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Saturday, December 8, 2018

What area in the world are Pirate101 and Wizard101 appealing too?

So big thanks to This site's owner for giving me the idea. So, here is a question you never thought about. Where do P101 and W101 appeal to culture wise? Well it may be obvious but have you considered why? Lets start out by saying which game appeals to where first, in case some people don't know.
Pirate101 appeals largely to the North and South America region.
Wizard 101 appeals more to the Europe, Asia, and Africa region.
Lets explain why they appeal to those regions now.
Pirate101, while having a large European influence, deals more with North and South America 2 ways. The first way is the fact that a lot of the time we are fighting for Independence. The second way is development in technology. Lets explain the Independence first.
If you know your history, you know North and South america were not free at the start. The big nations of Europe took over and most countries won freedom by fighting for independence. If you look at the P101 story line, you see fighting for freedom is a big theme, Avery wants a free and independent pirate republic, Gortez wants a free MQ, VA is fighting for freedom from Kane, Cool ranch wants freedom from the oppressive governments and from corruption (santa pollo) Mooshu wants freedom from its warlords who have taken over the government, MB is just at war, there is a break there, and AQ we fight to save Ithaca and its freedom. This definitely appeals to North and South america since its whole history since the European settlers is basically for freedom.
The second reason is development in technology. This is North America based mainly (sorry my South America history is really rusty) but North America basically led the Industrial Revolution when it entered it. North America won the space race, invented cars everyone can use, and makes new and improved technology a ton. But in P101 we see more advancement than in wiz, metal ships, steam engines, guns, and of course, things like beachhead. True, a lot of this is in a European/Asia setting but still.

Wizard101, I'm not going to explain much since its obvious (pretty much every world is Europe/Asia/Africa related) but consider the history of these places, namely the magic history. Early on in each continent Magic was their modern science, Europeans looked to the stars for guidance, and in Africa and Asia, medicine was mostly natural. Nothing wrong with that, it works but in stories we fantasize it to be magic. Most likely if you are from Europe, Asia, or Africa, you would enjoy Wizard101 more, If you were from North or South America you would enjoy Pirate101 more. Not the game play but the story. That's all for now and I hope you learned something! Cya in the spiral!


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