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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Some news...

So just some news. No theory, no guide nothing like that. This will be a rather short post so just saying that. The news is I may not have as much time to blog as usual, especially during these holidays. So while I still will be posting, I probably won't be interacting as much anymore. I'm just going to list what this all means and then try to get some time in to post tomorrow, or at least work on one.

1. A little more time in between posts.

2. Not as active in the community.

3. I may take some breaks, of which I will try to warn you but might not be able to.

4. I will still post! Not going to stop.

5. I will still try to come to some things and interact, I won't be totally gone.

I'm going to focus more on real life, which is why this is happening. But do expect a new actual post soon! Working on one right now... Cya in the spiral!


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