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Saturday, December 15, 2018

What era is MB in compared to real life!

So, have you ever wondered which era MB, one of the most technologically advanced worlds in the spiral, is in? To put it simply, its between 1908 and 1915. Not 1901, even though thats when Queen Victoria died. Most people think MB is in the Victorian era of England, we have queen Victoria, people like Jacques the scratcher in Wiz. However while history says one thing, technology and advancement, what MB is all about, says another thing. This is going to be a short post, however its just to make you question how much you really know. There are 2 main points I will go over, first a side quest, second some decorations. Lets begin shall we?

First point, a p101 side quest, Light a candle.
In this side quest we install electric lamps, despite the name. How do we know this? Well the quest is in the isle of dogs, and despite not being MB city, it does show to have electricity. But to fully understand you have to look at the p101 story. Right now MB is at war with Valencia, I am guessing this is a WWI reference. We see in Bishops puppet show they plan to bombard The isle of dogs, which in real life started in January of 1915. But because this hasn't happened but is close to happening the oldest year MB could be is 1915. And we do know the bombing on the Isle of fetch would be within the week. So how does this side quest relate? Well, if VA is already this close to victory, we can assume all power is going towards the war effort and since this quest is to stop spies, it would count. Plus, this was how it was in real life, even though it was after the bombings...

Point 2: Some Wizard101 decorations/items in MB. This sets the minimum year for MB, 1908. But why is it 1908? Because of the model MB. The model MB car is no doubt a reference to the Model T. There were cars before the Model T, but not available to the mass public, my best guess is this is the point where Model Ts became popular and wide spread. I don't really have to explain more since it speaks for itself...
Image result for Wizard101 cars
In conclusion, I would place MB somewhere between 1908 and 1915. There is no clear date, but it is certainly later than most people think! Sorry for the short post, and while I do have plenty of evidence, its not really needed since this isn't supposed to be taken all to seriously. Tell me what you think in the comments and Cya in the spiral!


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