple flaws.
1. I don't think there is an enchantment protecting the map, after all it was ripped up and has fallen into danger before.
2. We already can translate it. (thats why we went to mooshu)

Besides that it sounds like a fun and good way to continue the story! We can fix it by removing the destruction of the map part and replacing it with the queen is just alive (reason enough to go after her) and we could go to other worlds as sort of a chase to catch the queen. After all, she would have connections to get around. Other than that, solid theory.

Also I would like to apologize for not as frequent content. I am currently having writers block so they aren't flowing in as they usually do.So I do apologize for that. Maybe I'll do a wiz theory to shake things up... Well, cya in the spiral!


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Wizard101 outfit options!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post, my phone and computer were broken. Anyways, you know what a big problem with wiz is? Not a lot of different outfits.  It may not be major but compared to other MMO's the options are small. But what if I told you there were good outfits right under your nose, ones without any elegant gear, school themed gear and can be bought at the bazaar! (with the exception of one outfit...) So get ready for a Wizard101 fashion show!

Outfit 1. The Dragonspyre officer.

The Dragonspyre officer uses a MB hat and some MB shoes to compliment the armor. The staff has that Dragonspyre feel while being from Wizard City. While the staff could be fancier I don't think it should since you don't need fancy to assert your authority. To be honest, I can imagine me parading down Dragonspyre streets leading an army in this outfit...

Outfit 2. The traveling monk.

So, ever seen an old samurai film? Or watched a lot of old anime? For me the answer to both is yes. I was inspired to make this, a wandering yet powerful monk. Its a perfect outfit for mooshu lovers and those who don't want to look powerful. Imagine walking into a town in this then unleashing all your power on the enemies!

Outfit 3 The nobleman.

We have 2 options, picture 1 the mysterious nobleman, and picture 2 the more traditional nobleman. I prefer picture one since its a robin hood type nobleman. A nobleman who fights without revealing who they are and not for reward. Picture 2 could be the opposite or a more daytime outfit for the same nobleman...

Outfit 4. The mummy.

While technically free, the mask can be farmed for or bought around Halloween. But I just like this outfit since it has the whole Krokotopia feel. Not really much left to say.

Outfit 5. The magician.

The conjurer of cheap tricks, the street magician. Using a complete MB outfit and a WC wand I get the magician vibe. Except this time instead of a dove coming out of my hat a sun serpent will!

While a short post, (working on a philosophical one right now) this shows that not all outfits have to be class themed or elegant. So if you go to your friends in one of these not only will you be different, but you will look just as cool!