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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ship PVP! What's good about it and what can be added to make it more special!

So instead of focusing on how ship pvp can be fixed, I am going to list all the positives and what can be added to make it more fun!
1. Its not hard to be on equal footing with everyone, class doesn't matter, only gear and stats. And keep in mind everyone can have the same or near same gear and same or near same stats. Considering pvp in MMO's, this way is the most balanced.
2. It has that piratey feel. What can I say, they nailed the feel.
3. Its in CR. It has that high noon showdown feel, but its out of the norm since its with ships!
4. It can go to either side at any point. There are no guarantee's you will win, only once the other ship sinks you will know, which is fun and suspenseful!
5. Its a free for all. That may not be fun for some but it adds some interesting elements like alliances.
6. There is NO boarding. If there was it would turn away some people, and then it would be like normal pvp. Right now its just ship pvp. Like it should be.
7. Its not something you can take super seriously and brag about. Since its all equal its hard to be toxic in this pvp environment. Which is a major bonus.
8. Ship pvp can be improved, but it doesn't have to be! pvp is usually always changing in video games to make it balanced, but it never can be balanced, ship pvp can have some changes but as long as there is no boarding, it will always be balanced.
9. It promotes memberships. What can I say, to be the best you need the best gear. And while this may seem a negative to some people it helps KI know people play this game. So that means more updates...
10. It doesn't turn people away. even pvp being mentioned can turn people away, but since this is a new style, everyone can have equal footing, and its not as toxic and more fun, it won't turn people away!
WHAT CAN BE ADDED: (these don't have to be, just fun ideas)
1. Factions. Maybe make 2 factions, can just be red and blue but it can lead to things like new badges, little wars, not as much chaos and new ship gear!
2.  Modes. like hide and seek, tag, races to get items, things like that.
3. New maps. Just mix it up a little, they don't have to be complex, just a few different ones.
There isn't much to add, its already pretty good!
Thats it basically, if you have ever done ship pvp tell me what you think of it! Just keep in mind you can bash it a bit, just don't be overly toxic about it! cya in the spiral!


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