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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Another community theory! Armada companions idea!

Also made by Fearless Joseph Galway!
Okay so these are based off of my desire to finally recruit the Armada elites (give each class their respective elite) after the defeat of the Armada so that they don't just become a forgotten shell of what was once our nemesis
However there are some variations for those that don't like that idea
1. A cyborg companion that replaced his lost parts with armada mechanics (sort of like Dead Mike)
2. Of course, Phule could've easily been our companion gained through his common hatred toward his family and how he would never fit in Kane's perfect world (I personally feel like that sort of character would have spoken volumes to kids who actually feel this way in their own families)
3. Why not just give them to us? It could be a wonderful culmination to such a great nemesis faction and leaving them in the past would just be a shame. It's kind of how Malistair kept popping back up in wiz. While the player was always happy to see him again, it really sucked that he was always our enemy until we eventually saw him finally be able to rest in peace.
And finally
4. Kind of like a build your own armada deal. You get a quest to build an armada that becomes your companion. I think this would be cool because (with our senior engineer's assistance) you could build one that is superior to the others because it's ultimately a combination of every class in game. The main body would be privateer and it would have four arms (each one would carry a different classes weapon: a heavy axe/sword, a witchdoctor staff, a dagger, and a pistol)

Again didn't edit, no nothing. His theory is completely pure!
Cya in the spiral!

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