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Thursday, December 6, 2018

What makes decorating in p101 great!

So, I recently got featured in Paige's Page with one of my gold chicken houses! But before this post some quick news.
1. Next post will be a "theory"
2. Next post will drop shortly.
3. Next post will be about Final Bastion...
That's it for new now onto the post!
Here is why I think decorating in p101 is great!
1. Its an underappreciated market so most people will be amazed no matter what.
2. We have some unique and interesting decos (like gold chickens)
3. We have some cooler houses.
4. We have companions that can be decorations.
5. We can put ships in our houses.
Really short post, so here is some pictures of my final house (wip)

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