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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Community idea/theory, p101 and its new arc

This theory was entirely made by Fearless Joseph Galway! So enjoy a fellow community theorists theory!
Okay so basically I'm still holding onto the idea that we will raise Atlantis and here's how the actual storyline idea would go: (This has a lot to do with the new Aquaman movie actually but KI does love to make story spoofs so it would fit their MO) Basically, the former king of Atlantis would either pass away or be secretly assassinated and there would either be two brothers with vastly different ideas on how to rule or an Uncle would take over rather than the King's son. Either way the older son/uncle would take the crown and demand that they take over the surface world because the land dwellers have no respect for the skyways and think they own them but the younger son would join the pirate on their mutual quest to retake the crown and rule the skies/seas (it would be a pretty neat companion to have that could have control over water) and we would ultimately retake rule over Atlantis after it raises it to the surface. Another great factor of that Atlantis storyline is that it's the perfect continuation because of the Armada's desire to rule the naval aspects of the spiral and consequently the spiral itself, and, being an isolationist country, the Atlantians probably wouldn't care much for the surface world and would actually prefer to conquer it anyway since wiping out the life up there wouldn't have a negative affect on them. Again, just a thought, but it would be a good continuation after defeating the Armada.
To put it simply, discovering Atlantis and stopping a spiral-wide flood would be the goal after finally reaching El Dorado and stopping Kane.

Hope you enjoyed his theory and cya in the spiral!

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